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  1. Partially fixed up the grammar for you @nimo
  2. Researchers only reason is to study and further the weapon
  3. Don’t go Brother!
  4. What the Bleeping F is this. this is SCP-RP not anime or Police there is no need for Gangs?
  5. I don’t know about you guys but I always briefly read the MOTD when I get on the server. Just to check for changes or to make sure I’m good on something, and it seems that admins a lot of the time; like to create their own opinions as a rule. When it's clearly stated or Not Fully Explained in a paragraph. Given yes the staff are allowed to at will But in many ways, I see some staff Argue with players in sits and from my experience When they don’t clearly(admins) understand the rule they are enforcing. Same with how Higher admins like to Make up rules that aren’t MOTD OR OFFICIALLY Listed Anywhere as real and final because it’s their say and I’ll say something, it’s mighty stupid when they fight back with ”just because it’s not there doesn’t mean it’s not a rule” when they just made it up and accuse people of loopholing. No disrespect I just notice some admins do this So as much as we probably can't Force people to read the Rules stated They really should be Reading them Everyday And please maybe start listing rules JMT+ IF THEY are known Not everything can be used as it's common sense. They should know So please start listing rules that you guys have that aren't official in MOTD Everything it seems it debated between admin to admin One thing being fine and with another admin, it's breaking a rule. Yet another declared Now I know seniority Takes ruling so if an Admin said over a moderator then the admins are final Feel free to clear things up with me I just want stuff clear and precise As each staff takes to their own Sometimes
  6. WHO decided it would be Cool and perfect to Give Dclass access to Easy RPG's for no reason Who decided it's okay for a nonevent and a Super admin to no clip out and back with an RPG. This is stupid From what I've experienced in the past 15 minutes and what I was told that Dclass can Easily Craft RPG's That kill groups of 4 in one shot if they have under 150 armor IDK if this is true but What I just went through was Mingey AF. So can somebody Clear up this if this is true who thought it would be cool to add RPG's to Dclass my suggestion is to remove it! Dclass needed a nerf they just got a buff. unless it was just an Admin abusing mk9000
  7. Dude this cut dry and clear This ain’t even an. Damn rule! and asking after a cleared sit and or spamming for sits after an admin cleared it against especially seniority I'm pretty sure is breaking rules of the handbook/SOP no? If that's what happened (someone tellme if it isn't) It's CLEAR that smoke didn't know the rules of 096 while playing 096 And pressured an admin into a warning. Against another. Ridicule I guess but an admin/moderator or a mediator shouldn’t be biased or pressed or such has failed at the job. I urge you Tyler to not fall to others yelling demands personally on Police RP have I seen admins warn for Pressure and Friends. but you are young and with time you’ll gain experience ever so much wisdom sorry if I seemed rude im trying my best to fix my Abrasvie Personality
  8. Channels can be fixed And saying this now i like a radio in my hand it adds feels and danger immersion if you can’t set a simple channel number than you have .... a problem it is not hard to click the middle mouse and type the number “2” and click out It’s practically the same as you’re asking just It’s a hud interactive and not take it out to talk it's rather lazy in my opinion And the lack of people being on the not being on the radios is laziness and lack of discipline I've never touched these radios before coming onto this server and I figured it out fast
  9. Name:Crimzon Rank:SiAc Why do you think you deserve to stay in the Department: noboey Acutlly Steys to the fifte wurd count so u no the usals Englash commat passing buy Any changes you want in the Secret Service: WHERES OUR UPDATe it’s been 3 months
  10. CrimzonEmpire


    Can we actually get reasons to why something was denied ? it feels like things were maybe read and denied to save time? idk it would just be nice to know what exactly is wrong with peoples ideas generally
  11. For the love of god please us CW not FAS FAS is outdated has very little guns and has a shit ton of misc packs to get decent things Please look into CW CW has alot more to offer between custom guns and Settings it's made by the Same Guy only it's his full MOD! FAS is what he originally made and with the help of others he created the wonderful flushed and updated CW