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  1. I've had fun with the couple of PrisonerRP sessions I have been apart of. This is a great way to utilize the DOC for more than just a holding area. Plus, I like to watch Cody feed everybody dog food.
  2. Hey I'm in the shot! It was a beautiful service and congratulations to you both! Time to start working on that !
  3. Rando

    Rockford State Police

    Glad you could catch me when my car wasn't on fire.
  4. He has my permission to add me to his custom class.
  5. My first memory is when I first got GMod and was server hopping to find a game mode I would like. After a few duds, I tried out PoliceRP and didn't care for it until I joined Gaminglight PoliceRP. I was picked up by a nice man (bus driver) who was in a stolen car and in a pursuit but at the time I did not know. We made it from spawn to the hill by Taco Bell after which, several PD slam us into the grass. He was killed and I was let go after some fast talking. All of it was so real, with other real people on both sides and I became totally immersed and hooked on GMod. My first memory as PD was a traffic stop where a man with a baby were driving recklessly. He said the baby was driving, so I had to check the babies ID. In the process, the man accuses me of touching his baby inappropriately and I almost went to court over it but the server restarted and the judge left.
  6. Rando

    It's Rando

    Hey guys. I'm Rando. I'm not really new here but I figure it's time I made my presence known. I really like the server and what the community has become. It is a privilege to be apart of and I hope I can stay for much, much longer! I've recently started progressing on government jobs and it is new fun everyday. I am glad to be here and am glad there are some really cool people to play gmod with. To Gaminglight!
  7. Rando

    DOC on Lock

    It's awesome man, really sets the mood of our beautiful DOC.
  8. Rando

    DOC Build Off

    Number two. Can't wait to test them out on a jailbreak!
  9. Read and understood. SM Rando 1A59