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  1. happy birthday to you u live in a zoo u smell like a monkey and you look like one too
  2. Yes, Friday nights are good -MSGT Nicolaaas 1D34
  3. Their excuse was, "its not code 4" even though it was pretty obvious there was no shooting because all of the cops were dead
  4. Nicolaaas

    EMS Discussion

    (This is not meant to diss EMS, I am just stating my and others opinions and experiences about what has been going on with EMS) Over the past month or 2, me and many others have noticed a very big bias toward government when EMS revives and cares for them first. They are supposed to be a neutral faction but they even sometimes say when and where a crime is being committed to the police. Most people wouldn't care if they did this but the criminals cannot retaliate and kill them for it because they are a "neutral faction". This is totally unfair to the criminals if they are allowed to favor cops and we can't lay a finger on them. Now I wouldn't have a problem with them reviving cops first and having the cops arrest them because that's how it work in real life. The problem arrives when EMS won't revive the criminals AT ALL if the criminals take down all the cops EVEN IF THEY ARE AT GUNPOINT. The reason I didn't put this under the suggestion panel is because I want to see the communities thoughts on this topic and how we can form a understanding so I can take all of our ideas into an account to make a suggestion. Thank you
  5. Dude can you write my English essays for me? lmao your app is so long and professional. On a serious note, I really hope you get super admin will. Good luck!
  6. Wow thats the worst luck Ive seen, glad your ok!
  7. Name: Nicolaaas SteamID: STEAM_0:1:429113304 Custom Class: Morgan Meeman Need the honeybadger switched with the KAC PDW I have $10 in reserves from my last purchase
  8. I really dont like when people say this. "its easily abusable". Just make it expensive like 1-3 million. Even if it is abused its staffs job to literally stop people from abusing it. People abuse a lot of things, but it doesn't stop them from being in game. Thats the entire reason we have staff.
  9. Nicolaaas

    My Car Accident

    Damn, good to hear you okay Good luck with the repairs!
  10. Maybe its a time difference but I dont see you on too often, regardless +support