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  1. Damn this is the most work i've seen in a introduction good job! Also you're a very fun person to play with
  2. Major +Support very good guy is very kind and sympathetic would be a great addon!
  3. +Support my dude very nice and will be mature and has previous experience in this kind of area
  4. Uhm well first of all great app! And I do not think you will be a good fit because you are a little mingey like in swat even when we played together as crim and ik someone else who is in the support team and is mingey and he jokingly drags a player out of the support room when i already dragged them in and started talking to them which was very unprofessional. And I feel like you would be doing the same as that person also does the samething as you do when just playing on prp. Ik not to compare people but I just don't think it will be a good fit for you, sorry. -Support
  5. Damn sad to see you go man
  6. thank you blitz atleast srt wont be mingey
  7. Love you to chimp
  8. MockingBird


    Oh fuck the fucking Calvary arrived with Hannah fully on board
  9. Hello so here is the link for the original post. And I am added but there is only 1 slot so only 1 of us can play at a time so there has to be 2 slots not 1. proof of purchase is in the original post. Here is a picture as you can see only 1 slot
  10. No it’s different video I was trying to kidnap them for revenge and for pride n shit but it back fired and 2 of them hanged up on me and kidnapped me instead
  11. -Support Alot of thoose warns are old and yes he is a bit mingey but he doesn't deserve a ban