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  1. Pheonix, you're a couple months late bud.
  2. I have to disagree. Without music, the event has no set atmosphere. However, if its loud cancerous music, then I can agree with you. But, usual slow build-up music really makes a huge difference, especially when the troops aren't doing anything. It really depends on what music you put. IMO, without music, an event is as tasteless as igneous' ass.
  3. The Golden era of GMs has passed my homie. Buy I can give some tips. Good Event Recipe : 1) Music | An event without music is like a movie without music. 60% of an event is basically the music you use. 2) Lore | No contradictions. If events are bad, it means something didnt make sense or someone fucked up somewhere. 3) Good Command | You can have good events, but if the leader is ass, your event will be ass. 4) Good GMs ( of course ). Good luck fixing this. From my experience. People have to be born good tbh. Making a good GM takes months. I remember this one GM that I once REMOVED from the GM team. Couple of months later, he became the HGM. Very cool. 5) No "Event Characters" controlled by players. Last time I was on base, I would say about 20% - 30% were actually role-playing, while the rest were walking around and talking as if they were on teamspeak. Dont put your events in the hands of pepega players. 6) Dont overplan your events. Plan an event from start to finish and I asure you it wont go your way. You needa have level 100 improv. 7) Make people understand that being a GM isnt easy. GM team legit keeps the server alive but gain 0 respect. Fix that and maybe yall wont have ass GMs lmao. 8) Dont ban me for a false reason. Thats about it I think. 10/10 advise take it before I sell it.
  4. Quick reminder to the people who read this. The post makes no reference for specific people to improve, just giving some tips about what should and shouldn't be done in my opinion.
  5. Hello there! Former Republic General here. Now a simple animal poacher from the wild lands and your occasional Reserve LTG. I've come to inform you all how to correctly use your power. Here are the simple steps. Oh also, I'm doing this because a certain someone told me that some people with power are being bad boys. I will be quite harsh in this, however, I must make sure that everyone understands this post isn't aimed at anyone specifically. It is aimed at anyone with a rank high enough to command people. Step 1 - If you are someone with a decent rank, don't go "Who the fuck is this guy, I don't need to listen to him :(" Don't do this, please. I offer some wealthy advice. If you want to be known months after your leave like my name is, then follow these steps ( I don't even know how ppl still know me, guess I was a good general ). Step 2 - In RP you deserve respect, as this is a well structured army. HOWEVER, game and RP are separate. Trust me when I say this, you need to earn the respect of the people around you. Swinging your cock around won't help no one in any situation whatsoever. To be respected, you MUST respect them and give your troops the attention they deserve. To be frank with you all, I wouldn't give a rats ass if you outranked me. If you don't know how to properly communicate with the lower ranking individuals, then you don't deserve to have the rank that you own. Step 3 - /name Admiral Cuckhold | "Alright, time to treat all my troopers like they are dogs" Venator Crew, please for the love of god. Treat the players like equals. I am 100% sure that there are some Venator crew that don't abuse their power, however, my time in the server has shown me many things. One of them being that Venator Crew usually swing their large cocks around like a horse would. Please, please, please. Do not be entitled. If you are a venator crew with an actual brain that usually never abuses their power, you are a god amongst men. Especially if you are an Admiral that called me Incompetent. Step 4 - Take constructive criticism. -Soldier "Sir, I think we should do it this way." - Command "Did you just disrespect me? That's it, demoted" If you think everything is disrespect, please demote yourself. Step 5 - Don't command on your own. Officers are there for a damn reason. Let them give their opinions about the battlefield and about general situations as they could possibly assist you. If you do everything on your own, you will be more burnt than my ass cheeks on a sunny day. Step 6 - Plan everything out. The first event I did when I came back was a mess ( Not the event, the people ). I swear on everything, I didn't even know who was leading. I felt like a brainless monkey roaming the subway searching for the nearest hobo to pickpocket. Please, keep everyone in check. I know its VERY difficult with the amount of people you have, however. What I would suggest if figuring it out on your own. I mean, you got your rank somehow am I right? You should be able to do anything. Step 7 - Do not be an ass hole. Listen, people of command. If you guys want to known as a shit leader, then go ahead and ignore this step. There is no such thing as "I have to be the asshole for the better of the ship!" This does not exist. The perfect balance for someone with a high rank is Balance between Respect and Authority. If you can balance both of those out, you will make it as a VERY well known individual. Step 8 - Your Social Status is as important as your ability. If people don't like you, they will most likely not have fun when listening to your orders or outright ignore them. Social relations with the troopers is very very important. Unfortunately, people don't know this. :( Step 9 - Know that Former General Cards ( Me ) created a lot of what you see command / structure wise. The Generals that you look up to were most likely trained by me. Hades Squad and I were the best homies. The Medical System ( Advanced ) was created by me. I am in no way trying to suck my own dick, however, you have to give credit where it's due. I know my shit, hopefully you understand this. I am not one of those random generals that come out of nowhere, dick around, abuse their power and leave. As many of you have seen, in my brief return, I have tried my best not to order people around as to not seem like an abusive prick. But from today onwards, whenever I get on, I will most likely judge people depending on their behaviours, not rank. Please take what I say with loads of consideration. I have the experience and the ability. You need to have it too. Simple as that. If you decide to ignore this post, then you are 100% part of the problem. Also, if you want to criticise this Manual, feel free to do so. To end this post. I was quite harsh and I know this. Hope it doesn't fall on deaf ears. English isn't my first language. So I probably worded this post to sound like that one guy that comes out of nowhere and acts like hes better than everyone. That's not the case. I'm just ass at making coherent phrases. "Respect is earned through ability, not rank" - Ex. General Cards