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  1. Welp Alex, Imma miss you and honestly, thank you. p.s. in my opinion, that was anti-Semitic
  2. +Support Despite this app being meh, You are skillful in combat, Very nice, Active Good Luck! ~USAF TSGT Charlie
  3. +Support Really Nice Guy Does well on the server. Is incredibly active. Good Luck! ~USAF TSGT Charlie
  4. I will be leaving Utility for a couple reasons. a) I’m leaving SCPRP, b) I’m low key inactive. Thank you all for making my time on SCPRP enjoyable. Shoutout to Cookie and Enuz: Thank y’all for training me.
  5. As seen by the title, I will be leaving security and even SCP RP. My time at SCPRP was short, but, I am moving to MilRP. And quite frankly, I am not as active as before. Thank you all for making my time enjoyable. Shoutout to Cryolast: Cryolast, you are the reason why I got so far because of your meetings. Thank you very much for that, you will go far. Peace our famski
  6. This can be closed, I believe he has been banned
  7. Charlie

    Finding guns

    The format is a thing btw
  8. For SGT Pyro: Name: Pyro Rank: Sgt SteamID: STEAM_0:0:80660111 What server is main activity: US, if needed I can go onto UK however I do not have the IP Activity in GenSec: I try to get on at least an hour a day, however with being recently tasked for training IRL, most likely my activity will be 1-2hrs a day Monday to Thursday, and maybe every other weekend with lots of activity, but my Unit has a great love for delay of information Why should you retain your current rank: N/A
  9. Charlie

    Atoms LOA

    @AtomGamer Please fill out the LOA form in the Informational Post (Security)
  10. Opinions change over time you bonehead