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  1. See you bro i missed our A1 and A2 days
  2. I LOVE ALL MY BIOS IN RND YOURE THE BEST. Especially you @Catalyst
  3. Well guys, it's my time. Keeping this short and sweet with some appreciation I'd like to give out to the people who gave me this opportunity to be commander and the friendships I made with you all. I may be back one day to lead you all again and I apologize for my inactiveness towards the end. I'm so proud of the command I have today and the growth the branch has seen since being in gamma. I love all of you in Chaos and everyone across the branches. I will see you all around on Farmers to say hi and fight some of you. Goodbye guys, this has been a blast. CI Command: Cecil- Bro I really hope you get general. You saved RND from extinction and I don't think you get the credit you deserve. I loved working with you during the last months bro. Dumptruck- You gave me several brain hemorrhages. Critter. Love you bro. Cyclone- you will be in my place along with every other commander before you. Take care of our branch and strive for nothing less than number 1. You got this bro. Pills- Ohio gang for life. I can't wait to see you in gamma command one day bro, you deserve it. Genuinely one of the best command I've ever had. Adam- I love my mutes. Keep doing what you're doing bro, you deserve your spot. Blue- You're so out of pocket all the time. Send feet pics. Phill- You are a enigma Kiwi- One of the best PvPers i know and another great command member. You're doing amazing for this branch right now keep it up bro. Dick Grayson- You've had some rough spots but you've always bounced back in the end. Keep maturing bro. Deuce- Welcome back brother. You were the first person I looked up to in E4 when i was C6 lol. Glad to have you back. Bossatron- You're doing good now bro you have great potential. Appel- You annoy the shit out of me bro. I hate the dutch. Tydrix- Welcome back to you too brotha. Hope to see you on more too. Jeff- You give me multiple hemorrhages but you were my ace partner forever. Love you bro keep up the goofy ideas. The rest of low command I'm gonna rope together- You are the future of this branch. Make good decisions to keep branch relations healthy and to stay on top of our activity. I hear you guys fucking up I'm coming back for round 2 ong. And to the rest of CI- You are the next in line for command and above, have fun don't stress about the small shit. Good luck to your futures. Everyone outside of CI or retired. Alexx and Django- I want to thank you both with my whole heart for giving me the opportunity you guys gave me. If you need anything please DM I'll come back to help. You guys were like my mentors i greatly appreciate it. O5 council- Starstep, hoovy, and weiss thank you guys also for this opportunity I can't thank you enough. Ignis- You trained me for CI when I first started and I looked up to you bro. I appreciate you. Enuz- Destiny 2 bitch ass. Stfu. Love you queen. I'm still gonna be a farmer tho. Piller- I love nu7 because of you. I'm rooting for you bro ong. Vanny- Keep up the hard work dawg. Fuck your stupid ass sound board ong. J0LT- A1 BABBYYY. Thank you for getting me into E4 along with Enuz I greatly appreciate it. Eyelander- Weird ass sound boards. Elden ring type beat Kieran- MY BOYFRIEND IM SORRY @bop- My favorite habibi. You a goat for how much work you are putting in to take over for colt. Coltable- General coltable on top. RIP Anyone else I forgot thank you for everything you've done for me. I'll see you guys on farmers. ~~Commander Gar
  4. You were a real one brother and did what was tight imma miss you
  5. Saying you want to join because you want to be in e4 is a good way to not get it my boy. Just a heads up.
  6. We had custom adding lined up but we got a addon restriction now
  7. We adding a landmine not a bouncing Betty
  8. 8/20/22 it’s 1 am I’m really tired
  9. CI Military Branch Update ================================================================== Job Update ================================================================== CI Trap Expert HP: Staying the same Armor: staying the same Adding Weapon: angry_swep_infantrymine (x3) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=640894781&searchtext=mine Removing Weapon: weapon_slam ================================================================== Job Addition ================================================================== CI Hotshot “Inferno” Unit Description: Inferno Units are Hotshot Operatives chosen for their bravery up in the front lines, they are extremely specialized in CQB Combat and will stop at nothing until their path is cleared. Ravagers and above are eligible for this unit. Job slots: 3 HP: 200 Armor: 200 Weapon Loadout: weapon_m9 , weapon_policeshield , weapon_cuff_elastic , tfa_csgo_frag (x3) , weapon_hdevice_pro , tfa_csgo_mp7, tfa_m3. ^ Restrictions on when it can use shield. Example= Can’t use the dropping feature in Echo5/Mech Raid/Generator Raid ================================================================== Job Addition ================================================================== CI Longshot “Hawkeye” Unit Description: Just close your eyes and let it happen…That is all you can do once you’re in the sights of one of these Units who have excelled in their sniping skills. Deadeye and above are eligible for this unit Job Slots: 3 HP: 175 Armor: 175 Weapon Loadout: weapon_m9 , weapon_cuff_elastic , weapon_hdevice_pro , tfa_vikhr , tfa_csgo_nu_7_smoke , tfa_sl8. ================================================================== Job Update ================================================================== CI Longshot Slots: 10 -> 7 ================================================================== Job Update ================================================================== CI Hotshot Slots: 10->7 ================================================================== Job Update ================================================================== CI Delta Command Description Update: The CI are led by defectors from the facility. These leaders are ruthless and will stop at nothing to get what they need. They are the CI Delta Command. They will Kill anyone who get in their way and will free every D-class and SCP to cause pure Chaos CI Delta Command are known to have rankings ranging from PD to CPT. ================================================================== Job Update ================================================================== CI Shotcaller HP: Same Armor: Same Adding Weapon: tfa_intervention , tfa_f2000 Removing Weapon: tfa_m4a1 Ability to press Mech Raids and Echo 5 button ================================================================== Job Update ================================================================== CI Shades Task Force E4 HP: Staying The Same Armor: Staying the Same Adding Weapons : tfa_l85 , tfa_psg1 Removing: tfa_f2000 tfa_csgo_mp5 Access to /eoi ================================================================== Job Update ================================================================== CI Shades Task Force Venatoris HP: Staying the Same Armor: Staying the same Adding Weapons: tfa_l85 , tfa_psg1,tfa_csgo_smoke Removing: tfa_f2000, tfa_csgo_mp5 Access to /eoi Pay raise from $150 > $250 normal SF pay ================================================================== Job Addition ================================================================== CI Senior Delta Command Slots : 8 Description: CI Senior Delta Command are experienced command members of CI who have gained trust and moved up through the rankings. They are like mentors to the lower Delta Command but at the end of the day their goal remains the same…Chaos. CI Senior Delta Command’s rankings range from MAJ to COL Health: 225 Armor: 225 Weapon Loadout: tfa_l85 , tfa_aw50 ,tfa_vikhr , weapon_m9 , weapon_cuff_elastic , weapon_hdevice_pro , tfa_csgo_frag , tfa_csgo_smoke Ability to whitelist for CI Trap Expert(CI Trap Expert 65+) and CI Deadshot (Lv. 75+) and Delta command Ability to press on Echo5 Button and Mech Raid Button ================================================================== Job Update ================================================================== Maynard Access to /cmd Approved by the all of the following HCMD and Site Admin Mind, Goat, Kevlar, Ozzie, Starstep, Sixx, Alexx, Hoovy I think, Toasty, HexG kind of, Soul, Cecil, and Piller
  10. i accepted it and already stated thats not gonna happen... +support
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