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  1. -Support I'm going to -support because from in logs it said you disconnected by user which I was going off logs in this sceriano. Plus you were not ingame at the time I warned you. If you have proof you were crashing constantly then that can be excuse for the warn appeal
  2. +Support Great Event Idea Good Application Very polite person ingame and great staff member! Good Luck!
  3. -Support So let me be honest here. During this entire thing no harm was made to any players ingame or staff. This just seems petty to me tbh, but I do understand why you do report this to get a side and try to get a understanding of it. At the time there was nothing happening legit nothing happening I was ingame for about 6 hours and I was not even one that started this entire mess tbh with you. I see no harm in this and I was trying have fun late night. Also to be clear if there was a staff report ingame made againest any of them I would not interfene or try to make a side in that staff sit and would have the staff member deal with it and not try to have a bias opinion. (Talking about this quote here) Also No one was roleplaying, It was 2AM and no one was roleplaying and I heard no complaints from anyone ingame. If you said to like "Stop" or something I would have. It's also very one sided report as you did nothing to try to stop it all you did was watch and gather evidence when you could have stepped up.
  4. +Support Now after getting your side in this which I would like to say for not giving you a side which I take full responsibility for that. From the clips I saw last night It seemed you were just minging and not letting them go anywhere and not letting the player drive. And I would want this warned removed due to me not getting his side and not realizing the whole story. Now I was only showed 2 clips btw during the whole sit.
  5. +Support Mature Well Known Applicatons looks good Ready for the next rank of Colonel.
  6. - Support Reason being first is your activity, personally I have never seen you on Major for a bit. Last I seen you was week or 4 -5 days ago. I don't see you on PD that much you are either active on SWAT or even SL. Your Great guy and all but you really need improve you activity like a lot. I don't have problems with you a lot but your not that active and you are sometimes immature but that isn't all the time. I also think you could use a little bit more time as a Major Personally. If you improve both above ^ I would love to +Support your application.
  7. Well it's been I would say a long run lol? Yeah I have been active for past couple weeks and days but I just see no point of being here if I am not going be active anymore. It was fun while it lasted! I have no honorable mentions. thank you. expect for JUAN's MEXI GRILLL
  8. EMS Applications 6/13/22 -- Accepted // Denied ~ Accepted Applicants ~ Vice ~ Denied Applicants ~ Vinny Scapune News Crew Joseph Congratulations on those who were accepted in Rockford EMS! THOSE WHO WERE ACCEPTED: Please be sure to contact an FTO for medical training by TWO WEEKS or you will be removed. THOSE WHO WERE DENIED: Make sure to wait exactly ONE WEEK from today before reapplying for EMS(unless stated otherwise). To find and FTO to train you, please refer to the FTO roster on the EMS roster. Make sure you are on the Discord prior to your training https://discord.gg/glpolicerp If you have any questions due to being accepted or denied, please direct them to me at TooNorthern#4840 on discord
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