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  1. Person that paid:STEAM_0:0:419142796
  2. The Steam ID in the screenshot?
  3. im the guy that paid for it heres the correct proof
  4. Name: Stale Rank: RCT Callsign: N/A Activity: Active Suggestions: None
  5. +support Yeah this needs to be implemented all the other SCPs can self breach don't know why this isn't already a thing
  6. With the current map, I don't see where more static SCPs could be stored
  7. +support main reason why people reset or job swap is because without armor you just can't fight. would definitely increase amount of people going to medbay
  8. +support Great idea and could possibly help the activity and appeal of the branch
  9. +support Gate only causes problems and annoyance due to button spammers
  10. Name: Fresh Rank: SM FTO Rank (If Applicable, SGT+): N/A Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns?: Nah
  11. My problem with it is that its only a bronze item and compared to a CC its only slightly worse with better hp but worse guns and i don't feel like platinum something so expensive is only slightly better than the heavy but id be fine with something like 200/175 and along with its guns that would at least be more fair
  12. What you want to see? - I would like to see a nerf to the CI Heavy Trooper in the form of a hp / armour reduction preferably 175 health / 150-175 armour or for the requirement of in game rank to be raised Why should we add it? - I think we should nerf the CI Heavy Trooper due to the large amount of health / armour it has, my main problem with the heavy is that it is bronze+ and has 250 health / 250 Armour compared to the Nu7 Juggernaut at 200 health / 200 armour that is platinum+ .There is a large gap between the power of each class and if something that's worth $100 is worse than something worth $10 then there needs to be a serious nerf to the class. Although the CI Heavy Has the PKM an the Juggernaut has the Negev (possibly the best close range weapon) the extra health of the CI heavy surpasses this .Overall what i'm trying to say is that a Platinum job should never be weaker than a bronze job especially when there is such a huge price difference between them What are the advantages of having this? -This will make the class more balanced in fights as a thing that's more expensive is expected to be better than something cheaper Who is it mainly for? - CI Links to any content - None
  13. Name: Fresh Rank: PVT why do you think you should stay in A1: Was just trained Status on the roster(Be truthful): Active/Trial If you are labeled as semi/inactive on the roster how will you improve(Dont answer if you are active or LOA): N/A