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  1. i wOuLd LiKe tO pLaY rUsT wItH tHe CoOl kIdS, i wAnNa WiN rUsT
  2. +support even tough it was with good intentions, stackable could atleast explain bus pov. So if he was professional enough should of done that. This is kind of copbait but slot of people copbait then i call staff and staff does nothing and lets then get away... so my support here, goodluck!
  3. Sammm

    CERT Roll Call

    Name: Sammm Rank: SPC Activity (Active, semi-active, LOA): Active Recommendations for department: Activity should be way better!!!!!
  4. You can see very clearly he faces colesoft
  5. Suspect was faces away and was under gunpoint, Witch is stil fearRP and if then he kills the officer, and after that combat heals... i find evidence clear and going to give this a +support
  6. Ooooh our soldier going out, Stay safe and do your best!!! Goodluck my man!!! Cya in 9 weeks ( ill secretly miss you tough )
  7. Goodluck my man!! You finally listened to me xD
  8. Your In-game: CPT Sam 1L34 Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:89556586 The admin's name in-game: N/A The admin's steam name (If you know it): N/A What warning did you receive: Several but are from 2017 Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: Old warnings, and some even duplicated, so it used to be less Any extra information: Hope you guys agree but the warning i had from 2019 is not right because the admin himself killed me too several times, but i take it for granted
  9. Sammm

    RP Fines + PD Ranks

    Thanks for this snar! R&U!
  10. Thanks for your service! And i wish you the best in what ever department you are in!! ~Trooper CPL Sam
  11. Rank You are Applying For: Major In-Game Name: Captain Sam 1L34 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:89556586 Current Rank: Captain How long have you been in your current rank?: 2 Months What timezone are you in?: GMT +1 How many Warns do you have?: 11 ( but duplicated last year on MilitaryRP + are all from 2017 ) Permission: Chief Dane, Deputy Chief Matthew, Assistant Chief Spection, Deputy Commissioner Bob Bob. Why should you be promoted (200 words Minimum): I should be promoted because of my experience that i have built up in my time being in command and in PD in general. I have learned alot from other command members and other departments how they handle different situations. And my history in other command on another server i think i know enough to learn others what i do and help them out and still be a leader to them. Whenever i am on PD i try to help the department in every way, by helping all kinds of officers with their issues, taking lower rankings with me and tell them how i would deal with that kind of situation where we are going to and maybe even show them the fastest route to the call. And by all my experience i think that i can show that i have leadership skills, open to listen to a situation or maybe even give advise that can help out or change things for in the future. And with all my experience in command, i think i am ready to become a Major, to develop even more, and learn more and become a better officer. In my time of being a Captain, i have handled with diffrent tasks that requires low command, like promoting a officer that is doing his job very wel and that deserves a promotion, or even demoting or talking to a officer that has made a mistake that can not go by unseen or even breaking rules and as result getting a bad reputation on PD. So after this time being a Captain, i think i am ready for a promotion to develop, and learn even more than i already have. You agree that disobeying any rules set by High Command will result in an immediate demotion (Yes/No): Yes i do