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  1. We did try but some things got removed in the update Please reconsider your +/- support
  2. Ok, So your right about the CERT COMMANDER class. it is great atm but thats what were are not talking about (Shouldve been mentioned) Our CERT Trooper gets 150 armor and for a tac unit thats ridicously low. Our medic gets 150 aswell untill today with the update (Armor got up to 175) Our breacher gets 175 compared to SRT which gets 255 which is 80 armor more. overall i dont want to complain alot but CERT is definetly not balanced compared to other tactical units, and that you are saying that it is NOT hard to get into, first you have to get accepted into state LCPL , then you have to be active and get up to the rank of SNR (Which isnt a 1 week thing) then you have to get accepted into CERT which you have to get noticed for to get even accepted into CERT, then comes training, which isnt the easiest at this part you can still fail to become a CERT Member. For SRT you only have to be the PD rank of SM And for SWAT It is CPL and for ARU its SGT. These are all PD ranks. As i said im not going to go into full detail as i have better things to do with my life then write a paragraph, This comment isnt biased cause i am CERT Co Commander. Sorry for any spell mistakes as i am not english. CERT doensnt need a fucking dog
  3. i know how to fix BRING BACK GHANZI HOW EVER YOU SPELL IT!!!!!!!!
  4. almost there with you!
  5. Paid by STEAM_0:0:76861966 Changing Sledgehammer to tfa_kac_pdw PoliceRP
  6. Organised by Pentagon And Convoy lead by CPT Cashtag
  7. -support childish immature worst joke ive ever heard
  8. +Support Always on staff Mature Friendly Active Really deserves it Goodluck david
  9. +Support active shows leadership mature long time SM
  10. David you were an amazing cert member and a great leader, sad to see you leave the team but i wish the best of luck in your future.