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  1. Are you accepting Vice Commandér or officer apps with no one In game yet?
  2. I can't Wait Mein Führer I must have is an Must an absolute to Hydra ja
  3. So out update was partially accepted for Senate Commandos? I don't see it
  4. CrimzonEmpire


    SO, Easy question here I know it isn't out yet but when is the Beta or Alpha and how can I get into the Beta/Alpha. if there is any information about this. or possibly a chance on how to.
  5. Doesn't me I mean that doesn't mean we have to use the AI I guess we can still make use of the rest of the mod
  6. What is with the comment censorship
  7. Yep I have and read books too
  8. I hope you realize... that Shock is also the 65th Coruscant guard Was majorly ineffective and corrupt at one point too and at the same time guarded Coruscant as its Military police and sometimes like SC went on missions sometimes but the special thing is here that 5th fleet was stationed almost exclusively on ships Coruscant guards We’re not so in any way SC is is still SC 5th fleet or not due to being under the 5th fleet section but not lore wise and like I stated before yes we are MP but we are also a combative unit so once again read up on us
  9. I didn’t compare it we were nerfed to 38th standard so that’s invalid unless product is 300 -150 and read up we are an elite military and security force tasked by the senate and Republic so indeed we are a military force ssme as 5th fleet military police but commandos take action in missions and covert operations / direct action so don’t tell me I don’t have a valid argument when factualy I’m correct And just an FYI I’m power hungry for wanting the best for my unit of” elites” thank you! Then I am very much indeed “power hungry” for combat effectiveness and as for close mindedness maybe as an arc you should be more aware of the term elite we each have our specialized zone so if yours is pure hell in the combat zone and mine is Keeping higher ups safe then both of us are respectively elite but still, that doesn’t disregard the fact we are combative too just we don’t get put right into the hell-jump
  10. What I mean by bias is the fact that Some arc seem to have the attitude that they are snarkly better than everyone in every regard, which isn’t true Not saying this is all of arc’s attitude just some I’ve noticed and Yes we were nerfed... by 100 health and 50 armor and I think fittingly we should Atleast get our armor back or to arc standards adding on yes we are Elite guards but we are also special operations like arc we are Elite like arc we do combative missions-and- overtop secret assignments too. So what I’m asking is to treat elite units like they are the elite And lastly haha our riot had 250 armor and 400 health they got nerfed Idk why they had so much we only had 300 and 150 and we got 50 armor taken for simply so reason
  11. I could further my point and argue with you but all I’m gonna get outta this is power bias and Everyone even elite troops are lower than arc kind of attitude I’m sorry if we’re elite too and you just refuse outright or because we’re not clones not my problem and I certainly am not in the mood this morning to be downtowned by Someone’s anti 5th fleet obstination. I guess sorry that even in books We had a rivalry with a republic commando’s and the show just made us cannon fodder lore is a bit bastardly so take as one will but even if you aren’t ARC As SC you’re still elite you are still the best in your field you still go through 3 months of Extra dangerous training in which most die or get Injured but so is the books or not I guess sincè your going off republic commandos and i don’t have the patience today
  12. But in all honesty we got randomly nerfed on top of the fact I sense an arc bias arc wasn’t the only elite group of soldiers ever so there’s not much I can say
  13. Decent gear.... Blitz Sorry if you think a DC-15s is a good gun for protecting people and carrying out special operations missions and is that anti Human bias I read... Clones Only.. huh