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  1. Well well, still going strong I see. Happy anniversary.
  2. CHIEF DANE’S RETIREMENT My time has come, after being a Police Command member after a year and a half, I will be retiring from my position as the Chief of Police, and partly leaving Gaminglight as a whole. To be completely frank, all of this did not come out of the blue. I have been considering and thinking about retiring for a long time, and finally after a very long time of consideration, I have finally decided it is best for me to hand in my badge and retire. I have been getting a lot busier with my personal life and the spare time that I usually have to play Garry’s Mod, are now used to do very important errands. I finally realized that I am just holding a spot that someone a lot better deserves to have, which is the Chief of Police. Gaminglight has been a huge strain on my life, all of the workload I have put into this community are extraordinary, sometimes not though, whether it is being a staff member or being a Police Command member. At this moment, one should take the time to reflect on their past experiences. In the beginning, I was searching for good servers that I can play in, that has an aspect of serious roleplay. I found PoliceRP, in which for me was a very fun server with a friendly community. I started to slowly like the server even more, and ultimately began to get sucked into the fantasy world, and got dragged deeper into the environment. I began putting a lot more time into this community, and in turn, I am also sacrificing the tremendous amount of time I had that I could have used to do a lot of things that are beneficial and important for my life. That being said, not all of the time I had in this community are all bad, I also think that this community has helped me in certain ways too. I have met a lot of friends on my journey here, and met some enemies but I won't really get into that, and all the moments I have had here are incredible and heartwarming. To all the people that I got the opportunity to meet and hang out with, I appreciate all of you very much. It was fun while it lasted. At this point in time, I want to give out my personal thanks to those individuals that were just overall good people, and deserves some praise even if others won’t give it. Close Friends Yobo, you have been my friend since the beginning of my journey. All the good moments we had, playing horror maps, Minecraft, all the friendly rivalries we had, weird nighttime conversations, was for me, one of the best experiences I have had in gaming. You also bought me a lot of things that I wanted, whether it is Steam games or Donation Store items, all of it I cannot thank you enough. I wish you the best of luck in the Navy, you fat kiwi. Munchies, you will, and always will be my favorite Aussie. You’re a nice, friendly chap that sadly left this community before me. You’re one hell of a hilarious person, you make stupid jokes but those jokes turn out to be funny. Even though he is kind of a minge, he was also strict and professional at certain times. I would like to thank you for all the amazing and fun moments we have had in PoliceRP and outside of it. I will miss you very much man, best of luck in your future endeavors. Hooplaa, my favorite Canadian of all time. Meme guy, very funny at all times. One of my favorite buddies to hang out with, but also sadly left before I did. Hooplaa is very professional, strict, respectful, funny, hilarious, the list goes on. All the late night conversations we had, messing around in PoliceRP, all those best moments I cannot forget and will always remember at the bottom of my heart. You’re a good chap my man, watch your back and best of luck in your future endeavors. Finch, although he was blacklisted a while ago, he is a cool feller. Very strict, but funny and approachable, he was always enthusiastic about something that he comes up with. I personally enjoyed my time hanging out with him, due to him always having his Guitar or Harmonica or whatever Banjo Kazooie he has with him every time we conversate. Best of luck in your future my man, I’ll miss having you around. PD High Command Matthew, you're a cool guy to hang out with. I don't know why but every time we chat, we always have friendly rivalries, like I just don't get it. But whatever, it was funny but sometimes to me it was kind of annoying. But hey, in the end, we're still friends. That's all that matters. Matthew is strict, professional, and does his job very seriously. One of the most best thing he did for PD was of course, the PD Handbook, which helped a lot of officers in their journey. Good luck in PD and your future, Matt. And watch your back, my man. Bob Bob, the mute dude. I used to be like you, believe it or not. I used to type all the time but I finally found the courage to talk through my microphone when I joined Gaminglight. Bob Bob is cool, strict and always professional. He always takes his job seriously, and you can't tell if he jokes around or not because he types. Eh, whatever, he's still good in my book. Hanging out with you was cool, good luck in PD and please continue to make the department better without me. Best of luck. Kitty, sadly left before I did but she was a very good High Command member. It was fun doing command stuff with you, Kitty. I'll miss having you around in PD High Command, best of luck. Noot, well formerly a High Command member, I used to hang out with Noot a lot when he was a Chief and Deputy Commissioner. He's pretty chill, likes to hang out with people a lot and he was a good High Command member. Best of luck. There's many more people that I have not or did not mentioned, because there is a lot of people that I have met and hanged out with that are also good people. Well if you didn't make it on the list here, I'll probably add in more but that will probably it for now. I will still hang out and pop in at random times whenever I get the chance, and I'll probably receive a reserve rank within PD and I'll hop on my reserve rank and see what's going on from time to time. Thank you all for the opportunity, it has been a good one year and a half. I appreciate everything, keep up the good attitude, and as always, be good. And remember, your attitude always determines your altitude. Bye. I will officially leave at Sunday, 21st of July, 2019. "1K-66 calling Dispatch. Dispatch, show me 10-7 for the last time and 10-42. Thank you for everything, and always keep up the good work. I appreciate the opportunity, and please keep showing dedication and commitment towards PD. It was fun while it lasted. 1K-66, over and out."
  3. ACCEPTED Speak to High Command in TeamSpeak for information on your promotion. Chief of Police Dane
  4. ACCEPTED Speak to High Command in TeamSpeak for information on your promotion. Chief of Police Dane
  5. ACCEPTED Speak to High Command in TeamSpeak for information on your promotion. Chief of Police Dane
  6. ACCEPTED Speak to High Command in TeamSpeak for information on your promotion. Chief of Police Dane
  7. PENDING Awaiting on more community feedback. Chief of Police Dane
  8. PENDING Awaiting on more community feedback. Chief of Police Dane
  9. PENDING Awaiting on more community feedback. Chief of Police Dane
  10. PENDING Awaiting on more community feedback. Chief of Police Dane
  11. PENDING Awaiting on more community feedback. Chief of Police Dane
  12. Dane The Brain


    At this point, it is getting completely ridiculous. If we get a report against officers who are breaking common rules and Handbook guidelines, they will be receiving a harsh punishment. Moreover, the officer will be asked of who was their trainer, and the trainer of that officer will be called in for an interview to review the case, will be asked questions regarding how their training session works, and then their training session will be supervised by Command to see if they train properly. Now don't freak out, because we only do this to ensure that our trainers are always professional and always train Cadets correctly. Once you're done being interviewed and supervised and you came out clear with no issues whatsoever, you will be dismissed. If otherwise, then punishments will be handed out towards the trainer. In addition to this, soon there will be a Sergeant - Master Sergeant - Sergeant Major only meeting, in which we will be discussing recent issues on how Sergeants behave, their training sessions, and more topics that I will not list here. This is to ensure the good quality of our Sergeants and so that hopefully in the future, we won't have this problem again. Moreover, this will also be a good time for Sergeants to improve their communications and give ideas on how they can improve each other. Ultimately, as what Matthew said, we kept the training guidelines as short and as accurate as possible so that officers know the basic rules of being a police officer, and so that training sessions don't take too long for both the Cadet and the trainer. If we see any more complaints about the training guidelines being short, simple or not accurate, we will make the training guidelines a lot longer and heavily time consuming but it will be very accurate and ensures that officers are more than professional. I'm sure no one wants this to happen. Sincerely, Chief of Police Dane
  13. Marked and noted. Good luck out there my man! - Chief of Police Dane
  14. Marked and noted. Take all the time you need.
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    Bird LOA

    You are not required to make an LOA unless you are a member of the Police Command. But nonetheless, noted. Have fun!