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  1. Mr Badger, thank you for all the work you have done with us and for ImperialRP, you have been one of the best Generals and Grand Generals that we have had on this server which didnt cause me any issues, thank you for what you have done and I hope to see you around in the future.
  2. DENIED Your account will not be recieving an unban, either because you are a blacklisted member, or because your ban is deemed valid by SMT
  3. Okay No No need for your hostile manner so you stay banned
  4. Sea of Thieves is a wonderful game
  5. weapon_cc_carnage_trooper_saber
  6. Completed! Please allow a restart of the server to take place before seeing your custom job/changes in-game. Server restarts happen every morning at 5 AM EST! ?
  7. Errors should have been fixed And pick a new pistol as we have plans for that one
  8. Any issues let me know weapon_cc_st_supercommando_saber
  9. DENIED Unfortunately, we do not feel that this suggestion is suitable for implementation into the server. Please wait at least 2 Weeks before suggesting this again. *SMT reserves the right to reverse this decision at any time, even after the suggested contents addition to the server*