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  1. LRA Clip - Ban Request Your In-game:Rocco Rex Your SteamID:STEAM_0:0:433247298 The player's name in-game:LRA Clip The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:0:150185746 What did the player do:Almost 60 warns on GL PRP Evidence (REQUIRED):See attached screenshot What do you believe should happen to the player:Perma ban Any extra information:NA
  2. Name: Rocco Rex Rank: Paramedic What you think could be improved in EMS: 5 minute timer instead of 3 minutes since map is so big. Activity. Removing WLs from those not supposed to have it and, if you see someone on EMS who has a messed up callsign or you dont recognize them, check roster and call staff
  3. Aight. It was Viper who adverted the President assassination. I pulled the other two into a sit on top of PD roof. Contrary to what Killer said, I DID give them a chance to explain. They said he forgot to change his name and, if memory serves me right (it was late) one of them said then I should talk to him. Viper did nothing wrong, thus no sit with him. I explained since he didnt change his name and he adverted correctly, it's fail RP to advert assist and to assist since they didnt have the same family name as them. After seeing how many warns they had, I issued them (Killer and the other guy, Spectre?) a warn for fail RP I warned for fail RP because they assisted in an assassination with someone without the family name. I did not warn for RDM, ARDM, copbait, etc. so IDK why you're contesting shooting CAT. That wasnt involved in the sit or warn At the end of the day, it is on you to make sure you dont break a rule. Before you do something, make sure you all have the same family name. Simple as that Again, Viper, you followed rules. You adverted correctly. It isnt your fault they didnt pay attention to the fact you hadnt changed your name.
  4. I would say no demotion needed. Dredgen just got careless, he assumed it was over so he jumped straight into what he wanted to do. I personally agree with the Fail RP and NITRP, but not the RDM. He pulled gun before I said sit was over, told complainant fear RP do NOT follow me down (down ladder into mine base). When he jumped down complainant, no longer being under fear RP, jumped down on him and opened fire. Again, it was just a careless mistake late at night and I do not believe a demotion would be warranted. SMT feel free to contact me as needed
  5. That is an option, but it would also discourage people who havent been on enough to learn how to earn money. If most people have shot guns and M4s and best you can get is a pistol, it's gonna be discouraging. And pretty dog gone hard to win a gun fight. But if you wish, feel free to make it as a suggestion in a new thread
  6. What you want to see? - A 3 hour in game requirement to unlock gun dealer Why should we add it? - Prevents minges from joining our server just to minge and having ability to self supply to their hearts content, thus cutting their ability to RDM and ARDM en masse What are the advantages of having this? -People who join purely to minge will be unable to self supply. Less access to guns and higher price means less ability for them to go around RDMing and minging. Prevents alt accounts being able to join and insta RDM/ARDM. Makes it harder for legit new people to unknowingly break rules and be treated as a minge. Who is it mainly for? - Everyone except new people Links to any content - NA
  7. Aight, my side. He was building on top of roof. I told him he couldn't. After a short bit he complied. No problem. He proceeded to build in spawn, I yoinked him to the roof and, as I always do, left him a ways away from the edge, however on his screen it shows he was at the edge. My screen showed otherwise, I don't drop people near the edge. Seeing from his POV, I now agree he didnt try to run away, it was probably the lag from the 80-90 players on server that caused the discrepancy. He then built in park next to spawn, thus he was minged for 400 seconds. Many rules were broken Your base cannot force players to crouch/jump. No crouch/jump bases. Two rules there. The bank base he was building required people to jump onto a prop placed by another user and two props he spawned. Roof bases are not allowed unless the building's roof has a built in access point. The roof he was building on was the top part, no door or anything to get there. Bases may not be built across spawn, near the hospital and near the elevator shaft outside of spawn. Built in spawn, then in the park right next to spawn No prop abuse (Pushing, climbing, blocking, etc.) Spawned 2 props to climb on someone else's prop to build on top of top bank roof. He then attempted to climb on top of SS base via a ladder prop to get into an active sit I was dealing with. As my sit with him was ending on bank, he spawned a new prop to taunt me which I let slide You cannot build in the bank/general store. It was on the top roof of the bank. Common sense Ricardo, as shall be seen, has many warns, including for prop offenses. Meanwhile this is the first report against me
  8. +/-Support Active in game Mature Never have any problems with him Staff in another community 16 isnt quite tight I say if he drops the other staff on MC he would be a good fit
  9. +/-Support Good app Active in game Have had some minor issues That screenshot is from old server, update it please
  10. -Support Only seen him a couple times Have had a few calls involving him, needs to become more familiar with server rules
  11. I tried speaking to him today in the server and he really couldnt care less if he is perma banned....... Sounds like another one is about to bite the dust
  12. +Support I would have to agree with a temp ban. That being said, he and I are fairly chill. Next time I see him in game I'll attempt to give him a wake up call with this thread
  13. +Support He needs gone ASAP. Yeet him out of here before people get the idea perma bans for warn limit doesnt happen
  14. What you want to see? - A digital clock in the new jail area set to the server's time Why should we add it? - When you arrest someone, you look at the time, then place text on the cell door with the time of release and your name What are the advantages of having this? - Too often crims are locked up for crazy long times and no one knows who should be free when. This allows someone (IE: DOC) to quickly and easily go around the cells seeing who to release when, thus decreasing people being locked up way too long. We dont know if or when a jailer NPC will be placed there, so this would be good stop gap measure. Heck, might even prove to be permanent Who is it mainly for? - PD to tell who to release when. Everyone else so they arent left locked up for a crazy amount of time Links to any content - I do not know of any content for this sadly, still young on Steam
  15. -Support Thats the job of the State Troopers