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  1. Sorry I haven’t spoken to you yet;, @Richard ... been very busy and can’t really get on ts. I also recently have gotten a concussion (still have it) so I won’t be able to speak. Sorry, Charlie
  2. I believe the AK-103 was buffed earlier today.
  4. In-Game Name: Charlie SteamID: STEAM_0:0:444734228 Rank: Moderator/Wardog Reason for leaving: Do you agree to stay active for 48 hours after this post? Yes Do you agree to contact your manager once your 48 hour notice is up? Of course
  5. Hello, As seen by the title, I will be leaving the GamingLight Community. During my time at GL, I have played on 3 different servers, PoliceRP, SCPRP and MilitaryRP. For most, the resignation must seem abrupt however, it has been in my mind for the last couple of weeks. Throughout the year, I have been taking GL over School and even some friends. From becoming an honour roll student down to a mid 70's student is something I had never expected. Anyways, I will be doing some shoutouts to some people who had made my time at GL enjoyable. PoliceRP: Tigersden: You are younger than me and therefore, should not be Deputy Director. P.S. Minge Dredgen: To see one of my Cadets to go so far as PD Command, Good Shit. Sion: Bruh moment. Greg: "oof" - Greg about 1000 times in the SS Discord Bandit: SAIC, more like PA. You are now demoted. Struftdot: You were a great Director and are was a great Fire Chief. I still don't understand why you put me as a CoS Seb: Diamond Family Gang Gang. Also EMS chief? Nucleus: Well damn Nucleus, you left before me? Yobo: First off, thank you for trusting me with a HC spot in Dispatch. Hopefully all goes well within. Calamity: Remember, I was a higher rank than you in SWAT at one point Bennett: low key inactive but is kinda a minge? Phil: Minge brothers for life Elapin: bruh get active on CAT SCPRP: Uhhhh I didn't really speak to many on here, just kinda did my own thing and some how got command? MilRP: War: What a VCMDR. Don't listen to people who talk shit to you. Jake Puffin: I am sorry. Thank you for have my back Syth: Thank you for having my back when shit hit the fan Emoo: Congrats on Event Team Leader. Keep that shit up and you will be bound to become JMT and even SMT Tyler: Thank you for trusting me and teaching me how to fly with Jumper CT: Good luck with school. Staff Team: SMT/JMT: For all the work you have all put in to our servers, thank you. And then allowing me to become a Staff member 3 times? Thank you all. Awg: Thank you for all the work you have put in to MilRP. Get SMT soon. Here is a bit of context to what I have done in this community: I had originally started playing on PoliceRP as a place to just minge around and cause problems. When I had joined, the staff members were some of the nicest people I had met in a video game. They are mostly the reason to why I had stayed. I had soon reached the mark of LCPL within a few days to where I had joined Secret Service and then joined EMS, SWAT and Dispatch until finally getting Command in PD. By around this time, I had been command in SS, EMS, Dispatch and PD and then had gotten bored. I moved onto SCPRP Where I mostly played GenSec and achieving the rank of 2LT in the branch. I left the day after that promotion to MilRP/ a return to PRP. On MilRP, I quickly rose up the ranks in USAF and transferred to US core to play with Tigersden. Meanwhile, I was able to get reinstated in SS, EMS and Dispatch. I reached to 1LT and got my CPT app accepted. This is where we are now. Farewell, Former PD LT , Former EMS CPT, Former SS CoS , Former Dispatch Director, Former Security 2LT, Former USAF CMSGT, Former US 1LT, Former Police RP Moderator x2, Former Wardogg, Former MilRP Moderator. Side Note: This resignation has no relation to what occurred in the US Discord last night. However, I do apologize for my actions.
  6. +Support Nice guy Good application I like the event idea Activity could improve however, I believe he cannot hop on during the week
  7. +Support During my time on SCPRP, Boris was one of the nicest person I had met there. Alongside that, she has experience with staff as a former admin on SCPRP. I wish you the best of luck!