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  1. Noted! We have reviewed this issue with our servers and we will be working hard to fix it ASAP! Please allow up to a week for any bug fixes to occur as we go on a first come first serve basis. Thank you!
  2. This isn't suggestions lol wait if they + support but reports does that mean keep the bug alive? (I'm joking i'll fix it)
  3. WiltOS hasn't been to friendly to help us with our issue, we are working on an update that will overhaul our current system and fix several of these issues, We are sorry its taking so long to do this. as this should have been fixed months ago, but the issue is more of WiltOS's side than ours. The hilt is correct but WOS isn't recognizing it correctly (even though the addon we use is stated to be supported) if you can, talk to me in teamspeak to help me fix this issue.
  4. Accepted Please allow up to a week for your suggestion to be put into the server
  5. Please specify how the rifle is "broken"
  6. We will need your steamid then.
  7. Please stop bumping the post, it won't make it be seen any faster than the rest.
  8. Invaliff

    The Return

    Just so you know a HOS+ can merge this account and your old account together! Just ask them in teamspeak or make a ticket in the discord!
  9. Invaliff

    ID card adding

    Denied the Republic card is for republic civilians. Not jedi.