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  1. This discord is only for: Chaos Insurgency Members or HCMD+ of other branches
  2. -Support The USAS IS TERRIBLE
  3. Reading everyone's opinions even the ones who plus supported have hinted towards this.
  4. -Support This already exist as an SOP rule, and what sense would it make to just allow you guys to call out our location as if you were a surveillance camera 24/7. Like I said in the last suggestion on this complaining about the mercy that CI HCMD has told their whole branch to follow (Which most people in CI hate) makes me want to reverse this rule and go back to how it was before without the constant issues this has caused.
  5. 10/10 plan, make your MTF CC "gensec" for reduced NLR +/- Support on actual suggestion
  6. Orange 🍊

    966 Buff

    I dont even release 966 in any raid due to my fear of how good they can be.
  7. /f ownerclaim (Something along those lines) Allows for you to add and manage members in a chunk of your land