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  1. Don't Worry the JarJar's are being dealt with
  2. What part do you disagree with?
  3. Staff have final say on most situations with what happens on the server with users playing rules, Custom Class users are normal players, they are to be treated like everyone else on the server, if they RDM they get a warn, if they abuse their shit they get a warn, its up to the staff member handling the sit. I do not have the time to sit a write out a reason for everything I do or the reasons why. We here at SMT let you guys know about a lot of shit and stuff that happens on the server, maybe we are giving away too much at times, There is always going to be communications issues with every community, server, staff team, command teams and players its something that will always happen and I have been working of fixing it to my best ability for a while now. They are to be warned like a normal player would, just because they spent money doesnt mean they can break rules. GMs do also delete the ships of Custom Class as well. They must have a valid RP reason to place the hit on the person that they have a hit on, Shock may also arrest them for doing the hit. (which is all displayed in the Bounty Hunter Guidelines) They have to follow the main servers like everyone else has to. (We also have been in the works of making and updating a section in the MOTD for separate custom class rules) The weapons that arnt able to be used (hence the term blacklisted) are listed by the Head Gamemaster and the Manager of the server. After speaking with my Command and General team at no point has a commander came ot any of us asked what they are meant to be doing, they should know what they are meant to be doing as they slowly learn as they go up the ranks through Officer -> Vice Commander -> Commander
  4. Hotshot

    ImperialRP Rules

    Gaminglight ImperialRP MOTD To Request help, contact a staff member in-game by typing '@ (Your message). Do NOT Spam Admin Chat, Please wait patiently for a staff member to assist you Staff Members have final say in ALL situations. Reports on unsatisfactory staff performance can be resolved in our staff reports section Loopholing is NOT allowed for ANY rules. The rules are server guidelines and are to be followed as written. No exceptions ImperialRP Management includes: Manager - Hotshot / Head of Staff - TBD / Head Admins - Invaliff. Follow Chain of Command before contacting these people with any issues General Rules: 1. To speak in the OOC (Out Of Character) Chat use '//' NOT '/ooc' 2. Do not kill without reason. (RDM) 3. Do not arrest without reason (RDA), When arresting you must do /advert RFA:____ and put the reason. 4. Do not FailRP. This means that you should not perform anything unrealistic or out of character 5. Do not metagame. This means that you should not use any out of character influences to affect role play 6. Do not microphone/chat spam. 7. Do not harass/disrespect other players or admins. 8. No staff or player may harass another person! This can be considered Bullying and is not tolerated here! Any staff caught will be given a Strike. Players disobeying this rule may be punished by a ban depending on how serious the situation is. 9. No foul language in OOC. Using foul language in OOC is not acceptable and is punishable by a warning. 10. No offensive Roleplay Names or anything that is close to an offensive word in your name. 11. No Racial/Offensive language, Respect everyone! 12. Do not self-promote. 13. Don't shoot another brother! 14. Do not try to get yourself whitelisted to jobs you have not donated/have been trained for. 15. /advert and /comms is to be used for RP reasons only. 16. To change your name use '/name (Name)' Flying Rules 17. Do not land or fly out of the Star Destroyer without Imperial Navy's permissions 18. If no Imperial Navy is online, the highest ranking then takes the requests 19. Do not fly around without a valid reason 20. You must not use a ship if you don't have permission RP Rules 21. You must always listen to your high-ups 22. Do not riot or revolt. 23. You must always address people by their RP Names. 24. Officers have the final say in all scenarios. 25. Never ask for a promotion (Otherwise You Are Subject To A Demotion) 26. You must salute 2LT and up. You always salute the highest rank in the room. 27. Address all SGT+ by 'Sir' out of respect. 28. PTS is permission to speak. It is always active when you are information or Debrief. Never break PTS. 29. Certain Naval Ranks can demote and promote anyone except Inquisitors. Inform the troopers commander about a demotion or promotion every time! 30. The highest ranking in any briefing can call PTS. Commander+ or equivalent can break PTS, but only with a valid reason. 31. Vice Commander+ , Shock Security, Naval, and Inquisitor Command may call AOS on a subject 32. Shock Security may arrest anyone on the ship with a valid reason! Inquisitor Rules 33. Inquisitors takes priority in Lightsaber fights/Lightsaber duels. Troopers should NOT fire when a Inquisitor is in combat. 34. AFK Meditating is allowed Donator Job Rules Droids 35. Must RP Correctly and be serious 36. You may NOT speak as a droid. 37. Mouse Droids can NOT talk at all 38. R2 Units are made for ships and repairing 39. R4 Units are made for carrying information manually from point A to point B
  5. Hello, I am just letting you know that the grappling belt is being removed from the server for performance issues. We will be finding a replacement for the current grappling belt, it may not be as "cool" as the belt but it will do same actions and grappling you around. If you have this entity on your regiment class or custom class please contact me on discord with the class or regiment name/classes (Hotshot#5765) and it will be replaced once we have found a good replacement. Thank you for understand -Hotshot
  6. Completed! Please allow a restart of the server to take place before seeing your custom job/changes in-game. Server restarts happen every morning at 5 AM EST! ?
  7. Do you want both hilts changed to that?
  8. Name of Lightsaber Color of Crystal Model Path Force Powers (Will be limited, some can be OP and will NOT be added) (5 MAX) Length
  9. Completed! Please allow a restart of the server to take place before seeing your custom job/changes in-game. Server restarts happen every morning at 5 AM EST! ?
  10. Completed! Please allow a restart of the server to take place before seeing your custom job/changes in-game. Server restarts happen every morning at 5 AM EST! ?
  11. I hope you have fun with what ever you plan to do next and enjoy not having 2000 people constantly messaging you about shit. If I ever need you I will contact you. Have a good one -Hotshot