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  1. i cant believe christmas is just 361 days away!
  2. video-4 (1).mp4 you were a good head of research it was great working with you goodbye..
  3. +support lets be real here... ignis would never do a transtphobia. he is a n ernest and honest amn and always follows all the rules on gl.. he has alway s been the most dedicated player and committed 10 years to ehe server, minimum. plus support+support
  4. -support this is clearly taken out of context and not in context and i think that AHOMS glaze would never do this he is not going to do this in context
  5. Normal activities took extraordinary amounts of concentration at the high altitude. If my calculator had a history, it would be more embarrassing than my browser history. After coating myself in vegetable oil I found my success rate skyrocketed.
  6. As time wore on, simple dog commands turned into full paragraphs explaining why the dog couldn’t do something. It was a really good Monday for being a Saturday. Martha came to the conclusion that shake weights are a great gift for any occasion.
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