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  1. Where is the evidence that he left him alone? It is just cut to the part where he calls a sit, there is no evidence that he actually left him unsupervised without an officer. Evidence is vague and the video needs to be much longer of this supposed "distraction"
  2. -Support It's massive FailRP if you are running away in handcuffs when an officer is telling you to go somewhere. I've gotten dozens of staff calls where people don't listen when they aren't dragged by the handcuffs. There isn't anything wrong here, I've dealt with this many times and it's honestly dumb. Think about it in a real life scenario, you're in a PD and you run away in cuffs at the speed of 1 mph. It was the right thing that John did, next time follow the officers orders.
  3. Dang, you were a real one my guy. It's tough to lose such a good SA.
  4. -Support You didn't do anything wrong, he did. He should be writing and giving an effort for the appeal, you did all the work while he sat back and watched you write it. I strongly urge you to tell him to write his own appeal, it'll show that he cares about the community.
  5. - support We don't have a staff member named calamiti
  6. Willy

    Report against Zage

    - support I would've done the same thing
  7. - Support You broke every single rule that you could possibly think of before I banned you. Also I'm pretty sure you're blacklisted. That's not appealable ...
  8. This report won't be able to conclude anything, but I'll keep my eye and if I see anything or anybody not filling ratio when asked. It'll be a strike, thanks.
  9. - Support Stop trying to play the rules, you just can't drive EMS vehicles.
  10. I agree with Steve's analysis here but I have something very important to add that not many people know about here it goes, The night of the ordeal with the entire situation with "The New Order" Steve The Russian wasn't emotionally handling it well so he had to take an LOA because he lost many good friends in this process, which about 99.9 percent of people can respect. Logan decided to take advantage of the situation and come into a channel with Me, Matthew and some other SRT members, Logan begins to talk about Steve and how inactive he's been whilst not knowing he's on LOA. He then proceeds to laugh and say and I remember this like it was yesterday, "Hey guys, is it bad I want Steve to Resign? "Free Senior Admin Position!!!!" "Hey hey guys it's hypothetical, but really that'd be cool". The moment you said those things infuriated me because you are completely selfish and you had no idea what Steve was going through. All you wanted was a Senior Admin Position and you've asked people to even put in their name #loganforSeniorAdmin, that's all you were known for. A second incident that you "Apologized" for but not really was an incident where you disrespected Matthew heavily with calling him a "D*** Sucker" and as well making sexual noises to that? I'm sorry but someone who dedicates their time to leading SRT, PD and Event Team, they get treated like crap? Matthew was so bewildered that you did that he was kind of speechless from the vulgar crap you pulled off. You then tried apologizing but made it seem Matthew's fault for not taking it a joke. You were always in it for the Staff Rank from Senior Admin on PoliceRP to getting a free SuperAdmin rank at MysticGaming. Why would you go to that community when some of those community members severely hurt our members and the community? As well when the Community copied our MOTD and basically everything in game? This is just proves the point you are only in it for the rank, not for benefiting a server that you love playing on. You just don't deserve staff on Gaminglight ever again.... Huge -Support
  11. + Support Yes remove @Echo from PRP
  12. + Support Not for a perma ban like Th3 said, but if he has 5 warns today already he should've been minged and next step is temp ban.
  13. Nice, Fresh Meat.