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  1. As you guys may know I'm resigning from staff and have anybody noticed that a lot of staff member who been here for months and years Have been leaving either because of a personal matter and also staff either not getting on or can't take the stress. Honestly SMT try there hardest to keep everybody happy and always been supportive and all of staff team grateful. Thanks ~Mjay❤
  2. Mjay1808

    Buy Gas Masks

    Yeah, But your only thinking about a army of Negev why can't it only be one or two people and most people don't have CC and also Negev are only good for close range not far range And the Negev are so nerfed because of the recoil and the damage it does at mid to far far distance it only for up close damage.
  3. Mjay1808

    Buy Gas Masks

    What you want to see? - I want to be able to buy Gas Masks. (Price for 1 = $25,000) Why should we add it? - It would even out the playing fields because gas is to OP since when you throw gas near a wall it would go through the other side making it unfair and gas mask. Also, make it more realistic and better for RP Situations and can stop Abusive gassing. What are the advantages of having this? - Can help Criminal Breath threw Gas without taking damages so it an even playing field. Who is it mainly for? - Criminal Links to any content - None
  4. ++++Support True but the Negev is nerfed so badly that it only good for up-close combat.
  5. + Support -Semi-active - Nice/Respectful -Good Application -Been SM a long time -Never Seen Training -Deserves Command ~Captain Mjay
  6. -Support - Semi-Active -Didn't Follow Format -Does not have a poll -Advert Application Honestly, I personally don't think you're ready for command and since I seen you Semi-active and don't know much about you and think you should spend a little bit with Low Command. Also, make sure that you use the following format: Also don't delete this Application because your other Application will be denied also, Good luck! ~Captain Mjay
  7. Mjay1808

    Mjay's LOA

    In-game name: Mjay Rank: CPT Length: 12/20 - 1/2 Reason: Spending time with the family for the holidays Also, I'll be online If have free time to try to keep my activity up.
  8. +SUPPORT -Active -Very Respectful & Mature -Loves to help out other -Perfect fit for CPT -Good Application Honestly, Eternity is the best fit for captain always been respectful and know what he doing. When it was only me and him as Lieutenant he was the best and utmost caring person and always had my back when I needed help. I know he worthy of receiving CPT. ~ Captain Mjay
  9. Honestly, It would be equal.
  10. +Support Active In-Game/Teamspeak Mature Respectful Need work on Application Knows the rules Longtime Gaminglight Member Overall I've seen SM Romero active, train cadets and having respect for all PD members. Never had a single problem with him and I think he deserves a chance on becoming part of low command to show he appropriate enough for that role. Good Luck! ~Lieutenant Mjay
  11. Ima have to agree ~Lieutenant Mjay Ima have to agree ~Lieutenant Mjay