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  1. Denied You may reapply immediately after following the Staff Application Format
  2. Eman

    staff app

    Denied You may reapply in a month
  3. Denied You may reapply in two weeks
  4. Denied Just as with the 41st, these are HD Models, not CGI
  5. Accepted Come Speak to me in TS for your tags
  6. Accepted Come Speak to me in TS for your tags
  7. By 'this skill' do you mean the skill in the Jedi skill trees that give you the Dual Personal Lightsabers?
  8. Please make sure suggestions are pertinent and relevant! What do you want to see? - Why should we add it? - What are the advantages of having this? - Who is it mainly for? - Links to any content -
  9. Eman

    NEW MAP!

    Denied We are sticking with our perma-map for at least another month or so, you may suggest this again then
  10. Denied The sheer size of this for four models is not worth it
  11. Eman

    501st New Models

    Denied The size of that addon alone is an increase of 90+ MB to the server, which would cause crashing