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  1. Follow the format not leaving a response until you fill it out with the correct format. If you refuse to fill it out with the correct format, it will remain as a -support @Choppa 敬虔な casedrop.gg
  2. Welcome back! I hope you maturity/attitude has improved though
  3. Big -support (will put my reasons below) - it’s not like chrotix was trying to break/crash the server -So Chrotix has no malicious/negative actions behind it -he wasn’t doing anything to affect anyone else’s roleplay -super petty report
  4. Great dude but i would say MASSIVE like MASSIVE +support
  5. @Pillow your side please not leaving a decision until he posts his side of the story
  6. I believe it was in the old Rockford map but it isn’t in the new map
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