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  1. I most definitely repeated some things that might’ve been on the server. There are 3-4 that are in the server. I put my own personal ones that I’ve used in the past that I know work if we have any problems with ours. I appreciate you reading it thoroughly. Cheers, Willy.
  2. What you want to see? - Some of the following mods Why should we add it? - Reasons down below, but overall it will make the server much better, safer and cleaner. What are the advantages of having this? - People will have a fair fight/fair time/fun time on the server Who is it mainly for? - Everyone Links to any content - No Escape Mod: https://umod.org/plugins/no-escape I personally had some problems with this while PVPing, I was in the middle of a 1V1 and then he hid in a corner and brought his buddy which made it a uneven battle. Ultimately me getting the shorter end of the stick and dying. This would enhance the PVP and situations like these wouldn't exist. You won't be able to Teleport out unless you haven't taken damage in "X" amount of times. Which can be set in the code. I recommend 30 seconds. Where you died last: https://umod.org/plugins/wheres-my-corpse This Plugin is quite helpful for users to find a relative location on last death. Many servers use this mod and it seems to give all the player a slight advantage when they are naked trying to go after the loot that they just lost. Arrows point to where you died for 30 seconds. NPC's Plugin: https://umod.org/plugins/human-npc This is quite a nice mod when a rust server don't have many people for enough of that PVP experience. These NPC's can be set with different alterations so it can either be friendly or an enemy. Lots of code involved and you can have it many ways with the mod. Fun little Ranks by the hour: https://umod.org/plugins/player-rankings This is in many Rust servers, CSGO, TF2 servers and it seems to really entice people to work towards that next rank. The Ranks may be set by the amount of hours set in the code and the rank name. So for example 25 hours in the server gains Pro, and so on to 100 hours gains Expert. All within the code. Spectate Command (Admins Only): https://umod.org/plugins/spectate Good for catching hackers. It's definitely worked in Garry's Mod. Bounty Plug in: https://umod.org/plugins/bounty It adds some event type feels into the server to where people want to go out of their base finally and start searching for those individuals. Players can give up loot for someone to be killed. Auto Purge: https://umod.org/plugins/auto-purge Much needed, removes the entities of inactive players in between the wipes. Player Report System: https://umod.org/plugins/player-report It's going to save staff lots of time if a report is issued for anybody breaking the rules so they gather some Context. R-Remover Tool: https://umod.org/plugins/r-remover-tool A very useful tool to have in case of emergency to remove unwanted entities or inactive entities for administrators in game. The Most Important Staff Tool Known To Man Rustcord: https://umod.org/plugins/rustcord It's a discord for the server that logs every single little thing in the server. When an administrator isn't in game and there is something needed quickly. One of the best tools that I've used in the past to handle situations out of game. They may operate quickly from this RustCord Down below are some commands you may use in the discord. It as well is a nice discord for members to be in to get information about the server. Great tool that does need to be implemented in my opinion. Game server joins/quits relayed to Discord. Discord death messages. 2 way chatting between game & Discord. PM logging. Mute logging. Various backend server logging. Moderator !mute and !unmute Discord commands. Discord !players command to show players in game. Moderator !kick, !ban & !unban Discord command for your lower staff. Full support for Discord to game console commands for admins. Initialized message lets players know when server is ready to rejoin (wipes/restarts). Admin channel with players' Name/IP/Steam ID. Fully customizable channel output types. In-game /report & /bug commands for reporting issues to admins on Discord. Single bot can handle multiple servers. Built-in chat filter. I as well believe an event team can go a long way with this community in making everyone happy with the server on the long run. The events can range from Zombies, Meteor Strikes, NPC's vs us, Juggernaut with the helicopter and much much more. Here are some links to some recommendations for some event mods that administrators might do in the future. Arena Deathmatch: https://umod.org/plugins/arena-deathmatch Dangerous Treasure Finding Event: https://umod.org/plugins/dangerous-treasures The event opens with a barrage of rockets that blast the chest's location. A sphere surrounds the treasure chest, and a fire aura is activated which sets players on fire who enter it. The chest is locked for a random period of time to give players an opportunity to travel to it. When the event starts the fire aura and sphere are obliterated and the chest becomes lootable. Once the contents are stolen the thief is announced and the event ends. Event Manager (By Far one of the best Mods) : https://umod.org/plugins/event-manager This as well needs EMinterface, which is used by Event Manager to plan the events: https://umod.org/plugins/eminterface An SQL Database is as well handy and works well together for logging these commands: https://umod.org/plugins/emsql Very User Friendly and the work is already done within the code. This Event Manager has many many different types of game modes that players will definitely enjoy. Check the link out for the immense amount of commands within the code. As well if you are worried if people's loot is unsafe with them not being at their bases. There's a mod to temperately disable looting from boxes Disable Loot for Events: https://umod.org/plugins/prevent-looting Chopper Survival via Event Manager: https://umod.org/plugins/chopper-survival An addition to the Event Manager plugin where players survive from a chopper. Self Explanatory. Survival of Meteors!: https://umod.org/plugins/ragnarok This mod is simply enabling fiery balls coming straight towards the island making the event somewhat more hectic. I've had it on past servers and people seemed to love this mod. Also check War Gamer's Post for some of the great mods that he already mentioned. In all, These are the plugins I've used in the past and people have had a blast with them. I used to run a pretty successful Rust Server back in early access to early release and I've always kept my files with me from the plugins. I averaged about 50-60 people throughout the day and it was shutdown due to my decision which was being back stabbed by one of my good friends that was a Manager at the time. Which ultimately led me to my FiveM server then to here. But in all ,these Plugin's will ultimately help the server out in a PVP way, Staff way and as well in a fun way with the event system/Event Team. Keeping the server interesting and relevant is a big part in these Video Game Servers and these Addons can keep that interest burning. These mods entice people to be in the server longer and perhaps convince them enough to donate to help the community out. Now I've might've gotten carried a way a bit much, I'm just nostalgic about this game. Thanks for reading this, Cheers, Willy. Updated - 6/20/2019 Daily Server Reward Plugin - https://umod.org/plugins/server-rewards This is a great system for people to get on everyday to acquire the daily rewards they might be able to get. In the code you can set what they are able to get and as well set a calendar up to 30 days. Each day they get on, the better reward they get. Rewards can be materials/weapons/armor and etc. . Private Messages - https://umod.org/plugins/private-messages Sometimes people don't have a microphone and the chat is only OOC. If need be, you can type something private with the PM making it only two people see it for any valuable information like Codes, locations and much more. Self Explanatory. Bank - https://umod.org/plugins/bank A must needed for the players across the server. This just holds very important items in your bank to where you die, you don't lose the items. It'll be safe in the bank until you take the item out. The Bank Limit can be set by the Administrator. Alliance Tracker - https://umod.org/plugins/alliance-tracker This is a great idea for alliances to be formed within two groups if the party is over 8 for the base. It'll be able to track each other and label that you are friendlies. This simple mod could divert some problems if the server gets bigger with more alliances being formed. Fishing Mod - https://umod.org/plugins/fishing This is a personal favorite of mine from my files, it's a great fishing mod that everyone enjoys. At the moment, animals spawn in weird zoned patterns and it's not very consistent within the spawning. For 5 hours, players complained about not seeing any animals from myself and Shmoopy stumbling upon 30+ Boar in a small area at a Northern Beach. This mod will be all over the waters giving players a better chance at surviving near the water. It definitely will add some realism and incentive to build near the river, which most people would do in real life in case of a rust like apocalyptic world?!?!?!? But in all, I had this on my last server and it was a plugin that gave very little problems and made the server a bit more realistic with fishing.
  3. Well people can apply, but he’s not even following the format. So -Support...
  4. It's been awhile since I've been religiously into rust but since it's going long term I guess it's time to play it again.
  5. - Support I extended your ban to 2 weeks This app is not good and doesn't give good context to what actually happened You didn't really RP in the server Calamity was very nice to you and gave you chances but you still decided to be very disrespectful to him ( As well as your friend that as well got banned ) We don't tolerate the actions that you took out on Calamity, he did nothing to deserve that you put upon him.... I believe you should sit your ban out to 2 weeks due to your poor attitude, failure to do any roleplay and as well giving staff a hard time when he's trying to fix everyone else's problem.
  6. Willy

    Ramon staff report

    - Support Should be a player report in my opinion He is entitled to his own opinion He said trash which isn’t that vulgar like other words he could’ve used.
  7. Willy

    Unknown ban

    First off - Support You've given no context towards your ban. Second off Follow the format
  8. + Support - You're on everyday - I don't have any problems with you - Knows the rules - Ready for staff
  9. What's another way you can get perma banned than not following the rules?
  10. It isn't, the 39 warns in 24 hours equal you not following rules. Maybe you should think about your actions the last 39 times you were in those sits. This is the last time I'm going to be commenting on this post due to a back and fourth style that won't go anywhere. I'm still sticking with my Perma ban. -Support
  11. You had one active warn, you weren't following the rules when I perma banned you. So that active warn, was still there and then the warn came with the perma ban.
  12. Sorry but you did not read the MOTD........ - You were banned a ton prior to this - You broke the rules 38+ times? - The ban is valid You had 38 warns, in one day of play time. This is almost unseen of in our server. Sure Charlit your point is valid, this guy would've had 60+ warns in 2 days of playtime... In all, you were a huge pain to staff and I was asked by 5+ people to perma you due to the amount of times you can't follow the rules after Staff is pleading to you to learn them. I stand behind my ban and think it was fair. Massive - Support
  13. + Support Warns are a tad bit old
  14. Willy

    Perma Banned

    I remember this more than your story. Your story is kind of all around the place and doesn't give us too much information.