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  1. Sooo im going out of town with work for the next 2/3 days. Kinda cool but it means i cant get on, i hope we finish the job intime so we can go home early, and i can be on again ? cya guys in 2/3 days ~USMC FORECON CMDR AChiefMP Sam
  2. Accepted Speak with LTC+ for training!
  3. Cant u just keep the war at 40 mins and peacetime at 25 mins ? I think this system can handle that right? i mean it is 1 hour an 5 minutes lol +Support
  4. +Support Active Been here for a while Mature Goodluck!
  5. Tumz agreed Closed Transfer gone trough. Approved by both branches and General Tumz.
  6. Uh i Don’t see any dissrespect, Brandon, Hudson every gen was at the meeting and as you see i had 1 officer at the time so i hope u understand that marines really can use some active officers.
  7. Accepted Got promoted in the Officer meeting. Please speak to me or War for training, whitelist etc.
  8. Sammm

    USMC Roll Call

    @bahremu end date???
  9. Oh damn, come speak with me privately. I dont accept a LOA till christmas as a MAJ
  10. And when is the end date of your LOA ?