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  1. I think that Snar should swallow his pride and realize what he did in response to the mild opinion I shared was an overreaction, but now it's most likely too late. The department took a hard hit because of these decisions and will most likely suffer for a little while. My suggestion to all of you is to get on State and be active on it, or even apply if you're not in State right now. This way, the department can be at least somewhat active and then when they start looking at applications again they will have lots of people to bring on board. I wish I could do more to help, but due to my poor decisions I'm no longer involved in the department and will never be allowed to be involved in State again from what I can tell.
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    +Support 100% Agree
  3. Ya I might not leave totally but it doesn't look like I'm getting any other chance in State.
  4. I am making this post due to me being forced out of my position as Colonel by Snar and other SMT. Essentially the situation was Armyguy approached me about needing to condense the list of State Police vehicles into 10 or 12 vehicles. After trying to explain to him that this wasn't really possible with the way our department is set up right now with the subdivisions that we have, I got a little bit heated and said some somewhat unsavory things, like calling Armyguy an a*****e (not trying to get the post hidden even though that really isn't very bad language) and calling Snar a terrible manager (which is still my opinion, not meant as disrespect but if it's taken like that then sorry). I had just had a pretty stressful day and wasn't really in the mood to be arguing about anything so yeah. Not an excuse, but that's what happened. Anyway, Armyguy reported what I had said to Snar and another mild exchange occurred where I continued to share some opinions and in response was told that I would no longer the Colonel of the State Police. In all, I'm no longer your Colonel. I'd also like to say sorry for anyone that I offended from what I said, it shouldn't have happened and it really wasn't needed. This wasn't what I wanted, but what's done is done. I enjoyed the short time I was in the position of Colonel and had hoped to keep it longer and do really good things with it. I was looking forward to bringing in some new and old members, to experiencing the old map once again, and had so much planned. I am sad to have to leave, this all happened very fast and unexpectedly but it's just something that myself and all of you are going to have to get through. You've been through a change of power very recently, however, so I'm sure you can do it again. Because Snar removed me from the department as a whole, I'll probably also be leaving GamingLight all together. I don't have anything else to keep me here. I have been with GL and PRP for almost a year eight months having started early April last year. Most of that time was speant in LEO command positions, like PD low command, ARU, BSI high command, NSA low command, and finally ending as the head of the State Police after being low command for several months. I'm glad to have had the experiences I did in those positions and am sad to be leaving the community behind. I'd also like to apologize for making this post so damn long. I'd also like to thank a few people that are command or troopers real quick: Gaur: Best Colonel the department has ever had, thanks for all the advice and for making the department so cool Snookie: Great Colonel, I'm glad to have been command with you and am still sorry for what happened to you Cole Phelps: Great low command member, was planning on making LT COL, deserves COL ultimately Richmond: Good captain, not as racist as Huner, definitely a republican Huner: Huge racist, but in the nicest way possible Tobizz: My secretary, would definitely be a great candidate for high command if he was in the department a little longer Garth: Great command member, very good at what he does. Going to make CERT good again and definitely has a bright future in command Sean, Taco, and whoever else I'm too lazy to give their own spot: Great guys, hope we can still play football Troopers: Thank you for supporting me in the short time I was Colonel, you were all great officers. Nor is ok too Thank you for your service Ghostly Thanks again everyone. I'll see around and TeamSpeak and stuff. If I forgot anything I'll add it, I had to make this post pretty quickly too so grammar might not be great and some parts might not come across the right way.
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    CERT Rollcall

    In Game Name: Bronco CERT Rank: Overseer CERT Callsign: 1CS29
  6. I am deeply saddened to hear about this. You were one of the greatest CERT troopers that we had and the subdivision will be worse without you. I hope to see you continue to dedicate yourself to the State Police in Patrol and SPMU. Feel free to join back any time. Noted and updated on the roster.
  7. RSP ACCEPTED TROOPERS November SM Death (STEAM_0:1:33873913) - 11/17/2018 SM Maral 1A35 (STEAM_0:0:161868119) - 11/17/2018 Connor (Tryout) - 11/17/2018 Lufty (Tryout) - 11/17/2018 Patty Mayo (Tryout) - 11/17/2018 Annie (STEAM_0:0:89813259) - 11/20/2018 JRANDOM (STEAM_0:0:104346030) - 11/20/2018 Bush (STEAM_0:1:177764132) - 11/20/2018 Andrew (STEAM_0:0:80806137) - 11/20/2018 Phenix (STEAM_0:1:118561868) - 11/20/2018 All accepted must be trained by an FTO within 2 weeks of acceptance DO NOT REPLY
  9. So inactive he doesn't even realize he was an LT before he left Bye again Alistair, we will miss your voice
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    CERT Tahoe Skin

    Honestly I didn't know it had a specific name. All I know that it was in the Paint job 8 slot in the VCMOD dealer (Skin 7 when changing it using context menue), was replaced by an EMS skin in this update and was added to the server with a Taurus skin and 2012 Charger skin (all dark blue with yellow writing, CERT on the side) over a year ago. I think you payed someone to make them, the same guy that made the older SWAT skins and the ARU Tahoe skin I think, as well as the 2012 and 2006 Charger that State Police have. I don't think these skins were ever put into an addon but just added directly to one of the Police RP content addons in the collection. But yeah, not sure what name you might be looking for, idk if any of this helped at all,
  11. Bronco

    CERT Tahoe Skin

    I'm not sure if this has been reported yet but when EMS got their update with their new car skins, their Tahoe skin overwrote the CERT one we have for our Tahoe. It'd be nice if we could either have our skin moved to a different slot somehow or for the EMS Tahoe skin to be removed so we can get our CERT skin back. (Paint Job 8 in VCMOD dealer, Skin 7 in context menu)
  12. Who Death was spectating does not matter in the slightest. A rule was clearly broken and needs to be punished appropriately. It's not like it is entrapment or anything stupid like that, DURAMAX wasn't pushed towards breaking the rule, he broke it of his own free will. So, please stop bringing up who Death was spectating as a reason why this is an invalid report because that doesn't matter.
  13. I want to start by making it very clear that I have no bias in this scenario. I've known both players for a long time, have been in departments with both, and have had a lot of good times with both of them. This opinion is completely based off of what I see in the video. +Support Clearly had a firearm which Snookie witnessed. IRL you would not taze somebody you know is armed and dangerous just because they put the gun into their pocket. You hold them at gunpoint and take them into custody. There was a good minute there where verbal commands were being issued while DURAMAX was at gunpoint and under FearRP where he did not cooperate, clearly just stalling for one of this friends to get there (none of which were there to begin with). Clear breach of FearRP. It is not a staff application where he can't reply after it is posted. He is replying to everyone's -Support because they clearly aren't educated on the situation and the MOTD. I agree with him, everyone giving -supports has no idea what they are talking about.