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    Drippy's LOA

    I haven't been on the past day or so, mainly due to me being busy. I thought it wouldn't last much longer then that, but it appears I will be busy this weekend helping my family and I will not be able to get on or attend the meeting. I will most likely come back Monday or Tuesday.
  2. Drippy


    Used a bunch of old clips cause I'm too lazy to get new ones Also had to remake this twice so fat F
  3. Drippy

    Ammo Suggestion

    +Support Should be in a separate category like the Platinum's bitcoin
  4. I got too much on my plate right now, maybe in the future when I'm less busy I can return
  5. Drippy

    Admin Abuse

    +Support Gonna drop this here I don't believe he should be punished with both of these incidents, but a talking to about using the physgun whilst off duty, and interacting with players whilst on duty. I was in a gun fight with the police and I died rather quickly so I decided to check the logs to see who killed me. Upon checking logs I was killed by Wolf who was on duty at the time. I don't want this to be a big deal, just a talking to is all he needs. Wolf brought me and apologized, I wasn't mad, and to be honest I didn't even care. I just think this could be used as a learning experience to not do something like that again.