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  1. I noticed a lot of people dont know how to use the control panel at DOC So here's a tutorial:
  2. This suggestion was accepted yet I can still only spawn 2 buttons
  3. Nicolaaas

    Fubar VS 8 PD

    Don't Underestimate the Power of Me and my Fubar...
  4. My name is Nicolaaas I don't have money for a car so I take the mega blocks my mom bought me, sit on it, then scrape it on the ground
  5. Name: Nicolaaas Rank: ASAIC Date of Meeting: 3/2/19 Reason of not attending (N/A if private): LOA
  6. Name: Nicolaaas Rank: ASAIC I will be on LOA for family reasons, don't want to go into detail right now but I won't be back until possibly 2/28/19 Thank you for your understanding.
  7. Nicolaaas

    Chainsaw Bug

    I notice that on SCP RP the fubar works 100% of the time. What causes the fubar to not do this on PoliceRP
  8. Over the weeks the family has progressed minges have infested this family and now we have nobody left. It was a fun idea but unfortunately we don't have enough people and everyone who isn't a minge is already in a family Let this be a warning to other families: Don't let minges in even if you have nobody else to let in. Sorry to all members of UF