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  1. Rolecall Cycle Complete! My database is fully up to date with any names of commanders Thanks for participating! Hide on 2/20/19 All commanders responded to rolecall.
  2. Still, support members should be able to help with the issue, it is usually easy to fix.
  3. A commander needs to be in Teamspeak, please contact a staff member in-game and ask for a TS support member, many are experienced with teamspeak problems, and should be able to help you fix it if they can not fix it, talk to me. a commander MUST be in Teamspeak to attend a weekly meeting that is REQUIRED.
  4. Signing in.... User Recognized... Welcome General Vector! Computer, Change name. Awaiting input Grand General of the Army Vector Promotion recognized, checking database... Success! Welcome Grand General of the Army Vector! Start log What a day, Grand General Falcon was lost during a mission to [REDACTED], Sadly the mission details were never given before he left, we are unsure why he went or what he was aiming to do, but we will be hunting and trying to figure out where he ended up. But I have been appointed Grand General due to his absence, and with this, I have many plans. Falcon was, not so great at his battle tactics, but this will change, I am going to fix it. Its time we go and take care of some, older missions, that need cleanup. I got many Ideas of a campaign to control many planets in the system, it will require planning and lots of it, but I will make it happen. The battle is my life, and I know this, getting this new rank will allow me to lead this venator, I have only heard rumors. 5646, Damn does it sound interesting, Falcon spent most of his time there, for so many reasons, the best damn troopers I have seen in battle, THE best of the best. Much of Falcon's stuff is left from what I heard, I will be taking his office on 5646, that is where he did most of his operations, I have been asked to investigate into his disappearance. I might be able to find information there, anyway, I will be departing for the experimental venator soon, I just wanted to get this into a log before I get into the ship, this is going to get interesting. Time to put on a show. End Log Log ended! Submit to KAMINO Server? False Copy, storing in, [REDACTED] Server... COMPLETE! shutdown Shutting down. OOC - Making an effort to characterize a Grand General Character! Many events will stem off of this and go into my characters lore! Stay tuned!
  5. DENIED Disrespect to a member of HC And my other members is not acceptable in generals.
  6. Accepted! Speak to a BG+ for commander certification training!
  7. Your post has been featured. Wow, I... God... I don't know what to put here. Ever since I gave you permission to apply for BG at MG (A great decision) I knew you would do something great, and you did. Even though some people did not enjoy what you did, you pushed through, we had some tough spots. but either way, both of us did a lot, I put to much on you when I focused on SMT, and I realized that. and regret that. But you have done so much for this server, I don't know what to say, even with that minge fest of a goodbye, it is sad to see you go. But I saw this coming, you were getting burnt out, not all of us can find new things to do after doing this job for so long. again, it is sad to see you go. Head Admin / Grand General Invaliff
  8. I asked if you wanted that model added to the class, it was not specified in the suggestion.
  9. Hello Reapo, I totally understand where you are coming from, and we will start thinking of ideas. But really we need your help if we are going to change things about battalions, you guys can come up with ideas and we can add it to the battalion. I will be moving this to the archive.