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  1. First day i hopped onto the server (was crix rp staff at the time) apparently we was in competition with Gaminglight came on to the server and massRDMEd got let off with a verbal xD i REMEMBER THIS OMG
  2. I know how hard you guys work and since im just a low ranking staff member i cant do much to reward you so as my rank in SRT i would like to give all SMT a Reserve Commander Position i would like to thank SMT for all your hard work and would like to let you know i will do all i can to help you --- Bambob01---
  3. honestly if that happens report them that should not be a thing i think other staff should learn the handbook and not let people off with everything...
  4. Even though u left me Cody i will always allow u back into my life (P.S i still got your phone number biatch)
  5. -Support u was NEVER SRT as shown on our trello (its like 1 year old) u was DENIED From SRT to http://prntscr.com/nu6bad but good luck though
  6. Recently I was bored and looking through the old suggestions https://gaminglight.com/forums/topic/41291-addition-of-an-in-car-radio-accepted/ I saw this one was the radios ever added to the game was looking forward to this lol
  7. Had these cars for way to long would be a nice change could add more roleplay due to shapes
  8. will simplify everything and will stop people complaining about lost health when they are dropped
  9. SRT Applications Jimmy (Accepted) Please Contact me for training Shmoopy (Accepted) Please Contact me for training Dawgy (Accepted) Please Contact me for training ac15CR (Denied) Improve your activity then reapply If you was not accepted do not be alarmed we don't look at you in a bad light we just want you to improve upon the thing mentioned we love each and everyone of you and hope to see you in our family <3 SRT Apps will be done every Monday from now on out
  10. SRT Role-call If you are SRT please respond to this role-call or face REMOVAL, This role-call is to show us who is Active and what to improve upon Name: Rank: How active are you in SRT: What do you want to see change within the department?: What do you think command can improve on?: Why do you want to be in SRT?: If you do not respond to this role call by 05/20/2019 you are subject to removal with 1 chance to appeal Yours - SRT Command