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  1. ayyyyyyyy what lv are you on world of warcraft? im 110 but then i quit also hi
  2. I mean the van they added in the regular car dealer
  3. Yes some cops were dead but there were still some outside
  4. +Support ya done f'd up spection ;;((
  5. MockingBird

    Elapin's LOA

    Hi elapin i gave a possible solution for the map on the map problems. And for the disk space if you have 2 disks i would ask your parents to move your games to one disk for yourself. if you wanna just get a biiiggg and restart wipe your whole computer and just download evreything again or get a usb stick and transfer your parents stuff to that hope it helps ~support team member Mockingbird
  6. Hi elapin so im part of the suppport team and someone had the same issue so after ALOT of trial and error if you completely erase gmod from your computer uninstall it then re download it and rejoin it should work! ~Support member Mockingbird (leave a emote if it works for you!)
  7. the cops were right outside atleast some of them
  8. What you want to see? - seniormod can ban steamid Why should we add it? - we can already ban players on the server but we can't ban people who leave the server and sometimes people ltap as soon as you bring them when they massrdm and u cant do anything about it What are the advantages of having this? - less minges Who is it mainly for? - evreyone Links to any content - no
  9. the solitary doors are broken the button doesnt work at all myan checked it out and said make a bug report about it
  10. What you want to see? - icecream skin in server shop make it like 5$ Why should we add it? - it's already in the game so it won't be that hard to add it causes no extra lag and it will be fun What are the advantages of having this? - get in the van kid free icecream (i think it would be more fun when kidnapping ppl in the van yall just added) Who is it mainly for? - criminals/server for more money Links to any content - yall already have it in game
  11. so the solitary doors wont work at all even if u press the button and same for the holding jail in doc please fix this!
  12. Uhhh so what happened is he was healing when cops were outside still so that’s why I think the warn should not be removed but the reason why I dis warn him is because you can not heal until the situation is over and they still had silos so I thought that meant as long as the silo is there the situation isn’t over cus cops can see it and keep on raiding unless you kill all of the cops but there were some outside