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  1. I'm retiring form my position as Director of Containment, you can find my 48 Hour here. ^
  2. I'm retiring from my position as Colonel, and leaving gaminglight as a whole. You can check out my 48 Hour here. ^
  3. Guess I missed that part ? Ok, maybe he should stay Blacklisted. . . I'm just going to wait for SMT's final decision.
  4. +Support The evidence presented against the 3 individuals showed that Buckell himself never actually participated in player poaching others, however he was subject to it. He verbally accepted a high ranking staff position on another community, but never tried to force others to join the community itself. I do feel that a permanent or long term staff restriction is on order though, due to the severity of the violation, and the blatant breach of the staff handbook. That or his blacklist reduced to a temporary ban, and a documented written warning. Buckell is a good guy who made a stupid mistake, and a punishment is in order, but not a Community Blacklist.
  5. + Support Mega Active Mature Respectful Approachable Good Leader Good Application Good Luck bb
  6. - Support Replied to Own Application Mingy Tendencies History of Unprofessionalism Hostile Tendencies Not quite ready for this position Overall, Nick is a Active member of gaminglight, and is a chill guy to hang out with at times. However, the characteristics he displays on a day to day basis, are quite the opposite of what is to be expected of an event team member. There is a great deal of improvement needed before he is ready for this position. Even though you are not applying for a Staff position per say, maybe consider reading the Staff Handbook as it will give you an insight of what is to be expected of Staff and Staff related positions, such as Event Team.
  7. Look at the bottom of the post chief, and maybe consider reading the application before replying, Thanks.
  8. + Support Great Leader Good Application Mature Professional Fit for the Position Good Luck Rang!
  9. +/- Support Respectful Good Leader Good Application Semi-Active Good Luck!
  10. +Support Good Leader Great Character Professional Active Fit for the Position Good Luck!