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  1. +Support Not Incompetent Active Enough (Although activity has decline recently) -Support Can sometimes be whiney or argumentative Activity has been declining
  2. Big +Support Experienced Medic Dedicated Very Active Competent Genuinely wants to help Medical
  3. +Support Competent Serious -Support Has shown lack of dedication to a role in other battalions which may or may not carry over who knows
  4. Big+ Support Great Leader Serious Experienced in Piloting and Aviations Leadership Experience Even Tempered Frog
  5. What do you want to see? - The removal of the Nova section on the forums and the addition of a Death Troopers Section and Purge Troopers Section Why should we add it? - These 2 Battalions have no section on the forums to be able to post their SOP and do Forum Roll Calls ECT. What are the advantages of having this? - It gives these 2 battalions a place to post topics on the forums and adds fairness since every other battalion has a section Who is it mainly for? - Death Troopers and Purge Troopers Links to any content - N/A Side Note: I’m aware purge could be included in the IQ section but it’s its own battalion with its own CMDR and VCMDR so it deserves a forums section
  6. -Support Needs to improve forum activity to take a more active role in the community Has been known to be hotheaded, egotistical, and not able to maintain a calm composure which could be an issue during staff sits.