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  1. Name: R. Gardner Rank: Lieutenant How Active Do You Think You Are (Be Honest): Inactive. However, I am on LOA currently and I have talked to High Command (Dep. Chief Ryan) about my activity. Why Do You Want To Stay In EMS?: Yes What Could Change In EMS?: More information. Many people may type (if they do at all) "/advert Administers NARCAN" but no one actually knows what the medication Narcan does. Another example is Morphine. Many people think it "takes away the pain" however it blocks pain receptors in the brain, which many people do not know, which proves it doesn't "take away" pain, but temporarily hides it. I just ask people to be more educated.
  2. Thank you for all you've done Corn. It was an honor serving alongside you! State SGT/CERT SGT R. Gardner
  3. Hello, all who read. I have been part of GamingLight since late December of 2018 and to sum up my time with this server and community it can only be described as truly amazing. I found GamingLight through a great friend of mine who many of you may know, DanielSem. He was a CPL in PD when I had joined and convinced me to give GMod RP a try, making this my first server. At first, I knew just about no one from this community but soon grew to learn of and meet the greats who kept it going. In my time with you all, I have achieved the rank of Captain, was accepted into State Police, the Civil Emergency Responds Team, and the Emergency Medical Services (well, twice, lol). I have had many great memories with all the departments that I have gotten a chance to be a part of, and even the ones I have served alongside and had become friends with. If you have not figured out by the title, I am resigning from the Rockford Police Department due to a lack of time, availability, and a decrease in interest. As short and simple as that. For those that do not know me well, I am a Sophomore in High School, a Varsity Hockey Player, and a Jr. Firefighter with my local VFC, which can take up a lot of my time. Truthfully I am also very burned out from RP on Garry's Mod as a whole, and I need a break. However, I can promise one thing, and that is I will be back to GamingLight in the future, hopefully, better than ever. I'm not very good at goodbyes, but this department and the people in it have a special place in my heart, and I will never forget them. Thank you, everyone. Captain Roman Gardner Rockford City Police Department Dispatch from 1-Lincoln-88, show me 10-7 for the final time and Out of Service Indefinitely. Special Mentions -Matthew and Myan= Thank you both for giving me this AMAZING opportunity to be in PD and become a Command Member. You two were one of the few that put me in the position I had been in - Dredgen = Thank you for BUGGING ME (convincing) into applying for a Lieutenant Position for PD in the first place. I would have never gotten as far as I did without your push and motivation -Tonto = Wow....grown up so fast and already a Lieutenant. I'm gonna miss you brother. I'm never going to forget those patrols together this past summer.......we had some interesting conversations, to say the least...... -John Kill = THE OG!!!!!!!!!! Bud, we had a long ride together. Whether we were working together at a Bank Raid or making fun of each other on the radio (when you had a cold it was the funniest thing to me XD) we also had a good friendship. Hopefully, when I come back to GamingLight we can pick that up again and have some fun, classic EMS vs. PD Rivalry. -Cashtag = .....hardass......... I'm joking. You made me into a better officer and who I am today in GamingLight. Thank you for doing everything you could for me in our time at PD. -Zage = Come on. I can't forget you. Since day one when I joined back on the Highway Map, you had me pissing my pants of laughter XD. Those smart remarks will never get old. Never change bud. There are many more, but those are just some who stood out to me in my time at PD. Again, Thank you all! Stay safe and I'll see you all later
  4. Good Luck Tonto!!!!!!! You've been SM long enough!!!!! -Captain R. Gardner
  5. +/- Support Positives -great guy -very professional -made me the officer I am today Negatives -needs to get more active, haven't seen around too much Captain Gardner 1 L 88 True North City Police Department
  6. Thank you Timmemes. It was a privilege to serve under you in EMS. I wish you the best of luck in the future.
  7. Thank you for everything Ghostly! I wish you the best of luck in the future and hopefully one day you could return to the TNSP. Trooper SGT Gardner
  8. Name and Call-sign: LT Gardner 1L88 SteamID: 76561198854559654 Time zone: EST What is your opinion on your activity (Active/Semi-Active/Inactive)?: Mostly Active. A little difficult with work and hockey though. Why should High Command keep you in PD Low Command (RESPOND SERIOUSLY)?: I am one of the more experienced officers in the True North Police Department. I am very familiar with how the department operates and how we run things. We have also recently lost many great officers due to retirement and I would like to assist in filling the gap that they had left in this department to establish a great command structure.
  9. Good Luck Torty! I wish you the best!!!!!!!!! --Lieutenant R. Gardner-- ---True North City Police Department---
  10. We'll miss you. Love you Yobo!!!!! LT Gardner
  11. +++Support -Very Active -Friendly -Mature -Great Leader Good Luck Phil!!!!!!!!!!!!! --Lieutenant R. Gardner-- ---True North City Police Department---
  12. +++Support -Good leader -Friendly -Ready for promotion Hopefully I'll be command with you on both the EMS and PD side of the Law. Good Luck man! --Lieutenant Roman Gardner-- ---True North City Police Department---
  13. Thank you for everything Charlie. Hopefully, we'll see you around sometime. --Lieutenant Roman Gardner-- ---True North Emergency Medical Services---
  14. Rank You are Applying For: Captain In-Game Name: R. Gardner (Roman Gardner) SteamID: 76561198854559654 Current Rank: Lieutenant How long have you been in your current rank?: Roughly 4 months (since June 2019) What timezone are you in?: EST (Eastern Standard Time) How many Warns do you have?: 1 Why should you be promoted (150 words Minimum): I have been part of the True North City Police Department (then Rockford City PD) since December of 2018. I joined this community and quickly jumped at the opportunity to be a Police Officer. I quickly rose through the ranks with great leaders such as Matthew, Zage, Rubin, Cashtag, and Alex who have made me a better officer and person. Eventually, over time I have also joined and I am currently and SGT for the True North State Police and their Civil Emergency Response Team. I am also currently a Lieutenant with the True North Emergency Medical Services. Over time I had gained the respect of many officers and members of Low and High Command for many departments, both retired and active. Over my time as Lieutenant and before as a Sergeant and higher I have trained and mentored many new cadets and Patrol Officers, and I am proud to say that many of them are now experienced Sergeant Majors, and possibly even Lieutenants alongside me. Hopefully, you all feel I am ready for the leadership position as Captain and give me the opportunity to serve this department to the best of my abilities, and I can make better memories with all of you with the upcoming weeks, months, and possibly even years. You agree that disobeying any rules set by High Command will result in an immediate demotion (Yes/No): Yes