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  1. +Support Free the homie vv who are you? vv
  2. Love the mentions! Thank you! Come to the riots!
  3. Probably dependent on what browser you use then, with Microsoft edge it automatically expands them and finds it.
  4. -Support Colt had been putting in 200% effort since becoming a member of smt comparably. Never seen someone as devoted into his server and members going around and having your long conversations about the simplest stuff lol, finals have been difficult as he try’s to unload the different stresses brought to him. Bringing back RP into the server is an extremely difficult task especially when a large majority are here for combat, ex. the weapon buff suggestions every other week and branches always wanting to raise hp and armor. Made even harder when certain players on cc’s make it their dedication to go around shooting everyone they see.
  5. +Support Deserves a second shot, good apology admitting mistakes
  6. Probably did more damage than the vampire -Support Never really felt like he overstretched what you would consider an scp power
  7. Because somebody is HCMD and staff doesn't mean they wouldn't exploit a bug
  8. The model was unique when it was added to CI from this CC https://gyazo.com/63ac0ea0008bad4cd1db458ffb0409bd
  9. This model was before the current D4 model I believe, they had switched to models so Gh0pit I believe was the person added it to CI where it was at least 6+ months uniquely to CI until D4 reverted back to the first ever model they used.
  10. "This bug is actively getting work on" = Abuse the bug before it is fixed
  11. Your in game name: Orange Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:121830468 The player's in game name: FusionThunder The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:1:246681057 Date and Time This Incident Occurred: 5/20/22 What did the player do: Exploit a known bugged function of the bolt caster that lets you spam block bullets without cooldown Evidence (required): Evidence of how the exploit works One instance ^^After bug report was up (should be) Stating this is known a known bug and that exploiting this bug is needing to be fixed- https://gyazo.com/5c7a553114ff600b37e7ab4592112c4b Statement saying that someone with the sword knows better than to exploit it until the sword is fixed- https://gyazo.com/a69d8fa7a9212898a661a029c6e5fb60 What do you believe should happen to the player: Verbal and restriction placed on the sword until SMT correct this. Any extra information: Bug report was locked for "arguing" as we tried to bring light to this exploit by simply discussing how it might work and why it is an issue, forum diplomat seems here would be the better place.
  12. Shield blocked the rest of the shots, as seen in this clip
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