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    Rose’s 6 Day LOA

    In Game Name: Rose / Aayla Secura Rank: Naval Chief Of Surgery / Lore Master Start of LOA: Tuesday 7/16/19 End of LOA: Sunday 7/22/19 Reason (If private say private): Camping
  2. + Support You don’t have to make them run at Mach speed just a slight increase will make them be able to catch up to mingles running away. It is not unfair or gamebreaking to anyone cops in PoliceRP run faster then the criminals that’s just how it is. This gives them no significant advantage over anyone else unless you’re choosing to do foot races or something. So this is a good idea and would be helpful for them to do their jobs properly
  3. You shouldn’t be making suggestion to get rid of someone else’s battalion. If the commander of the 38th and the people in it feel they wanted to make this change it’s on them it’s not fair to the hardworking active people in the 38th to just get their battalion taken away because someone outside of them thinks they aren’t doing well that’s kind of messed up if you ask me
  4. -Support We have already said it time and time again don’t have the server pop to just keep adding new battalions when the ones we already have are barely alive
  5. Unfortunate if there is anything you can do it would be much appreciated but no worries
  6. What do you want to see? - A change to the UI we currently have so that it shows our actual health and doesn’t just say Lots when we have over 1000 Why should we add it? - Well it would make sense given Jedi or Event weren’t a thing as no one would have that much health but when almost half the active population of the server has over 1000 Health with all of the Jedi and Event characters it would be extremely helpful to actual know what health your at instead of just having to assume you are doing well especially when people have health in the 2s and 3 thousands where being at 1001 is quite a difference then being at 3000. What are the advantages of having this? - It will help Jedi know when they can and cannot get into a fight depending on how ready they are and will let them take cover from droids before they see their health dropping from 1000 to 500 in seconds. It would also be extremely helpful during events as the event characters with really high health will know when they are getting low and will act more accordingly to their health instead of just rushing in at us at 1100 health thinking they can take us just for me to one shot them as Secura and that’s not really fun if they knew their health they would’ve been more defensive and lasted longer improving the rp of the event. Who is it mainly for? - Jedi, Gamemasters, Event Actors, anyone over 1000 health. Links to any content - I don’t know if you would need an entirely new UI or if you could edit the current one but I didn’t search for any new ones in hope you could just edit the current one.
  7. + Support Active Staff Member Good App Good Players Knows the Rules Friendly I think pikachu would most likely make a decent GM and deserves a chance to become one.
  8. +Support would be a cool addition for cinematic purposes -Support I have used this ability on other servers like Icefuse and tbh force choke is kind of a broken ability and it gets really annoying to fight against so we would probably have to heavily limit it because while the gm will see a badass cinematic moment everyone else would see something they can’t counter really at all
  9. CT Lives matter