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  1. Denied You may reapply in two weeks
  2. Denied You are being punished for this now, because you decided to go rouge and destroy a GL Discord. Abusing the permissions given to you.
  3. Technically a storyline update moved.
  4. Accepted. Do the same as stated on the last appeal.
  5. Accepted. To appeal this warn find the warn in our bans page (top of the forums) and click appeal while logged in link the appeal in the reason
  6. One year ago, on this day. I became a Trial Moderator on Gaminglight Imperial RP, the server had just been introduced and many people were excited, but the server did not keep the popularity, we eventually came back to Clone Wars RP, that we are still sticking with to this day, reaching high player counts and creating a community of friends. Yesterday we made it to 71 players, a record high player count that we have never had before (The last record was 65 players when that was our max months ago). We powered through tough spots and shaped Clone Wars RP for the better. I wanted to thank everyone in the community for this past year with Gaminglight, you guys are the ones that make it, making me want to come back to play another day. We cannot exist without the players (literally) and with your guy’s constant support of us here, I wanted to give a large thanks to you all. And a major thanks to the staff members and Gamemasters who keep Clone Wars RP fun and enjoyable. let us keep Clone Wars going on the track it is already going on. Because we already broke a past goal, how about we set a new player goal, 75 players. Making 75 players will make Clone Wars RP History, as in all the time I have been with Clone Wars, we have not reached a full 75 players for all the time I have been with Clone Wars (Not counting the Gaminglight anniversary because that was just transferring players to each server). See you next mission! CWRP Head Admin / Grand General Invaliff
  7. Accepted Speak to me for General Certification Training (GCT)
  8. Invaliff

    Zeko's Hammer app

    Denied You may reapply in two weeks
  9. Denied You may reapply in two weeks
  10. Accepted Speak to a BG+ to receive Commander Certification Training (CCT)
  11. Denied You may reapply in two weeks Commander took too long to reply.