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  1. Don't you guys have 250 armor
  2. This role call is for everyone, R&D and the militarized forces. If you're spec ops don't reply because that's a private matter. Respond using this format: Name: Crimzon Rank: LCPL Callsign: XA16 Reason I should stay: Valuable Infiltrator and heavy - offers leadership and combative skills Concerns: NA
  3. Did we seriously just loose Directors back to back weekly
  4. CrimzonEmpire

    New Rule

    I want to see a rule that If CI raids. there has to be 3 to 5 insurgency on, depending on if there's a heavy on or not as it's very annoying to see One man army's just charging in every 4 minutes not following the 10-minute raid rule. The Infiltrator should be the only one allowed to raid alone as it's a stealth class. This would help prevent Minging - it would add roleplay and teamwork. as well as reducing the about of lone wolves. Feel free to discuss and Give me opinions and add-ons to this rule idea to refine it further
  5. CrimzonEmpire


    This is why I'm looking for a none client side swep There is a few
  6. These look pretty much like ours but more HD
  7. CrimzonEmpire


    What you want to see? - Night vision or thermals added to some CI and MTF/NTF Why should we add it? - could let us remove having to advert equipped thermals all the time to see SCP 966 and CI Infiltrators What are the advantages of having this? - We would be able to see in the dark during a power outage. We could see 966 and Infiltrators Links to any content - AFTER some testing this mod is outdated I'll be looking fora replacement
  8. The tranq only has 5 ammo and this is an issue on police rp with tasers yet we still have them
  9. To be honest that ImTemper makes some good points
  10. I don't find that to be entirely True at all CC's are a pain unless you are ARU we are talking here about SS its a vehicle we wouldn't get an offensive Advantages my questing is are you saying for balance so it stays easy to kill the president? he's the president of the united states it shouldn't be easy as 1 2 3 shots vehicle is down
  11. Why is everything Crim advantage? to you Val This would make it Fair so we don't lose a vehicle in 2 shots What's your goal?
  12. Yeah, we are. So how does that make it Unfair that we don't want it to be unrealistic-ly two shotted not everything is outrageously OP and needs in return a criminal buff
  13. if you have a problem with a Vehicle Fix then I don't know what to say VAl we aren't asking to BUFF our Characters maybe you shoot the limo and watch it explode in two shots - sass enough to see where we are coming from it would not make us anymore OP as you say