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    Minge hour

    "Minge Hour" is a term that has been adopted by Server Staff, and various community members, as a way to more or less classify the period of time when Server Staff are under high pressure from certain individuals with a more "mingey" tendency. It is by no means an official term, and the rules still apply during this time, you are not exempt from server rules because it is "Minge Hour". There is no schedule for this period of time, however it seems to occur when Server Staff are unavailable, or when the ratio of Staff to Player is biased not necessarily in the Staff's favour. Typically late at night, night time being North American. If you have any evidence of players violating server guidelines, we ask that you contact Server Staff, or make a player report. Thank you.
  2. Don't post your tests in response to this post Theman, create a whole new post. My post just outlines the format you need to use for your own posts.
  3. This ain't it Chief
  4. Name: Hooplaa Rank: Lieutenant-Colonel Callsign: LC01 Reason I should stay: Loyal Member of Command and CI Concerns: N/A
  5. Chaos Insurgency Research and Development ----------------------------------------------- Testing Format R&D Level 1 Clearance Required to View Beyond this Point ( Assistant Researcher+ ) Confirming Clearance Level. . . Access Granted Welcome [Your Name] File Number: [Insert Number Here] Lead Researcher: [Insert Your Name Here] Assisting Personnel: [Insert Other Researchers / CI Members Names Here] Test Subject: [Insert SCP Name Here] Subjects Involved: [Names of any personnel / objects if applicable] Test Name: [Name of Test Being Conducted] Hypothesis: [What do you think is going to happen?] Observation: [What you saw happen, what actually happened] Conclusion: [Summary of what happened during the test, and does it support your Hypothesis?] Additional Information: [Insert any addition notes here, if any] ----------------------------------------------- Sample Test R&D Level 1 Clearance Required to View Beyond this Point ( Assistant Researcher+ ) Confirming Clearance Level. . . Access Granted Welcome Researcher Hooplaa File Number: 247-32 Lead Researcher: Researcher Hooplaa Assisting Personnel: Deputy Head of Research Drank / Commander October / Colonel Hotcher Test Subject: SCP-173 Subjects Involved: "Subject A" = Class D Personnel Test Name: SCP-173 Movement Test Hypothesis: I think SCP-173 will move at a rate of speed equivalent to the speed of light when the Field of View of the person is obstructed. Observation: SCP-173 moved approximately 24 meters when the Field of View of "Subject A" was obstructed for 400 milliseconds, or one blink of the eye. Conclusion: As predicted, SCP-173 did move when the Field of View of "Subject A" was obstructed, however a speed could not be recorded, as SCP-173 moves too fast. Thus my Hypothesis was correct. Additional Information: N/A ----------------------------------------------- You may be as detailed as you want with your reports, there are no limits in word count. This document outlines the Official R&D Test Format which is to be used by all R&D Researchers when conducting experiments on SCP's. - CI Gamma Command - CI Delta Command - CI R&D Command
  6. Chaos Insurgency Research and Development Welcome, to the Chaos Insurgency Research and Development team. The following Research & Development Documentation outlines everything a CI Researcher needs to know about the Research and Development department. SOP: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13aVb9EKjaooTAfbtVI55UgmejdAEFtCXbWbIUbC3bok/edit Roster: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1V7W9D4d7ONvpmTS5dwgfI2nw9u8jOJtXs1aX32KlBNY/edit?ts=5bfa1441#gid=1789844966 Discord: https://discord.gg/rgJGBMT - CI Gamma Command - CI Delta Command - CI R&D Command
  7. Breaches are rp my guy. Breaches are fun, it's more fun when you are the breach.
  8. Seems legit. - Support You gotta post the proof on the forums my guy, otherwise this whole process becomes tedious and painful. Without posted evidence, it just becomes very arduous for everyone involved. Post the evidence, then we can properly see who's in the right and wrong.
  9. Hooplaa

    Yobo's Deployment

    God save the Queen! Stay safe Yobo
  10. Welp, y'all are officially Domestic Terrorists
  11. Hooplaa

    Tom Brown's LOA

    Cya when you get back my friend