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  1. Seems like an excessive punishment.
  2. -Support Its balanced, you choose quick money or waiting for recycler.
  3. This is what I experienced fighting my way to surface to witness the event
  4. Hello during the map change event my experience was very negative such as being prop blocked in the Sakic spawn, and then kicked and unwhitelisted from the donator job I payed for. I then hopped on my D Class CC and was killed by a staff member noclipped, cloaked, godded, and using the SPAS12. I continued to try to escape but then site lockdown was turned on rendering my escape to surface to witness the event. Overall, I had a pretty negative time and felt a little targeted.
  5. -Support I like the power shown by the micro when it shakes the map. Also, isn't handed out because it sucks and is glitchy.
  6. -Support I like the current site lockdown sound. And the replacement sound makes me feel all special inside because I know it is mainly used for an amazing SCPRP EVENT!
  7. +Support Creative (The +support is frfr)
  8. I don't think we'll ever see a medic in medbay again Even approved, kinda kills RRH's special ability pretty exclusive to them, and it's kinda weird that a medical branch job would be doing a utilization and not research.
  9. They be bugging out and take foreverr to switch modes for me
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