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  1. Gaminglight just isn’t what I fell in love with anymore, this time I’m gone for good. For those of you that still remember me, thanks for making my time here truly special. @snookiebear You were honestly the best dude, I always enjoyed hanging out with you when I was a LT and doing ridealongs with you and alistair. @Alistair Probably won’t see this but thanks for always making me laugh, ur crown Vic still sucks. @Cole Phelps Another COL gone, I remember when I was a LT and you were a FSGT you and I were an unstoppable CERT duo @Bronco What can I say that hasn’t already been said, a real OG. @Officer Pulloutski I don’t know how many ride alongs we’ve done together but they were fun as hell my man, I’ll miss ya. Richmond: Couldn’t find ur account so RIP, I trained you and your already a Major. I know your going through some shit so you might not even see this but good luck dude.
  2. My first experience with the Yukis was pulling one of them over as an SNR and then getting mowed down with a Negev as soon as I stepped out of my car. Good times.....
  3. Winter

    New Stop Signs

    Major +Support Please, that’s all I have to say
  4. Alright real talk here for a second, Bronco I joined when you were a a FSGT (Maybe?) and u were awesome, you were a great friend/bully and a pretty decent tricycle rider. You trained me for breacher and helped me so much in CERT and Trooper in general, a real OG and it’s sad to see ya go. -Nor
  5. Alright buddy you aint even gonna mention me, jk but sad to see ya go man. -Nor
  6. +\- Support -Imo someone shouldn’t be judged for training Cadets but should be judged by their leadership skills. -Velvet has proven he is a capable leader however you did just come back to PRP
  7. Winter

    More Jobs

    +Support on VP but -Support on senators it’s just too much and they’d do nothing.
  8. +Support SS and the president would have to plan a route or have a decoy limo while traveling, would definitely increase RP
  9. Winter

    Thank You

    What a nerd, jk man I remember when it was me and you as staff all day, it got annoying at times but at least I’m back in state (U still smell bad)
  10. Winter

    Cops rolling in code

    When this happens just stay cool and call in a Stuka dive bomber on them.
  11. Winter

    CERT Rollcall

    In Game Name: Nor CERT Rank: SPC CERT Call sign: 1CT41
  12. I hope u fall off ur tricycle.
  13. Damn there goes another OG, ur crown vics still succ Alistair, RIP Snookies wingman. -Former 2LT/Head FTO Nor
  14. Winter

    A proper good bye

    Alright, buddy, I see how it is, Nah but really Bravo if it wasn't for you I would've never been in 5th Fleet, thanks for everything bud -Former BG Mag/Nor
  15. Winter

    Defcon levels

    Defcon levels go from 5-1, 5 is best 1 is the worst.