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  1. -Support It is very rare for gov to have greande on a robbery scene or even any scene due to it only be assist/tac that gets it. It is also SUPER rare for gas to be used in a robbery or bank robbery. It is because It has guidelines that department/high command needs to follow that is stated in the MOTD. Also this will not help the balance between gov and crim/.
  2. -Support Honestly your account your responsibility. I doubt also that they hacked your steam account to go on a GMOD Police RP Server and try to crash it.
  3. -Support reasons above - yeah also no poll
  4. +Support You were told to leave by gov which you even said stated picture in your own context here in the situation. Tac units have permission over all non gov and it just seemed like you were minging at the scene and refused to leave. SMT even said you shouldnt be at active situations which falls under common sense. Doesn't matter if its "Bias report" or not you still broke the rules on your behalf. Just listen to gov and dont be a idiot simple. From what I can get from the clip ^
  6. Rolecall Closed No longer accepting further responses
  7. Thank you for everything you've done emmit! You were truely what EMS needed for awhile for command wise. Thank you!
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