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  1. +support Seems he put a lot of effort into this! w/ - OR6
  2. SteamID being added- STEAM_0:0:103866206 SteamID that paid- STEAM_0:0:103866206 Amount Paid- $20 Proof Of Purchase- need @Jack (utility one)to confirm
  3. +/- Can we just get a funny level 4 button to raise/lower (or fading door) the inner fence ?
  4. +support +active +good at combat +fit for position w/ - OR6
  5. this seems like a branch suggestion for the hcmd but, -support big no. this is completely against the purpose of RIGs. RIGs are meant for actual researchers, maynard and bright are not actual researchers. JRs > Maynard in my view, they do test logs, can get promoted, punished, and can do next to nothing without escort. RIGs were made to make the wait time for (usually JR-R) escorts to be minimalized. RIGs are allowed to escort Maynard and Bright, but it is up to the RIG whether or not they wish to, as Research Enlisted can choose to prioritize other Research Enlisted, making it completely optional. (as a side note, the RIG SOP is followed by next to no players, it's only there as a general guideline, there has yet to be more than two punishments for breaking the SOP (both of which were for weapon issues))
  6. +support Clear that he did not intend to kill him, spread exists
  7. What are you suggesting? - Changing Maynard spawn to an EZ office or EZ work area How would this change better the server? - Discourages Maynards from repeatedly killing gensec right after spawning, it's tedious to walk all the way to LCZ before you can really RP Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - Maynard has to walk a bit more in order to get to LCZ/D-Block Who would this change mostly benefit? - Primarily for Gensec Please link any workshop content, screenshots, or anything that you think may be helpful to those who view this suggestion - N/A
  8. same here, ion know the problem you can do 'mat_specular 0' in console to disable the missing texture reflections, but it takes a minute or so to reload it all, and it's only a temp fix edit: to use mat_specular more permanently you can do '+mat_specular 0' in the gmod launch options too
  9. +support +Trustworthy +Active +Overall fit for position +Nice app -Relatively new to the community compared to most other O5 staff OR6
  10. Test Activity Report Format: Name: heinz ketchyp (the sauce) see eye pee ef ce j03 Current Rank: hed of resercb Who else was with you?: ci and scp SCP: big number like over 100 What were you trying to find out? what do what happen when toch it What happened during your experiment? scary thing both dclass froze this is redrcted to gama comand do not red if you arnt gama comand