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  1. Gmod 2s in development! Obviously there's no information right now on gmod 2. Hopefully, they'll be a way to migrate servers between games perhaps. Who knows. Maybe 256 player servers multicore and all that. Looking forward to it.
  2. Name: MattO Rank & Callsign: LCPL, N/A roster not updated Discord:MattOminigo3#0749 Divisions: Military Activity: Active Suggestions: None
  3. +/- support Lol, seems prejudice against RCF and A1. I like the idea but this is a madness. If A1's on and they aint got someone to care for they wont be able to do anything lol.
  4. Ingame Name: MattO Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:454590224 Job Name: MTF G.H.O.S.T. Player to be added: Me - STEAM_0:1:454590224 ($20) - Paid by STEAM_0:1:454590224
  5. In the format it says 80 for 200 armor, but below says that a popular addition is 100 armor for 20. Is 100 armor 20 to begin with and if you want 200 armor in the future you pay another 60 to add up to 80? Or is it 40 for 100 armor. Or am i completely off with my guesses? Thanks in advance!
  6. Gang gang Bois - ya boi MattO
  7. +support yes, removing classes with activity is silly. However, transferring ownership seems like a better idea to open a slot however the price is too gawd damn high.
  8. +support As long as the servers ok and igneous accepts the file size I like the idea of new models.
  9. +/- support I'm torn on this but leaning towards -. I do love the idea of new additions to the server but this branch seems very niche. I'm not sure, the scps would gain an interesting use case working with the foundation but there's things to consider like 076s no gun rule and CI taking the scps perhaps. I'm open to being proven wrong.
  10. +support With breads scp changes 1048-a will be prominent in lcz. The damage it'll do will be scary. The range is kinda mad. Definitely needs a little look-see,.
  11. +support As a once Nu7 Medic, I didn't buy hemos for the price at all. I may be awful at gunplay but I definitely think the mp7 should be changed. It'll mean more medics, more hemos with minimal risk considering the medkit armory guidelines for Nu7. Mp7 has extremely low mag size and you lose the ability to battle very fast. Im open to being proven wrong though.
  12. +/-support I support this idea as long as it doesn't make the server lag more when server is full.
  13. Ingame Name: MattO Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:454590224 Job Name: MTF Omnicron Rho ('The Dream Team') Player to be added: Me - STEAM_0:1:454590224 ($20)
  14. Yeah I was mainly at the A1 meeting during the two meetings going on.