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  1. Everyone that not attended will be striked !!!!!!!!!!
  2. Make sure everyone attends! Strikes will be given if not attended without a post!!!!
  3. Brandonnn, come speak with me man!
  4. Nooooooo, not you ACE!!!! Damn man we had soo much fun when we were on doesnt matter with how many players. We always had fun and laughed, and you are resigning... I understand man, im going to be busy soon with school and work. Its gonna be tough but im trying my best atleast to become active again. Hope i see you atleast once a month or more Goodluck with life, and everything that comes on your path!!
  5. Denied Reapply in 2 weeks
  6. Dang man, i did not see this coming.. Star resigning. Life is way more important then Gmod and i understand man, i have my stuff being in my way to get on i am starting to work almost full time, friends family girlfriend bla bla bla. Its hard man and i understand, im sad that u left so early but it has to be like this man if you just cant. Sad to see you go my man, get on once in a while!!! ~ Major General Sam
  7. Stop responding to your own application, just wait.
  8. Sammm

    Dear 2LT +

    Hello there Marines, I have seen the roster and was not very impressed, almost every 2LT + has a strike.. U guys should know if u read the post that u need to attend. I know that we dont spread it a'lot, but u need to understand that as 2LT+ you atleast would be active on the forums. Keep this in mind, it will be much better, u know that 2 strikes is out of Forecon and Marsoc too! Semper Fi. ~ USMC Major General Sam
  9. Jack, i dont know what u are doing? U had one up yesterday, and now a new one. last one this is ur final one! Next time u try to avoid -supports, u will be restricted from applying for a month.
  10. Sammm

    Sniper Scopes 2

    I dont know the fix, but if its due to warface being broken with the scopes. It might be an idea to transfer to another weapon pack.
  11. It Does he has a Grave in US base
  12. I had not see this coming man, even tough i saw you play other games i tought it was just a break of MilRP. But the day has come, we have ranked up together and i have failed my duties once. A'lot of you guys know i have messed up, and i know myself i have had my problems. But i looked up to you as a general. And i always knew from the point i was chosen for BG. You would be the better one and achieve Gen.. U were a good friend tumz, and a great leader, and a great soldier. Thanks for the memories man! ~ Major General Sam