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  1. This is my official 48 hour notice. As of Sunday, August 7th, 2022, 7:20 PM EST, I will no longer be the Director of Logistics. I want it to be known, I am doing this partially of my own volition and partially being forced to. I hold no ill will to the people that are forcing me out, they are doing it for a real reason. It's just that I've drifted further and further from the server, wanting to play on it less and less as I play with other people on other games. Don’t get me wrong, I love Gaminglight and the server, I just haven’t wanted to play on it or had much fun when I forced myself to. Now let me get into the actual resignation... Also, I’m gonna bring back the tradition of putting music in your resignation. So, I’ll just put this here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NEDzPKNCjA I gotta say, it's been one hell of a ride. When I joined sometime during late January of 2020, I never expected to get so far into this community. I joined just to see what SCPRP was and maybe fuck around a bit and never touch it again. Instead I found this great and (usually) friendly community which I got sucked into. And I know I probably haven’t made that much of an impact on the server, but it really positively impacted me. Now, I guess I’ll quickly tell my experiences. First, Security… This was the first branch I joined and I was welcomed with open arms and had a lot of fun during my time there. Though, during my first run, I became inactive and got kicked out. And later, when I joined back, I saw how much Security had grown and enjoyed it (and got kicked out again). Janitorial, Technical, and now Maintenance… Janitorial was the second branch I joined and it was a stark contrast from Security. I enjoyed my time, walking around and cleaning everything. The roleplay was always fun. For Technical, I wasn’t in it for too long before Maintenance came but I still enjoyed it like Janitorial. Finally Maintenance… I never played too much on it but when I did get on, I had as much fun as I did on Janitorial and Technical. MTF’s… A1 was the first MTF I ever tried to join. And even though it didn’t last long, I still had fun on it. Heh… I do miss it. Nu7 was the only other MTF I tried to join (twice) and, the first time, it didn’t stick with me, but when I later joined, I had quite a lot of fun with you all. CI Mil... I wasn’t with you guys long but it was still nice being a part of it. I enjoyed the raids, PTs, and generally going against the Foundation every once in a while. Also, thanks to the long gone E4 Overseers for giving me a chance to join them. While I didn’t do too much as E4 (and later got kicked out), it still was fun. CI RnD... It was fun with you guys. I enjoyed the occasional RP, the raids, and the general fuckery that would occur. And thanks to the EOI Overseers for allowing me to join them as well. It was fun with the new Slueth. Medical… When I joined, I just wanted to help everyone by keeping them alive. I dedicated myself to it (at least I did some time after I was trained) and it became the branch I mainly played on. And I guess I should mention, I never had the intent on ever joining command of any branch but when Jack offered me the chance, I took it. And after that, I never expected to get so far. I started with just wanting to make it to Elite Medic, then got Doctor, then wanted to get to Manager, then got Chief Manager, then I got HOMS and I enjoyed my time as it. Being able to shape Medical how I saw fit. And initially, I didn’t do much. The occasional change here and there, but nothing major. Before I knew it, Medical was dead. There were hardly any training coming in and no activity. So, Zack and I made a change. It worked for about a month, then I held out hope for another month, then realized Medical had to change again. And so, I changed it to how it is today. Much better suited for the current state of the server, stable-ish activity, and flexibility for future server changes. I’m glad that I helped a dying branch and brought it back to a state of decency. Site Administration… Well, being the Director of Logistics was fun. It was great, after the responsibilities of High Command, to have less expectations. Though the things I was expected to do were more important. But I enjoyed my time. From helping Medical better than I could of as HOMS to getting to know and helping Maintenance where I could. It’s been a hell of a ride. There are four people I’d like to particularly mention first: Jack- You were the person who mentored me through Medical Command. First by bringing me into it, then by helping me learn my place, and finally by leaving me on my own as High Command. For the former two, I thank you. Good luck in whatever you’re doing now. Doggo- I didn’t know you all too much before you became the DOL, but when you got it, you were like my guiding hand, preventing me from doing something dumb. I probably would’ve been kicked out of High Command many times over if it wasn’t for you. I’m sad you just kinda fell off the face of the Earth. Sparkle- Damn bronies taking over Utility. But really, you did great. I expected you to be much like Doggo was, just a guiding hand to stop me when I overstep or do something dumb and just leaving me to my own devices otherwise. But, no. You threw yourself right in, got yourself involved, and honestly, shaped Medical for the better. You managed to get me active and doing my job again for a bit. And you’ve been a good friend overall. I know you likely won’t see this, but thank you. Starstep- Goddamn, another fucking mute. But really, you’ve been a great person. Much like Doggo, you just kinda kicked my ass when I was sitting on it. Though I feel you didn’t have to do it too much. Anyway, thanks for your help and support through my time. Good luck on getting SMT. And, there are a lot of you who’ve I lost touch with but still enjoyed my time with, like: Beanz, Crystal :V, Peters, Krieg, Tako, Poke, Tangerine, Price, Wanted, Lars/Otter, Infinity Boot, Inaccurate, Biggie Cheese, New Rowphin To some of the cool people I met: Maintenance Command in General- You all are very cool people. Thank you all for the absolute great work you all put in for a branch that, to be honest, isn’t in the greatest state. Keep up your amazing work. Techkat- Haven’t met you all too well, but I know you’ll do great as HCMD. Just try your best and Maintenance may stay alive. Loaf- Neat guy. Seems to be a bit shy, but has good intentions for Maintenance. Hope life goes well for you. Also, good luck as DOL, you’re likely next in line for it. Medical Command in General- You all have put in a lot of work for the branch and I appreciate you all for that. Much like the Maintenance Command, we all know the branch isn’t in the best state, but you’re doing what you can to help. Zack- You started as that inactive FWM that I passed. Then, I got HOMS and you got CM. Then, you started to get more active and became my right hand man. Then, you got HCMD and we started bonding over just about anything. I’ve spent a few nights just talking with you (which is something I’ve rarely done). It’s been fun fucking around in GMod, Muck, Minecraft, and everything else. I’ll try to keep a good relationship with you. And to those many of you I didn’t mention, I likely hadn’t had too much interaction with you, but we still likely had a good time. Sorry for the semi-long resignation, it’s hard to get two and a half years of experiences out in a compact manner. So yeah, I might be on the server every now and then. But for now, this will be my goodbye to Gaminglight.
  2. I mean, the difference between a cloaker sitting outside and killing you and a normal MTF doing the same isn't that large. And, you didn't even propose a rule to put in place. -Support
  3. I won't say you're wrong, as you likely have better experience with coding in Gmod, though I doubt its effectiveness over editing it in the map. But as been said, if you've tested it and found it to work reliably, then I wouldn't see an issue with testing on the server. +Support
  4. You act as if the staff room is a prop that like any SMT can move. It isn't. It's a part of the map and would need to be updated as such. A map update for such a small change would never happen. So, -support.
  5. Minimum Requirements for a Trauma Engineer Application: Trauma Unit SOP: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18KHPtlI_SH7xl3OKHNF3XnatYGBFSln85a__IDxBK7A/edit?usp=drivesdk Be a Senior Medic+ or Maintenance Professional+ No active strikes (excluding meeting\quota strikes) No demotions within the past 2 weeks (consecutive 14 days) Get permission to apply from 1 Command or more in your respective branch (Surgeon+ or Operations Supervisor+) Have a Great reputation Active on Medical and/or Maintenance Knowledgeable of the Medical and/or Maintenance SOP Application Format: What is your In-Game name? What is your SteamID (e.g. STEAM_0:1:55975235)? What is your rank? (Medical and/or Maintenance) How many strikes do you currently have? How many warnings do you have on GL? (Post a screenshot of your warnings) Who gave you permission to apply? Why are you a good fit for Trauma Engineer (150+ Words)? Scenario Questions: Q1: An MTF Nu7 Corporal is in dire need of surgical attention (5% health) but an MTF E11 Captain has asked you to come to SCP-966’s containment cell and fix its doors. What should you prioritize? Q2: SCP-106 is on its last advert and is about to breach. As you are enroute to 106’s cell, a squad of MTF D5 Gladiators requests that you squad up with them. What should you prioritize?
  6. Like, genuinely. We've had this cloaking system for like 2-3 months. Why is this only a problem now? And, changing those classes is more-so for those HCMD. If CI overwhelmingly has a problem with a class, they'll talk to MTF HCMD and vice versa.
  7. I'll say, I've fought people, with a sniper, as both sides' cloaked classes. Disallowing weapons for a class is more-so for the HCMD of that branch. "Only cloak under specific reasons". What reasons, if you're fighting them in the first place, they likely have a reason to cloak. Upping the timer sounds like a good idea, but I will say, the exposure of shooting is long enough (given if you don't immediately die, but that's not too much of a problem for most classes or a group), let alone how exposed you are if you get shot. I wouldn't be against thermals at any point, but I think SMT implemented that rule for one reason or another that I cannot remember.
  8. +/- Support If the majority of the community wants it, then it can't be that bad, right? But this'll just make another gray area that I can already tell will catch people with no malicious intent and not stop some people with it.
  9. Name: Twix Rank: Director of Logistics Length: 6/2 - 6/7 Reason: Going camping. Won't make meetings. Might still be around on Discord.
  10. Both of these have been attempted before. First with the Surgeon job, which was necessary to heal people at low health but was dead as shit. Then voluntarily with anyone being able to do it, which ended with no one doing it. This seems nice and all. But with how fast paced the server is, no one wants to go through a 3 min surgery. "Tech Security Specialist" just sounds like a Security job that takes Maintenance's job. There are explosive jobs on the server, they just aren't used all that often. This is literally what a cross-pt is. And the point of CI is to go against the Foundation, not work with them. A kind of event that D-Class could to that steals Gensec's weaponry was attempted to be implemented before, but was denied by SMT due to complexity. Gensec can arrest D-Class, especially for things like hands-up or crossing the line, but Gensec usually cannot cross the fence without being simultaneously stabbed, beat, and shot by D-Class. Like I said before, most D-Class would much rather take advantage of the scenario to cause more chaos or to just escape. They have no reason to want to help the Foundation. I will say, I love your passion for wanting more RP on the server, I do too. But the sad truth is that combat sells better and promotes growth better, not RP. So sure, take my +Support. But most of this has been attempted before and failed.
  11. Share the MTF HCMD Office with Nu7. Anyway, I'd want to see a smaller surface and a larger EZ. Because 50% of surface is rarely or never used, so that could free up space for the map. A larger EZ was cool on Site-05. There used to be an actual cafeteria and office space. There was an office for every site admin. It was honestly comparable to LCZ.
  12. Oh god. Please don't remind me of the absolute maze that HCZ was. But yeah. +Support. It'd be nice to travel back to the older maps and have some fun.
  13. Yes That sounds like an issue that I and other HCMD/SA can bring to our command and punish. Aside from no format, -Support as branch punishments would be a better option.
  14. nO! - suPpOrT d-cLAsS sHoULd bE WeAK In reality. +Support. Nothing seems egregious.
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