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  1. its impossible to avoid tickrate lag at 70+ players
  2. Changing the RPM wont do anything, substitute the RPM into damage please
  3. How many times has this been accepted????
  4. these have been like that since they were added like a year ago and were forcefully removed from Nu7 Command jobs because of this very issue
  5. Please put your feedback for any of the Non-CSGO TFA weapons here. I cannot change much with RPM, and I cannot fix the ironsight firing animations for most weapons. Current changes: -Increase Assault Rifles' accuracy/decrease spread heavily -Decrease spread while using irons with LMG's -Nerf/Buff some select shotguns (M3, Remington 870, USAS) -Most pistols will do ~30 damage -New sounds for 10+ Weapons (Will not come until the addon is updated) -New pistol (Will not come until the addon is updated) -Ironsight animation fix for the M60 and PKM (Will not come until the addon is updated) -Some other animation changes (Will not come until the addon is updated) -Possible new models for guns (Still working on them)
  6. Not really a warnable thing honestly, we're supposed to advert every time CI raids even if no infils are there so I shouldn't see why they cant too even if it was an accident
  7. This one might work for starter branches
  8. -Support The one we have right now works just fine, these look worse in my opinion
  9. Thats a pretty crappy death screen in terms of UI, I could just try to make something that shows you the stats of who killed you instead, but then again you can just remove the meh parts and some other features are pretty good