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  1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1X7noQv6qPLvEft4EKPtdaZ45LkNNLJDo/view?usp=sharing
  2. +Support I can vouch for Derpen as he's ben a well known person on the server. Yes, he does have rough spots, however he's got great activity, as he's on almost everyday., and he's a great guy overall. I'd say he would be a great fit for RRH. He's skilled in combat, and i think he's fit for the job -OM4
  3. As I somewhat stated when I first resigned in CI Research and Development: “As a new sun rises, brighter than the last, its time for the old sun to set” I’m sad to say, that my time has passed in Omicron-9 and time for another path. I don’t have any particular reason on why I am leaving, It’s just a path to somewhere new, to spread the light to not just one place, but to another. I have hoped to help Omicron-9 in many ways, in fact, I am extremely satisfied I can leave it in the good spot of the new eyes of the newest Command. I have been apart of the Omicron-9 command for a long while now, and its time for me to change my colors and become apart of something new. To help something new. I won’t be leaving the server, you’ll see me around almost all the time, however, I know Omi-9 will thrive without me having to watch over it now. I feel satisfied leaving the control to the future of Omicron in the hands of the newest command and hope to see it thrive even more as I watch from afar. Honorable Mentions Blackbeard - I hope to see your activity pick up BB. Just remember that Enlisted pay attention to that, they are encouraged to see their High command on. Say Hi to joe for me. LOOK AT THIS GOOD EXAMPLE Crabbo - Crabs. Thats it. Crabs. You cool bro. Maxi Corona - Maxi, you are by far the kindest person I’ve met. You always just come greet me and just chill and talk, Thanks for checking up on me here and there and i hope you still do that Kilo- We may have our differences, and I understand you’re working on it. I see a bright future for you, sorry i left the first time, now I’m sorry I left again. October- October, as a LTCOL you got big shoes to fill, keep an eye on the command man, and I hope to see you more interactive on the job instead of that CC of yours. WantedIdeas- Congratulations on WO! You deserve it, I wish to see you lead this branch into a brighter future. Benito- I understand coming to me many time for some conflicts, now that you are getting up in command, you can help with those conflicts. Do well Benito, I’ll know you’ll go far. Southpaw- It was quite a surprise of the WO promotion, but as I see it. You’ll do amazing in Command when you show them more. Keep the numbers for Omicron-9 up for me will you? Keep recruiting. Blackout- Thanks for bringing up Omi9 Activity. I know I can leave the rest to you Mike- I just want to say thanks for all that you’ve helped me with, With all the documents, and all the assistance I needed from afar. You didn't have to dedicate your time for another branch you weren’t fully affiliated with, and I just wanna thank you for the support you gave. Drip - Have a good mutha fucking time in Omicron-9 Nanachi- Stop fucking staying up at late hours and get on the fucking job. (I love you, I’ll miss you a shit ton) Alex(Zack Wilson)- Keep climbing the ranks son, Make your mother proud Disc- stay in Omicron-9 longer this time cringe Sinnik-You make a great DOTF. I'll see you while I work my way up E11. Thanks for the suggestions while I worked on things for Omicron-9
  4. Grade: 100/100 Lore: 25/25 Lore was spot on! Creativity: 25/25 Interesting Test Idea! Presentation: 25/25 I love how this format was laid out. It wasn't rushed in any form and it looks neat. Writing: 25/25 Spelling mistakes, and not as descriptive. But other then that your writing is fine! Test quality: Exceeds Expectations Extra Notes: This test was out of this world! The way its written and how it flow nicely in the document. A fantastic Test!
  5. +Support Knows what he's doing. Seems highly fit for the job! And has seems to be well into different Starwars RP and had command positions in said RP servers.
  6. BLINKING Also i saw cyan vent.
  7. +Support Would actually bring in more people and engage them in the roleplay side of the server. I feel this is more of a branch wide suggestion however.
  8. Grade: 88/100 Lore: 25/25 I didn't see a problem with lore. However i do question 131 holding up a whole CI member. Creativity: 25/25 Test never done before. Presentation: 18/25 Its not as creative formatting as it could be. But it isn't bad either Writing: 20/25 Spelling mistakes, and not as descriptive. But other then that your writing is fine! Test quality: Exceeds Expectations Extra Notes: I suggest you create a new format for your test logs! Presentation always brings a great test together.
  9. Name (which you most commonly use): Kami First rank/character choice: Darth Thanaton Do you have any command experience? If so please explain: I have been Darth since the JvS Launch. I helped form the Training guide for the Inquisitors and hope to expand that as I get into more command. I have been DHOR In Chaos Insurgency, Created two SOPs in the branch. I am a Major in Omicron-9 And know how to get people together and do some PTs, and keep people engaged. I have Revised many SOPs in this branch and have pushed the activity to the extreme. How active can you be? I can be on after classes around 2EST-5EST as I got work in the night, I am on at late nights as well promoting activity. Are you familiar with the Star Wars universe and have played other Star Wars related servers? If so please explain: I am familiar to lore of Star Wars, however not fully in depth with it. I played Ice Fuse JvS, Gaminglight Imperial RP, and well have played Gaminglight JvS since its release. Why do you want to become command? I wish to become Thanaton, as I wish to help revive IQ and create JVS as an active server for everyone to relax on. I wish to make the server more RP friendly as well as expand the knowledge of it and its interesting RP Further. What qualities can you bring to the position? I have command experience and know how to keep a branch active and engaged. I am charismatic and know when to be strict in certain in areas. I can be active as activity from the command = activity from the enlisted. If they see a command member on, they are more inclined to be on as they are able to get promoted. What makes you different from other players? I am dedicated, active, and can promote activity. I reward activity and encourage people to stay on and keep up the activity. I am hoping to help this server thrive, as its still in its low. I wish to create an environment in which everyone can enjoy and look forward to when they come home to their games.
  10. I mean I don’t really think it matters if they have a Level 4 or 5 but alright +Support