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  1. So I can sit on top of the hospital with an awp and point it at you while you are in the hospital parking lot and if I point the awp at you and you dont know it, nor hear any commands, that means it is fearRP if you were to pull out your gun and shoot a family member of the person who was on hospital? Thats not how it works
  2. -support There is a pretty big voice delay And there was no other cops to shoot at him
  3. -support inmature. never gets on even when told. biased
  4. wass up im pulling up with a fucking sig boy. Aint NO one fucking with masgrid
  5. -support It the rules it says you need a valid rp reason to kill people in hits.
  6. damn i forgot to put you in the goodbye but ill miss u. He literally just asked you why you removed the thing. He was told to talk to you.
  7. Alright, the time is now. I'm leaving this community. The reason I'm leaving because of the immense immaturity of head admin Rhenic, also the amount of bias coming from (some) of the king members. It's crazy the lengths they will go to not get a warn. I may be wrong but that's the way I see and everyone who isn't blind sees it that way too. Zeeptin once said, "we have not one single time ever banned someone for stating their opinion in a respectful constructive manner." As of 4/9/19 that statement isn't true. I agree Austin did get kind of heated but was it really worth a permaban. My opinion of this community is that it was fun and it has turned corrupt were staff members can't responsibility for there god damn actions and I will be spreading the word as well. So with that WTAP is being disbanded cause clearly rhenic couldn't take some heat. I hope you guys change some stuff up. Like make it so SMT can only warn of duty because the amount of false warns made bye them is immense. They also say "go appeal it on the fourms" when they will just make some BS up. Hannah- Hannah the hacker, you had some nuts awp shots. Glad I met even tho we may not be leaving on the best terms I enjoyed playing with you very much. Voxis- We obviously didn't leave on the best terms either and I'm pretty sure you do hate me. But I enjoyed playing with you and hearing your stories. No one else will know what I'm talking about but I just to let you know if I was in your position I would have done the exact same thing too. Also, congrats on staff and I hope you don't turn into rhenic. as a goodbye, I will be shipping you a pack of cigarettes. (joke) Fame- Your the best king there is and I hope you get manager one day Snar- Your funny and could actually take a joke. Dane- It was really fun hanging out with you at night and playing scary maps lol CHIKEN - Austin banned you from the disc, not me. But on the real, you shouldn't have chosen SRT over WTAP. BrycE- You are the homie and I'm taking your chain on fucking god. BigJohnny- You were the homie to and you should take bryces chain for me and ship it to my house. Also we wanted you in WTAP but ig its too late.
  8. It was never handled in game. The sit ended with rhenic saying "I dont know why you want other family members to deal with the sit." That's when I said I will take it to the fourms if you will be biased.
  9. wtf no one is lying. no one was screaming. If 2 people tell u the exact same thing calmy its not hard to hear.
  10. When we told you to get down 2 people we talking. Not screaming we said get down. it took you 18 seconds to get down. No one was screaming. no one was screaming
  11. How would I drag him over the ledge when he needs to jump over a wall to get off. Also, why would I do that when he has to comply with our demands and we can just make him jump off
  12. I mean the reason I said you biased is that you said "Why do you want us to handle it, were in the same family" (Which implies you are going to be biased, all on a recording as well) Either OR he broke fear RP and didn't move when told.
  13. You never handled it in game. You literally showed up in the sit WHEN RHENIC WAS HANDLING THE SIT. and said "I didnt see him break anything and left." He obviously didnt follow orders and waited for rhenic to come.
  14. Your in game name: Ruinz WTAP Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:429137777 The player's in game name: Logan King The player's steam ID (required):STEAM_0:1:149846194 What did the player do: So in the video we (wtap) kidnapped Logan in the video we tell Logan to jump down from the ledge and he refused to for a while, even though we had 3+ guns on him, He was stalling to have rhenic come and shoot us so he wouldn't get kidnapped (FearRP). Where he FailRP is when we smashed his comms and he still told the other family members in discord. (admitted in the video at 24 seconds) logan said he told them before we kidnapped him. Which is obviously false because the second we kidnapped/pulled out our guns him we smashed his comms. Evidence (required): https://plays.tv/video/5cad1b5877e2573249/logan-failrp What do you believe should happen to the player: A warning for failrp/FearRP Any extra information: