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  1. Its not a Lag Command. It simply enables multicore rendering, which gives you better framerate. It does not effect your ping whatsoever. -Support just use a notepad
  2. Yeah so I didn't think this day would come, but it did. Essentially I made a stupid mistake, and got myself in trouble, and now, I don't really have a Drive to play on the server anymore. I would like to thank all of you for the great time I have had here, and I will still be on sometimes, but not very often Snar - Despite you being the one that oofed me, I still respect what you do for the community Pull - Will always be one of my best friends on this server, you stuck by me at all times and I really respect you for that. I will hope to see you around Snookie - You will always be my #1 COL, you shaped me into the great Trooper I had become Wolfgang - You will always be my "Gate Homie" you have a bright future in State and if you stick with I you will go far Tobi - Ultimately deserves to get my spot, great person to talk to and I enjoyed making all those new State Documents with you #CanadaGang Noot - Been with you since you were a SGT in the police department, great person and I really enjoyed patrolling with you Bronco - #2 COL, I was with you since you were a CPL in state, I am pleasured to say I saw you climb through the ranks in the Department Bobby - Despite what some people may say about you, you are a genuine person, and I really enjoyed talking with you in TeamSpeak LeapingLizard - Great person overall, you have a great future in the department and I hope to see you get command some day #CanadaGang Nor - You will always be better then me, nerd To those whom I missed, I apologize, I will miss you all. I hope to see you around the map.
  3. I mean I was dropped as a child if that’s what you mean
  4. Uh. Last time I checked these were completely different
  5. Can’t make a suggestion unless you are active ?
  6. +support kinda an unwritten rule but this can and has definetly been abused. Would be great to clarify this in the motd
  7. -support I mean...kinda is. People who pay for a Negev are obviously going to be better then someone with a glock but regardless this shouldn’t be a staff report in my opinion as I see it more as a joke then anything. Not really server diss at all either, just stating that he thinks the server is p2w, and he has a right to an opinion.
  8. Mind providing a reason for your -support? Massive +support, this is a really scummy thing to do
  10. Awesome story! I’m joining my local auxiliary cadet force soon so I’ll have plenty of stories as well