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  1. No this happens a lot they Shoot while para jumping and Reach spots like trees that we can shoot into and stomp us or just straight dive into combat which shouldn't be allowed but of course they had to go and complain. Like seriously Just dumb that 101st get to Drop right into C while we are capping it like no.... they need to land away from C or the previous objective because it's unrealistic and cheaty af
  2. + Support - Main reason Map is overall just better and isn't dreadfully Plain
  3. Altho the Germans Might have Ratified that part of the Convention they didn't go through with it.. They Still Executed medical Personnel and etc - even then if it's a war crime if a country doesn't comply with it tech isn't a war crime due to be paid so war crime or not the germans still committed it plenty
  4. I hope you know this isn’t entirely true at all
  5. What you want to see? - I want to see Red smoke and possibly NCO classes Getting it to mark targets or an area for an air plane to ground pound Why should we add it? - To add easier Ground pounding and Teamwork and scare your enemies What are the advantages of having this? - Communication- ease of life, Actual Military tactics Who is it mainly for? - Anyone That gets it added to a class such as NCO or a forward observer Links to any content -
  6. R&U Name:Crimzon Rank: Scharfuhrer notes: Heinz you told me you updated the Roster Where am i!
  7. I personally Wouldn't mind a New venator... It unless we use the forest version of Rishi moon so it's not so dull I just wish parts of Kamino's Inner Brig and Hangers were in Rishi - the Rishi Moon brig sucks
  8. Why would arc need it ? It's an attack Group? Not Riot
  9. the simplyfi vehicle probs has too low of a traction setting, that can be changed
  10. I personally think the gun damage is fine for everything but pistols. it's all about your tactics and aim
  11. Hey little Info spitfire should be Better than the 109 in 1944 better speed guns agility fuel etc spitfire was a beast late war the 1944 standard had 2x 20mm and 4x 50 cal
  12. Are you accepting Vice Commandér or officer apps with no one In game yet?