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  1. to bad, already taken, sorry bud
  2. First of all, All the people that like to copy and paste others posts.... quit copying others responses and putting them down as your own. That means you don't have an opinion of yours. I will disregard all those people that just copied others posts. They should honestly hide or remove everyone posts that does that. Second, yes Vizz came to me and told me that this guy needs a minge so I minded him, Saw that he had a bunch of warns and so I did. Then a bunch of people told me that he nobody likes this Tommy guy and people are trying to get rid of him. Vizz did tell me that he "randomly'" saw these warns. When I heard they were trying to get rid of him and a others told me that he didn't deserve the minge I then unminged him and left it as is. I do not know or do not confirm that Vizz was one of those people that doesn't like Tommy and i have no evidence. I do however find it fishy that he "randomly" thinks of these warns and has me minge him.
  3. Ford GT, Dodge Viper, or the R35