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  1. Your In-Game Name: Snuts Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:580475952 Staff member's In-Game Name: Eternity What did they do? soliciting bribes in order for a user to be unblack listed. I would like to say that i am still in contact with PVP outside of GL and he brought this to my attention. Now, the reason i did not use the SMT report forum is i feel as if it would be ignored and that this needed to be made public. Evidence (REQUIRED): What do you think is an acceptable punishment? Removal of staff Do the right thing.
  2. -support go a few weeks with no warns and ill gladly +Support, it seems like youre a good guy its just the warns kill the app. Good luck!
  3. @Grandpa please edit this post with the proper formatting otherwise it will be denied
  4. Snuts

    How ya'll been

    yesssirrr my home state college so it means alot to me to get the opportunity with them
  5. +Support Vader has matured and grown over these past few months and is very deserving of a command position in PD. He is hardworking and responsible enough to be a LT.
  6. +Support He posted a link relating to RP/the server therefore it isn't really advertisement
  7. Snuts

    How ya'll been

    Its been like a month since i've left and i kinda wanted to come back and see how everyone is doing. personally I'm currently playing football IRL and got recruited by Penn State so yeah thats kinda cool ig. i miss yall tho and i hope to see you guys around soon. Also 500th post -Snuts
  8. we never really talked much, but i always had a high level of respect for you Techy. you were a great staff member aswell as command member. you will be missed. thank you
  9. admitted his mistake, in the future don't do stuff like that at night especially if its related to your staffing powers. a strike or a verbal would work imo
  10. RIP damien, will be missed.
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