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  1. Denied Unfortunately as you are a great AO the app isn’t the best and neither is your activity. Also all thing stated in the app are processes you can already do in your current position and don’t need a promotion to begin working on the things you want to work on so just keep up the good work and we’ll consider you for the position in the future
  2. If my command with similar time zone says you can handle it I’ll give you a chance. Accepted Message High Admiral Rose on discord asap
  3. Accepted Speak to me in discord asap
  4. Accepted Come speak to High Admiral Rose, General Shaggy, or Grand General Shaxx on discord or teamspeak
  5. +support Very serious knows lore great guy
  6. +support good guy good staff can put up with STs and make them great so what can’t he do
  7. +support Yall are unbelievably harsh Great soldier very serious follows orders well and knows how to listen patient with people yall don’t see him because his only life is DT and he doesn’t have a name he’s been here plenty long enough to be given a chance at staff
  8. +Support Active Great Leader Very Dedicated to 31st Basically was the main drive for reviving the battalion.
  9. Accepted Message Rose on discord ASAP
  10. Accepted Message Rose on discord ASAP
  11. +Support People shouldn’t be working there way up to high command positions to get higher health then everybody else and a cool gun. High Commands job is not to fight the enemy and when you have higher health then your own protection detail it’s kind of redundant having them in the first place.
  12. Accepted Speak to me or Shadow on ts or discord