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  1. Recon Specialist was renamed that was the original North changed it with my permission to Ace or The ace whatever it actually is called it and any changes by north are approved
  2. Unban this kid wtf +Support
  3. didnt expect this ngl you were always a great state member jack and was a great team lead in CERT when i was commander gl in future
  4. Approved by the man himself Anyway possible i can transfer ownership to @Northy due to me not playing the server anymore?
  5. i dont feel like ban appeals should be voted apon by players, maybe all the people that reacted above me are biased and personally dont like Compton, when i played the server with compton he never had any wrong intentions and behaved in TS, 1 incident as an exception but everyone makes mistakes and i think that compton has learned his lesson with the amount of time he has been banned of the server and should be let back in.
  6. when u first joined cert you were definetly the most active and a amazing cert member sad to see you go (eventho im not in state anymore) gl in the future
  7. he isnt a cheater ma man is just a young god +support
  8. +Support Used to be an amazing staff member Mature Active