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  1. +support Call it a supply room and put it in the lockers in tac
  2. A lot of hacks can get through it as of it was nothing
  3. - support welcome to my tutorial! step 1. become LCPL or SNR SA step 2. become state trooper step 3. become master trooper step 4. apply for SPMU
  4. Damn, make sure to stay in contact with the community! I'm going to miss RDMing and being RDM by you
  5. +/- support I'm honestly confused as to what happened? Can you get banned for opening crates? I need some clarification @Zeeptin idk if I can ping you but what's your side
  6. have a hostage, make sure one person is guns on the hostage while someone else negotiates. DRAW THIS OUT FOR A LONG TIME. Next, fall back and take cover behind the shelves. Have someone with an LMG have a good vantage point to spam fire at the door (preferably two LMG's). Have a shotgun as near to the door as possible. Always be ready to take cover or look away from a flash. Get to high points to combat shields.
  7. Name: catfishing for nitro Rank and Call Sign: SNR SA, KGB 37 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:498107740 Date: Jan, 6, 22 How active are you? (Scale 1-10 with 1 being the lowest): 7 you don't have to do these as a PA lol
  8. -support with good guns and strategies its not hard to beat tac so long you have enough people (3-4)
  9. I didn't put this in server suggestions as this is more of a pd thing than a prp thing