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  1. Bread

    SCP Teaming

    This would completely screw up the balance with the SCP's on the server making some of them unrecontainable if they stay together. -Support.
  2. The point of removing the classes is because O5/SMT doesn't want all of the MTF branches to have similar classes. A1 has their heavy, E11 may be getting a sniper etc.
  3. We will still have: Operative Medic CRS Field Expert Officer Commander Recontainment Specialist Juggernaut Removing the Sniper and Heavy doesn't mean the branch is useless...
  4. SCP 049 - Can request a test subject or reading material every 15 minutes, and if he doesn’t receive one (or any), he starts to break through his door, which is done over a 5 minute period for each door. If he has 3 or more “cured” patients, he can immediately breach. Circumstances/rules: -It can be stopped by MTF terminating all 049-2 instances and FearRPing SCP-049. -Researchers who have the permissions to test on SCP-049 must give him reading material. -If no Researchers are available, Class D must be used to give it to him and be terminated after. -SCP-049 must advert in 20% increments every minute for the main, heavy and outer door. -For every 049-2 SCP-049 has, they decrease the breach time per door by about 1 minute. -Technicians must fix the doors if they are broken open, or damaged.
  5. It triggers 096 when you look around the area of his face or something like that
  6. There really isn't a way to permanently remove a world prop as far as I can tell
  7. E11 does have multiple places to guard and CI has the abandoned bunker
  8. Neutral/Informative After testing this map, I have quite a few things to say. I will start with some comments I have about it, and then I will continue with the pros and cons of the map, starting with cons as I believe they outweigh the pros somewhat. I feel that this map is very nice, but it would possibly be detrimental to the server population. Many things would have to change, including core server ideologies that have made us so popular as we are today. Cons D Block: D-Block is much different, making riots and other things purely impossible. It would be nearly impossible for Class D to escape outside of events or CI raids. LCZ: I feel that LCZ is a bit too large for what we would do for the server, and the hallways are extremely cramped. HCZ: HCZ is filled with many hallways and rooms that are generally unneeded, making it much bigger than needed. The overall layout of the area may be very confusing to some. EZ: Entrance zone is located directly next to LCZ, which would definitely change how the server works. There are two ways into the facility. One includes the main gate, and the other includes an open vent system from the surface. I believe that the vents would be obsoleted by MTF always standing guard in the area due to the vulnerability. The sounds that the map maker chose for the floor may become obnoxious over time. Overall Cons: Most hallways are too tight. The map design is somewhat all over the place, and there are some unneeded areas. The map requires CSS and HL2, which many Garry's Mod users do not own, though for what reason I do not know. The fact that the server would use a common map would possibly make the server less unique and has the chance to kill the population entirely. Site-65 seems more Serious-RP based, which doesn't really fit the server. Pros The Surface: I feel that the surface is a major improvement over Site-05's surface. There is much more space to include new RP purposes, and CI has a dedicated base. Site-65's surface has more opportunity than Site05's. Map Lighting, textures, and originality: I feel that this map is a lot less of a lazy copy and paste than Site-05 is, and most of the lighting and ambient sounds are good. There are some annoying sounds, as mentioned in the cons section. Improved lockdown systems: The lockdown for this map is a much better improvement over Site-05's Lockdown. Self Breaching: I believe that self breaching wouldn't change too terribly much with this map. Improved 106 PD: The Pocket Dimension on Site-65 is much better. Something new: This map would definitely change how everything is done around the server, which could either bring new life to the server or kill it entirely. These are just what I thought when testing the map. Feel free to leave your opinion after seeing this. I believe it would be extremely difficult to switch to this map successfully and still stay popular, as the current map we use may be bland, but it has kept us as the #1 SCP-RP server.
  9. - Support The swep alone will cause minging issues.
  10. WARNING This file is restricted to Level 4 Clearance. Any unauthorized personnel will be amnestied or terminated after viewing this file. Filename: STRYKER Name: Jason Stryker Date of Birth: 1/22/?? Gender: Male Clearance Level: 4 Height: The same as everyone else at Site 05 for some reason Relation to Other Foundation Members: Brother to ???? "Bread" Stryker Description: "Stryker", is currently the MTF Nu-7 Colonel. He is known for rarely being at Site-05, and when he is on-site, he is usually quiet, only talking when needed. Most of Stryker's duties are handled off-site. Background: RESTRICTED Stryker's current objective is REDACTED. Files in relation to STRYKER: "BREAD"
  11. Purposely neglecting community rules, is only playing to get banned. A community blacklist would fit this individual.