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  1. when u first joined cert you were definetly the most active and a amazing cert member sad to see you go (eventho im not in state anymore) gl in the future
  2. he isnt a cheater ma man is just a young god +support
  3. +Support Used to be an amazing staff member Mature Active
  4. UwU MilitaryRP donation Changing ma85_wf_shg38 to : wf_wpn_smg04_camo02 Changing ma85_wf_ar03 to : wf_wpn_ar02_camo07 Paid by STEAM_0:0:76861966
  5. As yobo is one of the teamleaders of cert he has full right to use the fire truck, we dont have any restrictions on how to use the firetruck obviously nobody is allowed to abuse this but thats not what happend here, he pulled you over in a marked emergency vehicle so there was no problem with that aswell, i can understand you are a annoyed by being pulled of by a firetruck but you gotta understand that policerp is a semi serious roleplay server. but i do not recommend pulling people over in rescue trucks. CERT CMDR Alistair