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  1. Completed! Please allow a restart of the server to take place before seeing your custom job/changes in-game. Server restarts happen every morning at 5 AM EST! ?
  2. Lightsaber created, any issues with it come and let me know. weapon_cc_ig_88_lightsaber
  3. Thank you for work you have done for the Server and the Imperial Army. Good luck to what you do next
  4. Yep 1.1 is the highest for now, we do not want massive ass troopers running around
  5. DENIED You only need to use your saberstaff
  6. DENIED Models are fine as they are and are less shiny, plus the second sister model is in the pack of our current purge trooper models
  7. ACCEPTED Already added in
  8. DENIED As it is given as a global weapon would need to add the radio to every single job which isnt worth the trouble