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  1. okay so the owner fixed this for me thanks alot guys for the help
  2. sorry i just enjoy the server alot
  3. alright i just ented the request policerp smt how long do i have to wait for them to respond?
  4. alright thee SMT's do know that the ban doesnt show up for you admins but i still have it right?
  5. i just checked again and im still banned
  6. its almost been 3 days now on this accidental ban
  7. Ik it doesn’t show I have a ban but I do it still says a week maybe it’s a gitch
  8. i was banned online but anyways can i get a time est of when ill get unbanned?
  9. if your talking about my ban that is
  10. yes ik and im not like burning chad at the stake here or anything he's a nice guy i just want to get un banned like today can you post on form or msg me when its removed?
  11. yeah its weird but its happening it still says a week i can show a screenshot i shouldnt have too wait a week for a accidental ban
  12. is someone going to help me?
  13. Steam Name: Mockingbird Ingame Name:VII Mockingbird VII SteamID: STEAM_0:1:90505289 Ban Length: 1week 2 days Admin that Banned you: Chad Reason for Ban: accitental ban Dispute: okay so i talked to chad and he said it was a accident cus i did nothing wrong he clicked wrong name and he said he un banned me so i went on the server but im still banned for 1 week and i have been waiting a whole day on this accidental ban please help me fix this and unban me chad wont respond btw
  14. Name: Mockingbird SteamID: STEAM_0:1:90505289 Current rank: LCPL How long you have been in your rank (The rank you currently are) : since i had 24 hours Rank Wanted: Sargent How many warns do you have? 0 Do you have a Working mic? yes Permission(Not required If applying for Lt-Cpt): --- Why should you be promoted? : Because i have like 48 hours from just being on the server plus i make tons of arrest's a day and keeping the peace and i don't like charge into a bank robbery i just generaly listen to people higher rank than me always You agree that complaining or breaking any rules put down by High Command will result in your complete removal from PD Command(Yes/No): yes