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  1. This is a very interesting idea... I love the idea of it but, it may drive new players away from GL -Support
  2. @[GL] Kanny well look no further! I have never played CS-GO but... I will totally be able to be the best on my shitty laptop
  3. Dear James Paullen, I very much appreciate this apology. As the SAIC in SS and Lieutenant in PD, I accept your apology. I feel we may have been fuelling the fire a bit. Sincerely, SS SAIC Charlie XZ2/Lieutenant Charlie 1L73
  4. I think he is just reminding people... i dont see why there is a -support... And now I understand
  5. This is very well made. Just a question regarding what you mean here: Also, what is your name and Rank?
  6. I’m very sorry for your loss. I wish nothing but the best in your future. If you need to speak with anyone, I’m here.
  7. : ( ... Chief Dane is gone :,( Dane, I want to thank you for all you have done. From the amount of RP you’ve done on the server to all the apps you have commented on, it’s incredible. Thank you for accepting my LT application. Thank you for all. I wish nothing but the best for you and your future. ~Lieutenant Charlie 1L73
  8. Guys, this guys stinks, don’t be nice to him. Jk, but still, Yuck
  9. No no no, the Keypads. I will bring this up at the meeting
  10. Speak to Dispatch Command about that (myself or Yobo).