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  1. I thought i resigned a long time ago but i guess i forgot to. So ig this is my 48 hour
  2. +suppprot Bryce is gang and deserves senior admin
  3. -support you were hella toxic and talked shit on everyone...
  4. -support Technically this SHOULD be a warning but... https://imgur.com/a/pH2uzEG As you can see in this imgur photo you shot the car that Robby was in (causing damage)
  5. you guys act like u never been ddos through your steam id b4
  6. After hereing, this seems like advertising to me. Felix said that you never corrected your mistake after words you just said oops. seems fishy
  7. +/- but leaning more towards -support Only 101 word in your application and most of it is rambling
  8. +/- support I dont see you on pd much but you used to be the cheif