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  1. Why is he on the forums still? free my man
  2. Hey DeltaForce and the rest of gaming light, I am unfortunately resigning, I am starting a job for the summer so full time, and I am glad that I got to be apart of this journey all the way up to MSGT, I do have a few people to thank and its not in order @Smaug Thank you Smaug for accepting me and training me to become a very cool badass DF guy, for real though thanks for helping me through all my questions and concerns and actually taking the time to hear me out on most things, in general thanks for the support @Ecott Thank you to the big gamer man himself, Ecott, thanks for giving me permission to kill Sammy one time, it was worth it, if you ever want me to take this down dm me and i will send my PayPal @Sammy SprinklerYo thanks for also taking the driver seat because I am absolute dog water and driving, like honestly I couldn't tell you how i got my license, I think it got to the point where people just felt bad for me and didn't care to report me to LC+.... (I tried tho lmao) @Noah Lee Thank Noah for getting on most of the time and putting up with my shit lol, I hope you get promoted soon, you deserve it! -Jack (i dont know who to ping) thanks for assisting in some training with us, it was fun! also your a bully Sorry to the people I missed out here, I hope you guys find what you are looking for and I actually do believe I had the best time on the server with DeltaForce, Ill miss you guys!
  3. +support I see you on all the time, Good luck!
  4. Your in game name: Damien The player's in game name: David The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:1:197825550 What did the player do: Player Diss Evidence (required): https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/u8IMX3Y9DuhWq/d1337SzmVmCq?invite=cr-MSxKZmcsNTAxNzA5NTUs What do you believe should happen to the player: a warn Any extra information: Yes so this is constant, You can hear him clearly say "Fuck you man, we dont fuck with you, you little bitch" though it cut off before the part h said "Bitch" I think its obvious after hearing the sound of a B at the end, we would kindly request that action is taken with concern.
  5. I see a lot of cap, keep trying to look like the good guy
  6. I did make the first purchase to be on the class, so I support this purchase I made!
  7. +support Maybe we had some up and downs, but I know a good admin when I see one, Good luck Trumpo
  8. -support NETURAL CLASS FOR A REASON, if this is added we should be able to kill EMS
  9. I had no knowledge of being warned, maybe if you actually brought me I wouldnt have left then, like I said I needed to get a sandwich that took like 2 minutes, if you cant wait that long, that is on you, isnt it? but also, I was AFK previous to getting warned, I would say maybe 10 minutes, not 15, (sorry one more edit) and that is a estimating time all together, from when I left and then got back
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