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  1. Name: Roman Gardner In-game Name: RomanG How many warnings do you have?: 0 Why do you want to be EMS(150 word minimum): I would like to join EMS to help the citizens and other First Responders of Rockford City. Personally I am a Jr. Firefighter for a department in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and have been in this position for close to a year now. I have experience, with real-life EMS or QRS situations, but I am still in the process of receiving my EMS Certifications. I also have experience with other incidents such as Structure Fires, MVA's(Motor Vehicle Accidents), Vehicle Fires, Wildland Fires, Flooding Incidents, and Technical Rescue Operations. Often times real-life work as a Jr. Firefighter or EMT/Paramedic can be very stressful, and take both a Mental and Physical toll on not only mine, but other First Responder's mind and bodies. As I said previously in my Application, I had recently just started my position as a Jr. Firefighter only a year ago, but I have still seen things to make a good day a bad day, but hopefully if there are other real-life First Responders on this server, I can help with their struggles if needed, and assist in their battles with their demons. I truly hope you take my application into consideration, and I apologize if this is not 150. sincerely: Roman Gardner