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  1. -support GMs should take into consideration TOs that are going on, however, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do or the GMs were already in the beginning stages of an off ship event (ISB comes aboard to speak with Naval, rebel is captured and tortured and reveals info, etc.) when TOs start. Or there hasnt been an event for a long time and GMs gotta get off in a bit so it is then or never And as for not using the rooms, just use other rooms if able. 31st can use turbos instead of engine room for bombs, 501st/DT/Purge can use 2HB/moonpool/turbos instead of MHB
  2. -support Sloppy application, low forum activity
  3. +support Legal civs need more guns. And as stated, if you're gonna RMD/MRDM, you're gonna do it no matter the gun or laws
  4. -support As others have stated, this will just turn into stall the cops for 10 minutes and get the money every time
  5. Not if the place you use for court is owned by someone else
  6. +support Can we also get it added to droids?
  7. But the warn is till there, thus this thread is still valid Also, go get your tags removed
  8. Name:Rocco Rex Rank:LT How Active Do You Think You Are (Be Honest):Very active, about 7/10 Why Do You Want To Stay In EMS?:Why wouldnt I want to stay? Great dept, some great people, finally got LT recently, I can now do more than ever for EMS What Could Change In EMS?:Activity, rank structure to be more realistic (gonna hop over to LC chat in Discord when done here)
  9. Our server already lags and crashes due to Nimo. We dont need something that would lag it a bunch more
  10. Im not talking about creating a new building, Im talking about turning one into a court house
  11. -support While it is a great idea, it lags even in the video
  12. -support They are the ones who keep the server running, something we cant comprehend. Im the head of the ICs on the IRP server, so I get just a minute glimpse into a tiny fragment of what they do. They do this because they want to help the server, no one is holding a gun to their head and I doubt they get much, if anything, out of it. There is nothing stopping them from leaving yet they stay. Without them, server would quickly turn into chaos and ruins. Just let them do their job. If they feel like saying why, great! But force them to? Hard no
  13. Rocco_Rex


    What you want to see? - A courthouse established, preferably the building right outside of the city on the hospital/state road Why should we add it? - There is no courthouse ATM, we have to make one. I usually use PD but that gets CRAZY mingey What are the advantages of having this? -Actually allow judges to do their jobs Who is it mainly for? -Judge Links to any content - NA
  14. What do you want to see? - Middle Finger swep given to everyone Why should we add it? - Enhance RP and realism What are the advantages of having this? -Ability to flip people off when arguing. Added realism, everyone has middle fingers after all Who is it mainly for? -Everyone but droids Links to any content - Already on the server