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  1. Resignation's are only for command
  2. when I was a LT I saw great things from tayson
  3. +support a plus support from me is all you need to accept right?
  4. im sad Im not here
  5. Major +support - active -mature - great guy good luck!
  6. support was so fun helping all the new players reason:
  7. delta squad was one of the best experienced I have ever had thank you calamity, ecott, north, jayden. and the rest of you for making it so fun Reason:
  8. state was really fun thanks for letting me in the department! Reason:
  9. well event team was really fun reason:
  10. Name: Springs SteamID: STEAM_0:1:454787662 Rank: LT Reason for Resignation/Retirement: Do you agree to stay active for 48 hours after this post?: maybe Do you agree that once you post this, there is not any “take backs”?: yes
  11. its really no secret I have been very inactive the reason for this is I just don't like gmod anymore thank you everyone for all you have done for me Honorable mentions will: inspired me to get pd command thanks for everything calamity: thank you for taking a chance on me in delta squad I loved all the time we spent riding in the bear cat with the rest of the team theJayden: great guy hope you senior admin soon! Spade: get major dude! Tonto: you mad at me for so long lol thx for everything adams: he was the one who took a chance on me and let me into pd command thank you alton: one of the best high command members I have ever known ecott: the custom class king! rich: "Are you rich?????" Zage: my discord accounts whyyyyyyy killer: minge tayson: one of the best people I have ever met eternity: always encouraged me to do better thank you burboon: beat me to it ender: HAS SO MUCH MONEY IN GTA!!! mikey: GaYmEr myan: would love to see you as a hos keep up the great work matthew: thank you for everything you have ever done for me you let me into staff thank you so much max Holland: Irish man Ruben: your BACK!!!! Tigersden: MINGY BOI Seb: Canadian man dr whale: those sound boards were interesting .. I really appreciate every single on of you guys thank you for everything