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  1. It's just the way of them making more money even though it's just switching out an an ID in adding and another one
  2. +support I actually had a conversation with him in the support channels he really does want to be a part of this community and I've had no problems with them in the past he is a known player
  3. Name: velvet Rank: community support Reasons for resignation: personal You are required to be active for 48 hours do you accept: yes
  4. From this day on resigning from EMS As I am leaving the community I think you guys for this opportunity and said to go but their personal reasons as to why I'm going
  5. The time has come for me to move on I'm sad to say it but I have to leave the community reason for it is I have too much on my plate as it is and there's things in my life I have to take care of. I'm going to miss everyone I hope to stay friends with you all if you want to add me on steam I'll put my steam on here Honorable mentions: @Dane you're the best Chief we've ever had and I hope to stay in touch with you and play some Minecraft @Fame thank you for the opportunities to be staff on police RP and to be community support I will put in my resignation later you're a good friend and very helpful in my time on the server @Zeeeptin I know it's hard to talk to you but I knew I could always go to you if they were big problems that I needed help with you're always there this answer questions that I had thank you for the opportunity of playing on this community and being a part of the big family @Matthew going to miss you man I can see you going far in PD you went from server brat to PD command and now senior admin keep working up to your goal @Hannah King I'm going to miss you thank you for the fun times also yukis forever. To those I've missed you know who you are I may not have been able to find you in dimension you but always know that I will miss you guys. Departments: ALL OF PD: I'LL MISS YOU GUYS everyone on PD made my time on the server very great and fun had many laughs with everyone had yelling matches with some and sad times with others EMS: I'm going to miss you guys thank you for the opportunity to be lieutenant I'm going to miss you guys I'm sorry I couldn't be as active as I usually am and I hope you guys make EMS to be the best apartment out there FBI: even though everyone hated FBI it was still the funniest apartment I've ever been on we have many laughs thank you @gamikzone for the opportunity of being on FBI command I hope you have many years as director and beat FBI to shape you still have some mindge people on there but that's expected Crims: I'm going to miss all the criminals out there you guys made life on PD EMS FBI a great time although sometimes there were people out there that made it a living hell but that's expected thank you for your guys's time in game hope to see you around sometime. Those who want to add me here's the link This is 1C36 signing off for the last time.
  6. + support although this should be under player report not staff report as he is not on duty when this happened
  7. -support this isn't a staff issue this should be under player report
  8. +support But people should already know not to shoot EMS and if they do they should suffer the consequences because they're not reading motdI understand if it's a crossfire issue but members of EMS should not be near a open fire situation EMS LT Velvet I've had multiple occasions where I'm just sitting in my vehicle and someone comes up and rdms me some of them are even on custom classes
  9. Then they can get warned for it and once they reach the warn threshold they can deal with the punishments themselves
  10. -support because people would take the cars and just hide them somewhere on the map and people would never be able to find them they'd also take the cars and put them in the ditch also people still get around this by just switching jobs so it's basically the same thing This is added so that you can get your car back after some time maybe in half an hour Also people should know better send to just go and retrieve their car after it was carjacked suffer the consequences of their actions
  11. Why don't we hear his side of the story before going to conclusions
  12. Don't go I'll miss you I've always been sm