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  1. It's a shame to see you go MonkeyBags. I remember you were one of the first people that I have ever patrolled with on CERT. Thank you for your service with CERT and State. I know I am speaking for many when I say you will be greatly missed!!!! State/CERT Sergeant Gardner
  2. What is your in-game name: Gardner or RomanG What Rank are you in CERT (CERT not State): Sergeant Are you active? Yes/No why: Yes currently, will be Semi-Active soon due to Hockey Season, Fire Department Functions, and School Year why should you stay in CERT: I should stay in CERT due to my experience and Medical Experience IRL which helps me contribute to being a Medical Unit in-game. What specialties do you currently hold? (Breacher | Medic | Rifleman): Medic (soon will have Breacher as well-in for training) Should we add a training date separate to State? Yes/No why: Absolutely NOT. With all of my events coming up and with being part of other departments, I will never be able to make it, even less than I do now. I love CERT and State Police but due to me working on weekends and other events it makes life hard.
  3. Thank you for everything Echo. I hope to see you around soon. It was a great time serving alongside you as a State Trooper and a new Lieutenant. I wish you the best of luck! ---Lieutenant R. Gardner 1L88
  4. It was great serving alongside you Echo. Thank you for all of the great memories and I hope whatever is happening in your personal life clears up soon. Come back to visit us sometime!!! You're always welcome!!!!! --- Trooper SGT/CERT SGT R. Gardner
  5. Welcome to the community!!!! My name is Roman Gardner and I've been on this server for about 8 months now. You'll love this place and the server involved with it. Any questions feel free to ask!
  6. It's a shame to say goodbye, but we all support your decision. Thanks you for your service North. Hopefully you'll be in reserves and come on State with us sometime in the future. Thank you for being a great LT COL to me and all the other Troopers! ---Trooper SGT/CERT Specialist Gardner 1T57/1CT72
  7. MAJOR SUPPORT++++++++++ -Very Active -Mature for Position -knows how to have fun (in a proper way) -Always there for his fellow officers' -LT for while - Great Person overall - (and finally) ITS STEVE!!!!!!! LETS GET THAT PROMO BOI!!!!!!!!! with love...…… LT Gardner 1L88
  8. MAJOR SUPPORT++++++++ -Always there for his fellow officers -Not afraid to admit to mistakes/ask for help -VERY friendly -Very Mature -Always Online -Been SM almost all summer, and even before that. I would love to serve as a Lieutenant along side him Good Luck Tonto!!!!!!!! ---Lieutenant R. Gardner 1L88
  9. Good Luck!!!! ---SM Roman Gardner 1A88
  10. MAJOR SUPPORT+ -Very Active -Great Friend -Great Person -Great Leader -Been SM for WAY too long Good Luck Dredgen!!!!! ---SM Gardner 1A88
  11. Prayin for your brother Bren. Hope he gets better!!!! Have fun in Tennessee though! ---Trooper CPL/CERT SPC Gardner 1T71/1CT72
  12. Happy Birthday Matthew, and have fun!!!
  13. I hate to tell you man, but it's more than likely not going to work. Personally I am a firefighter in real life, and I made the suggestion a few weeks ago to add a Rockford City Fire Dept. as well, and there was a lot of positive support, which I greatly appreciated, but even with negative support, it was more realistic than "negative". Even though there are easy problems to easy solutions, it would take a lot to get this department off the ground. We would need a chief, assistance from the commissioners, and even more help from SMT and Staff. If you can find a way to get a RCFD on this server, I would have no problem helping you with it in the development, management, and any other actions necessary to take, but as of right now, the community is not ready for a RCFD. Again, I would LOVE to see this happen, but realistically, it wont.
  14. Good Luck!!!! ---SM Roman Gardner 1A88
  15. +Support Good person Fun to interact with Very Friendly Mature and Professional Very deserving of a Lieutenant Position