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  1. Rocco_Rex

    Warn Appeal

    1. Questions 2. Your In-game: Rocco Rex or some variation of that 3. Your SteamID:STEAM_0:0:433247298 4. The admin's name in-game:Kile Hannad 5. The admin's steam name (If you know it):[GL] CollectiveWorld 6. What warning did you receive:FailRP, braking NLR 7. Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): 8. Why do you think this warn was false: This is my first time back on the server in over a year, so Im still getting my footing, figuring out what is what, etc. Myself and some other droids I bumped into decided to try to get on bridge. I wasn't sure at first, but I was assured it was downtime, which makes sense considering there was a boatload of people of all classes going around RDM/ARDMing without getting pulled to sits or warned. As the game of hide and seek was winding down, Kile told me to leave the bridge. At no time did he indicate he was staff or it was a rule violation. In fact, he had been one of the primary ones chasing and killing us while on/attempting to get on bridge. Assuming that meant he was tired of it, I proceeded to explore one more tiny area and leave. I was off bridge when I was TPed by him to a sit and straight up warned. None of the others, however, got pulled to sits, so I guess he just doesnt like me or something. Also, there is no NLR rule in the !MOTD TLDR: First time back in a year and trying to figure shit out. Was told by many people something was ok but it wasnt. One person said no, so I finished looking at a tiny area and left. Staff member didnt clarify it was a staff order or he was staff, then took his own sit, and warned in part for something not in the MOTD 9. Any extra information:Hey Hotshot, long time no see
  2. Seeing as I am leaving PRP and IRP, I am also leaving support. I will stay for 48 hours and will continue to uphold support team values till then as always
  3. Well gents, it's been an amazing ride. Leaving for various reasons, but none negative at all towards PRP. Over a year on PRP. Not gonna lie, this server and community helped me get through some pretty rough times IRL. This server was my second server ever, only one dark RP server before. Still remember my first day, I was a hobo and being fought over by the families "Juicy" and "Cookie". I hadnt the slightest clue what was going on XD. Ended up as admin, 2nd in command of FR (acting 1st since no 1st ATM), Head deputy in EMS, and 2LT in SRT. Even managed to confurt EMS, FR, SS, and some of FRT, er, I mean SRT.....for now. But alas, all good things must come to an end. Stay awesome gents Matthew. Amazing SMT. Surprised it took so long for you to get Manager NGL. You're doing a great job for the server, keep it up! Myan. So many damn RPGs and turrets XD Hated it at first, but NGL itt's an interesting change Mikey. Admit it, you're one of us too Great commander of SRT, even if you never gave us tactical shorts Masterson. Minge. Nuff said XD Dredgen. WHY ARE YOU GEY!? You might wanna hop back on IRP, I got you mingion to stop MRDMing on Starkiller, server aint the same Seb. Awesome EMF, er, EMS chief. Keep EMS great, and keep an eye out for skins that give ambos those tails you promised Whale and Zealous. You two have the best potential in EMS. Keep it up you'll both get LT in the not so distant future Niko. You'll make a great EMS HICOM member. Sorry to leave all the work to you now. Say, if you want some help, take a look at the two people above this Killer. Git yer SRT activity up! You should join EMS again, they need another furry, even if your sona isnt a dog Ligist and Cole. Two best friends from PRP. Not gonna bother with a goodbye cuz we're still gonna game on those other games, but still wanted to give honorable mention Welp. All good things come to a close eventually later. Thousand hours plus, who knows how many sits, warns, bans, and alts thwarted. So many, many, many good memories, is a shame it all has to end. I've spoke with EMS and SRT command and have retired slots with my name on it, so I'll still hop on every now and then. I'll remain in all Discords and continuing all duties for 48 hours. If anyone wants to be there for a little send off, prolly bout 9 PM US Central on Thursday. This is HD Rocco Rex HDEP 1, DEFR Rocco Rex DEFR1, and SRT 2LT Rocco Rex 1Q38 going 10-7
  4. Well, it's been an amazing run gents but the time has come for one of the longest running members and the longest command member to leave. I hopped on the server on day 2 after launch to minge, but stuck around for the long haul. I was the OG Sev when IC was first founded thanks to Hotshot and Boss ever since November. So many great memories, great friends, and great struggles. IC had it's struggles, but we also had our greatest moments, not to mention becoming undoubtedly the most lethal of any unit. But alas, all good things must come to an end. Some may think they know why I'm leaving, and maybe you know a part, but not all. Some in game reasons, some IRL, many private. But why I leave doesnt matter, what matters is what I leave you. I leave you the most lethal IC has ever been, an update request sent, and a very active IC (second most active ever ATM). I'd continue on the tradition of handing the role of Boss onto the next commander of IC, but due to a rule change today I am no longer able to. However, I can still promote to COL. Kev was Scorch not too long ago and he was the best VCOM IC had ever had. I have 2 other posts to make before I'm gone, my PRP community resignation and giving a HUGE +support to his IC COM app once he posts it. Commandos. Listen to him, follow him, keep IC the best and most lethal branch on the server. Ratiin Kyramala Commandos. My staffing days began as a transfer from PRP. Even as good as the PRP SMT was, especially Matthew, I couldn't have asked for a better SMT team than that of IRP. May not of always agreed on everything, but that's to be expected. Hotshot and his team's hard work and dedication to the server turned me from someone who came to minge and was on his way out of GL into a rededicated staff member on 2 servers, AHGM, commander of IC, and command on multiple branches of PRP. And best of all, he even understands that pineapple goes on pizza. I had hoped to join him as SMT one day, but we dont get everything we want in life. Gents, pound those minges, protect the server and the players. I already mentioned 2 people by name above, here are some other mentions BadAim. I still remember the day you joined the server. I went to you and commended you on your awesome name. Stay awesome Bakka. Boy, I dont know how you had the patience to deal with STs for so long. Of the current command team you are absolutely the one who deserves HICOM the most. You had better get SNR A and at least AHGM in the future. If not, Imma come back and beat yo ass Beckett. Mentioned SMT above, but I need to mention you again. Most chill SMT member ever, awesome guy. I was surprised and honored you chose me as your AHGM. Just wish I could have stuck around longer. Dont be a stranger, feel free to HMU every now and then. Badger. Remember how 2 or 3 days ago I said I had 0 intention of leaving IC anytime soon? I actually did mean that. My time just came unexpectedly. And about Kev, he was old Scorch, so there was no grooming to be done. Huntt. I still have more sits than you BTW XD. You prolly dont realize just how salty I was when you got SA and my app just sat there. Believe it or not, I also hated your guts for a while, including before, but you turned out aight in the end. Keep SF strong and GL on that HA slot! Nimo/Seventh Sister. Im just glad there are no ATATs for you to crash into anymore You were the only other person I saw stick around in command close to as long as me, even with some issues. GL on GIQ, you deserve it. Pentagon. The Boss before me. Boy, you sure left me with a mess to cleanup! XD Keep an eye on the ICs, help out Kev as he needs it, he's a great guy. Smoke. I still remember and feel bad about that time I thought you were an alt, banned you, and tried to get it permaed. Still feel bad about that and am so glad I was wrong Timm. Get active in EMS for pete's sake! Pooders. Guess me days of abusing you are over. Remember those times on the DS? Good times. Seems so long ago Owl. Another old timer. Keep up the good work, especially on big, creative events. Also, dont worry too much about your strikes, I got SGM when I had 2 strikes. Keep your head up and keep rolling forward Kev. Saving the best for last. Still remember when you were a LT who couldnt type his way out of a wet paper bag. You had heart tho. Still do. I just wish I could give you more than COL before I departed. I cant tell you how glad I am you returned just in time, I am at peace leaving IC to you. HMU anytime you need ANYTHING. I may be retired, but I'm still a Commando. Welp. That just about sums it up. The less than favorable mentions arent here but will be PMed. But just know, even if you are one of those, you werent the only reason I left. I shall remain available for any reason for 48 hours. After that I may or may not respond and will leave the appropriate Discords/request removal of roles/etc. If anyone wants to be there for a send off, Thursday at 8PM US Central time. Stay awesome IRP, yall were a blast
  5. IIRR I got word from another staff member you ARDMed and then LTAPed before they could speak with you, hence ARDM and LTAP. Warn is valid, ban is valid, and ban will be over by time SMT sees it
  6. 501st Officer footage. Not as broken as Scout, but still
  7. What you want to see? - More things for Pres to do now that we have a new system. An "Economic Development" upgrade that slightly increases pay of everyone. Option to tax lotto winnings. Option to disperse funds to the people Why should we add it? - Realism, more things for Pres to do What are the advantages of having this? -Makes server better Who is it mainly for? -Literally everyone Links to any content - NA
  8. In-Game Name:Rocco Rex on PRP, IC COM 1138 Boss on IRP Steam Name:[GL] Rocco_Rex SteamID:STEAM_0:0:433247298 What is your staff rank and the server you work in? IRP SNR Admin and assistant head game master, PRP admin, TS support 1 How many posts do you have on the website?479 How often are you online on the forums?Very often Why do you believe you're qualified to serve as a Forum Diplomat? (100 Words Minimum) As low command, high command, and even head of many departments across 2 Gaming Light servers, support staff in the Team Speak, admin on the Police RP server, SNR admin on thee Imperial RP server, and Assistant Head Game Master on the Imperial RP server, I have proven my sound judgement, maturity, and dedication to the Gaming Light community. I am also very active on the forums, averaging more than 1 post a day as well as my reputation being a tad over 10% the number of my posts, which appears to be slightly higher than average for forum diplomats. My activity and dedication would make me a great addition to the forum diplomats. Would you consider yourself to have good judgement? If so, please describe a situation that required you to pass make a difficult decision? As EMS command, there was a time a friend of mine broke a rule. I had the choice to enforce the rule and give him his third strike and remove him, or be biased towards him and let him stay. I looked at the situation as if he was anyone else and gave him the appropriate punishment. How would you deal with a situation where a user is spamming the shoutbox due to getting banned from one of our servers? Attempt to calm them down, take it to PMs, and direct then how to appeal the ban for that server or, if a community blacklist, inform them they may not appeal and wish them best of luck to where they go next How would you deal with a situation where two users are aggressively arguing with each other in a warn appeal? First step is politely yet forcefully order them to halt arguing and take it to PMs. If arguing continues, temporarily lock post and refer up COC for forum warning(s) or further action
  9. Was a hobo being recruited by the Juicy and Cookie families to play music in their cars. Also stole a few cop cars
  10. After taking a look over your corrected app as well as evaluating other areas related to performance, I am pleased to mark your app ACCEPTED. Welcome to GM, message any Senior GM or myself to get trained
  11. Since Kev used to be one of IC's VCOMs, I believe I can give an accurate description on how Kev would perform as 501st VCOM As Scorch Kev remained one of the most active ICs. He was always trying to improve things in and for IC. He was always mature and did his job well. I dont recall him EVER getting in trouble. When I asked for input on things he was one of if not the first to respond and always gave good feedback. Out of EVERY SINGLE IC VCOM that has served under me, Kev was the best. Get this man 501st VCOM so when the current COM leaves he can become COM. 501st couldnt be in better hands
  12. EMS Applications 6/6/20 -- Accepted // Denied ~ Accepted Applicants ~ Adam Wolfe Cool Name Bupper ~ Denied Applicants ~ SNR Jim 1A32 - WAY below word count Trace - Too many consecutive warns in short period of time (TLDR stop getting warns) jaystation - Terrible app, 0 effort. Not eligible to reapply for 2 weeks Congratulations on those who were accepted into Rockford EMS! THOSE WHO WERE ACCEPTED: Please be sure to contact an FTO for medical training by ONE WEEK or you will be removed. THOSE WHO WERE DENIED: Make sure to wait exactly ONE WEEK from today before reapplying for EMS. * TO FIND FTOs TO TRAIN YOU, PLEASE REFER TO THE FTO ROSTER INSIDE OF THE EMS ROSTER Make sure you are on the Discord to find an FTO:
  13. @Mr.Glasses You copied and pasted the on ship event example for your off ship event. Please fix it