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  1. ACCEPTED! Passed BG Interviews
  2. General’s Guidelines New document for the guidelines of Generals and a little bit on Marshal Commanders!
  3. COMMANDER ROLECALL This role-call is for BXO+ of the Clones (BG+ included) This excludes Fleet and Jedi Please fill out the below format in a reply on this post, allowing us to know that you are active Failure to fill out this role-call can result in a demotion or strike (So it is a good Idea to fill this out) Format - Steam Name - In Game Name - RP Rank - Battalion(s) you command - How often can you be on? - ANY REPLIES AFTER 11/20/19 WILL BE INVALID
  4. Invaliff

    Alpha's BG App

    Alpha has said that if he will get BG he will resign from his fleet life
  5. I am Grand General Falcon and I approve of being added to this class
  6. Already unbanned... It was accidental, a reason was placed after the ban but was unbanned due to it being a mistake, I apologize deeply.
  7. Wow. I understand the decision 100% Have a great time in Venator Crew!
  8. DENIED Low Community Support Reapply in 2 weeks
  9. DENIED Low community support Not seen on in some time
  10. Accepted! Congrats on getting Gree! Please see a BG+ for CCT!
  11. *Taps plays in the background* (I made sure to play it for him while he was typing some of this :)) Anyway, You were an amazing Grand Admiral, for the time you were here you did a lot for the community as a whole, I doubt we would have our High Command team or the player count we do now without you! you have done a lot for the server, and we will always be grateful!
  12. OH MAN You will be staff restricted for a long long time... That happens when you leave as a t-mod But sad to see you go. I will remember the times we had man.
  13. Name: Invaliff Master - None Rank: Reserve Padawan