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  1. Nah, cmon! How could yall forget ME? Guess I'll have to make a bigger pain of myself a bigger ruckus
  2. Name: Rocco Rex Rank: FR How active are you: Semi active. Just got out of the military, so still trying to get my footing Why should you remain a part of First Response: I should remain in FR because the only two classes I play more as are SRT and staff. Im devoted and in EMS and SRT I got FTO as soon as I could because, just like with FR, I wanna help the departments Im in. Cant wait till I am eligible to be FR FTO What changes would you like to see: NA
  3. Rocco_Rex

    Floating Buses

    Tis just GMOD being GMOD
  4. Utetwo? Prepare for a lot of failures JK. Welcome gents, HMU in game or on Discord when ready to get trained
  5. Name: Rocco Rex Rank: LPA How active are you: Active Why should you remain a part of EMS department: (At least 2 sentences) Active and devoted. Still in EMS doing what I can, just got trained as FTO
  6. Congrats gents! HMU in Discord and I'll get yall trained ASAP
  7. But does he deserve a second shot so soon? He fucked up really fast as SCPRP TMOD. What's to say he wont as PRP TMOD? I absolutely support second chances, but not this soon. In a couple months, sure. But now? Yeah, no
  8. It was less than one month ago. A second chance? Sure. This soon? No. You'll also note the only SCPRP staffer who has come here gave - support
  9. I second Jack. And did you say you were demoted only a week ago? Why should we believe you matured in one week Did some digging. Was demoted as a TMOD for whitelisting himself to a job less than a month ago. Yeah, gonna be a major - support from me For those interested, link to the staff report is here
  10. Takes guts to admit you bit off more than you can chew. Best of luck
  11. +support Excellent idea, especially for the droids
  12. -support Those things take a lot of time to get used to. Heck, Im still learning how to fully utilize them. We have to practice a ton with them in hopes of learning how to use them best and eliminate fall damage. So next time you see us grappling all over the place, remember a time the ICs either got where no one could or got to a place crazy fast to reinforce or rescue someone
  13. Rocco_Rex

    IC suggestion

    That's why it's IC only. And it makes our kit closer to lore
  14. Very well. Best of luck and see you soon IC SGT 1207 Sev
  15. Rocco_Rex

    IC suggestion

    What do you want to see? - A small vibroblade added to the IC classes Why should we add it? - The RCs and ICs had a small vibroblade that can be extended and retracted from their wrist. You can see it in videos from the game What are the advantages of having this? -Make their kit more correct. Ability to quietly take out enemies or, if out of ammo, continue thee fight Who is it mainly for? -ICs Links to any content - Unkown at this time, a knife could be a good stand in