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  1. Accepted Please speak with an Nu-7 command member in Teamspeak for your training!
  2. +support From the bit between both words its clear he was singing raining men. He was saying its raining goods. He has a speech impediment and was also doing a strange voice. He didn't accentuate the two words and combined them making it sound wrong.
  3. +support Can confirm the activity. Its extreme. PVP god. Has the knowledge to keep O5 safe. Very mature. Deserves it highly.
  4. Fair enough. I've verbally warned him so if he does something again he will be striked.
  5. Beats me. He was provoked, angry and wasn't thinking straight. He didn't know who you were. Also, you're a dboy.
  6. I think a strike is a bit much but a verbal is definitely in order. He wanted to test the hammer damage with you or something but completely disregarded nlr. He also hasn't been punished before I think.
  7. +support Speaking as the Nu7 VCMDR this mans extremely active and trustworthy. The guy can hold his own in a battle no doubt. He knows the rules. Will protect with extreme prejudice. Has one hell of a nice accent.
  8. Gonna miss you dude you was amazing the sandwichs are nice tho
  9. Pixel gonna miss you dude. But we do gotta play Val or league but you gotta carry me in league lol.
  10. +support but dont increase it that much, rn 1000hp removal over two isnt that bad, people crouch walk, wait till scp runs, shoots, goes quiet. 1.5k to remove or something will be better.
  11. Ingame Name: MattO Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:454590224 Custom Class Name: THE C.N.T.N. Bot Prototype tfa_barret_m82 --> tfa_csgo_awp - ($10) Paid By STEAM_0:1:454590224
  12. +Support It's about god damn time. AUG is hot. This is mad hype.
  13. Guys active, Listens, willing to learn, good at pvp. Has potential in Nu7 and deserves it highly.