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  1. Name: R. Gardner Rank: Lieutenant How active are you: Semi-Active (i think). IRL I have a lot of school to deal with, I am part of my high school's Varsity Hockey Team, and I am also a Jr. Firefighter with my Township. Why should you remain a part of EMS department: I have been part of EMS for many months now, and I have attempted to contributed hours of shift time and running calls with True North Emergency Medical Services. I am also a First Responder in real life and I often will run medical calls in my township. I hope I can bring a more realistic view to EMS in GamingLight and continue serving the community to the best of my abilities. What changes would you like to see: I would like to see FD have a more realistic approach instead of running QRS (Medical) Calls the entire time. It is basically another version of First Responds. I personally would like to assist in creating this realistic approach. There are so many opportunities for FD other than Medical Details. I would like to help our firefighters and medics learn about BVR (Basic Vehicle Rescue) to which I have experience and training in. I fully respect FD and EMS High Command and I hope they give me the opportunity to work with them on this idea that I have. --Lieutenant Roman Gardner-- ---True North City Emergency Medical Services---
  2. ++++Support!!!! -Great guy -Friendly Mature (9/10 of the times. lol) -Been SM for TOO LONG -Ready for Low Command -Always helping cadets -Always helping other agencies and even lower-ranked officers to the best of his abilities Well, John, I hope this is the one. I wish you the best of luck bud and hopefully, I'll get to patrol with you where we both wear bugles. --Lieutenant Roman Gardner-- ---True North City Police Department---
  3. -/+ Support -Great Leader -Mature -Friendly -Experienced -Not on PD much, but still majorly contributes to Law Enforcement Good Luck Crease!!!! --Lieutenant R. Gardner-- ---True North City Police Department---
  4. +Support -Great guy -Haven't seen on too much but could be due to both our busy schedules -Always friendly -Fun to talk to and be on patrol with -Been SM for WAY TOO LONG! -Warns are old -Ready for Low Command Good Luck Nick, I wish you the best of luck! --Lieutenant R. Gardner-- ---True North City Police Department---
  5. +++Support -A great person/very friendly -Very mature -Ready for Promotion -Familiar with Comunity, Rules, and most people around GamingLight -Always fun to be on patrol with Good Luck Turd( Coulson )!!!!!!!! --Lieutenant R. Gardner-- ---True North City Police Department---
  6. +++Support!!!! -ABSOLUTE G.O.A.T -Very Active -Always Friendly -Almost always online -Great Leader -Ready for a promotion! Good Luck Calamity! You deserve it!!! --Lieutenant R. Gardner-- ---True North City Police Department---
  7. It's hard to see you leave Dredgen. You were an amazing officer, a great friend, and a hilarious person. Sadly your luck has been down recently, so hopefully, you'll be able to come back and visit sometime. Thank you for your service brother, and good luck in the future! --Lieutenant Roman Gardner-- ---True North City Police Department---
  8. +++Support -Great guy -Friendly person -Very Professional -Made me the officer I am today (helped me a lot when I was a Sergeant) Good Luck Cashtag! You deserve it! --Lieutenant R. Gardner-- ---True North City Police Department---
  9. Jayden I am not going to do the standard bullet points like everyone else, because there is not much I can say other than you are a great officer. You show professionalism, loyalty, leadership, and a great personality that this department needs. I truly hope I get to serve alongside you in the near future. --Lieutenant Roman Gardner-- ---True North City Police Department---
  10. +/- Support -Not SM for a long time -I haven't seen you on recently, but it might be due to time zone differences and my own schedule. -Very Professional -Got support from Chief, which is good enough in my opinion! Good Luck and I hope i get to serve along side you! --Lieutenant R. Gardner-- ---True North City Police Department---
  11. +++Support - Great Person -Good Friend -Great sense of Humor (makes everyone laugh) -Knows when to be serious and when to joke around -Ready for Promotion Good Luck Zage!!!!!!!!! --Lieutenant R. Gardner 1 L 88-- ---True North City Police Department---
  12. Well, its a shame to see you go Dredgen. You and I have had some great memories and sadly the good times have come to an end. You are the one who convinced me to apply for Lieutenant, and thankfully we both got the position around the same time. I hope that you stay with Low Command at least and stay in the community sometimes. If not I'll see you on the other side brother. Lieutenant R. Gardner - True North City Police Department Sergeant Gardner - True North State Police / Civil Emergency Responds Team Lieutenant Gardner - True North Emergency Medical Services
  13. Bob bob, Thank you for everything you have done for this community. You have greatly improved this community, department, and overall the atmosphere. GamingLight would not be what it is today without you. There is so much that all of us could thank you for. You have welcomed me into this community and have taught me and other Officers how to be great. If there is one thing I could thank you for, it would be giving me the chance to be part of Low Command. I would not be the officer I am today without you. Thank you for your service! -Lieutenant Roman Gardner
  14. ++++Support -Friendly -Mature -Ready for higher rank -Been LT for a while -Active Good Luck Dredgen! You deserve it. Lieutenant Gardner 1L88
  15. We will remove your LOA Status from the roster when possible, but whatever issue you have with the person you listed above PLEASE take this to request High or Low Command. It is not appropriate to propose that type of issue over Forums. I will contact High Command for you if needed. -Lieutenant Roman Gardner --LIeutenant 4-- ---True North Emergency Medical Services---