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    Heer SOP

    Gaminglight Heer SOP:
  2. 1) In-Game Name: 501st CM SFC AVL Rose 1127 2) Current Regiment: 501st Avalanche Squad 3) Current Rank: SFC 4) Playtime on the server: 1 Week 5) How many warns do you have?: 0 6) Why do you wish to be an officer in the 501st Legion? ( 60+ Word's) : I wish to be a 501st Officer to better the 501st as a whole aswell as myself. I want to be able to lead my comrades into battle and keep things smooth and professional at all times and assist my high command in anyway I can. Another reason I personally want Officer is to be able to have access to the Lore Character Kix which I plan on obtaining as I am a very good Medic and enjoy medical RP. I feel I know the character well and can fit into 501st as a good Lore Chracter and an officer. 7) Why should you be trusted with the rank of 2LT? (50+ Word's) : I believe I can be trusted with the rank of 2LT as I have been trusted with many similar positions throughout multiple gaminglight servers. I have been command on MilitaryRP I am well known on PoliceRP MilitaryRP and now hopefully CloneWarsRP and I have held several staff ranks l throughout my 3 years here at gaminglight. I have never in my time here been known to be untrustworthy and have never managed to let anyone down who has trusted me with a position. 8 ) What changes would you like to see and will work for in the regiment?: I believe the regiment is functioning very efficiently at the current moment in time however I would like to see more of our Lore Characters being used and some increase in RP functionality for the 501st. 9) Officer Recommendations? (If none write N/A): Anakin Skywalker and Sour 10) How often can you be on the server with this job?: Everyday 11) Do you have a working mic? (Yes/No) : Yes 12) What is your timezone?: EST 13) Have you read Our SOP? (Yes/No) : Yes 14) Do you agree to dedicate yourself to the 501st, be professional, and follow all server and regimental guidelines?: Yes 15) Do you understand that upon being accepted, you will subject to a minimum one week trial period and extensive training?:  Yes
  3. In-game name: Rose SteamID: STEAM_0:1:185900587 Current RP rank on StarWarsRP: Jedi Temple Guard II/501st PV2/Stealth PV2 Have you donated to the server?: Yes I am a Grand Master Have you been banned on any GL server before?: No, I have been staff on every server except SCPRP. Have you received any warnings (please give reasons if applicable)?: I have never been warned on any server. How much time do you have on the server?: 4 Days How well do you know the LORE? Explain: I know enough Lore to be able to conduct non lore breaking events and pass my Jedi Quizzes. Anything else I would be sure to research before conducting an event that would potentially be lore breaking to prevent that from occurring. Why do you WANT to become a Gamemaster?: Well I enjoy role playing on this server and I have seen many opportunities and came up with many ideas for small mini events while playing to keep people intrigued and would like to be able to host these mini events and get feedback. Another reason is I would like to be able to help out other game masters with these large scale events as I’ve seen GMs having to host a slightly big event solo and struggle and stress an unnecessary amount and would like to make everyone else’s jobs a little easier if possible. Why should you be trusted to be a Game Master?: I have been staff all throughout the different gaminglight servers over the course of 3 years and I am currently staff on militaryRP. I have proven to many people I am trust worthy and many people in the community at least vaguely know who I am in a generally good manner. Are you familiar/experiences with ULX?: I am familiar with ULX from experience staffing. Are you experienced with being a Game Master and how they function?: I am familiar with how gamemasters function and go about events as I have participated, acted, and read the guidelines. It also similar to how WarDogs are to function in MilitaryRP. Give a brief example of an on-ship event, as well as an example of an off-ship event: An on ship event I would do is possibly something along the lines of a small squad of commando droids have infiltrated the ship and are attempting to hijack information and must not be allowed to get off the ship and escape. An off-ship event I would do would probably take place at our moon base and do something along the lines of a resupply ship has arrived with a large shipment of weapons and equipment but has been intercepted and put down somewhere in the fields outside the base walls and is being guarded by droids and the clones need to recapture those vital supplies from the droids and get the ship back to base after clearing out the droids guarding it. Do you know how to give a weapon/SWEP to yourself/someone? (Give an example): Yes, search the weapons tab in the Q menu find the weapon you would like to give the person copy the weapon and use the !give [player] [weapon] command. Do you know how to model yourself/someone? (Give an example): Yes you would search through the spawnlists until you find the proper model then copy the model through the spawn list menu and use the !model [person] [model] command. Have you read the Gamemaster Guidelines?: Yes I have read and understood.
  4. What constitutes a class being “needed” no class on the server is “needed” it is all in RP and he is one of the most iconic characters in the Star Wars franchise. Apologies if this sounds rude or argumentative that is not the intention.
  5. I will be on a slightly longer LOA for about 2 weeks to work on field work for my job. I will attempt to attend meetings if they do not conflict with my filming schedule but I cannot promise anything as I do not have my schedule assigned yet.
  6. Rose

    Rose’s LOA

    I will be on a slightly longer LOA for about 2 weeks to work on field work for my job. I will attempt to attend meetings if they do not conflict with my filming schedule but I cannot promise anything as I do not have my schedule assigned yet.
  7. Rose

    Rose’s LOA

    I am going to be on LOA for the next week to 2 weeks doing field work for my job. I may attempt to attend officer meetings if they do not conflict with my filming schedule but I can not promise anything at this point due to not having my schedule assigned yet.
  8. 1. What is your ingame name (full name rank included)?: RUAF ADF JRLT Rose 2. Who striked you?: AWG 3. What was the strike for (state the exact reason on the strike sheet, explain further if needed)?: Missing an Officer Meeting 4. Why should this strike be removed?: I was given this strike on a holiday weekend when I was busy out to dinner with my family. I was not informed I was going to be leaving till last minute and thus I didn’t have time to write an LOA due to not being aware beforehand that I wasn’t able to make it. Real Life will always come before the game and I am not the type of person to take the time to sit on my phone to write an loa when I am out and about with family or friends. 5. Any other notes?: This was the Saturday before Easter. I had been active everyday of the week besides that one specific day so activity was not an issue. 6. Do you understand that as an applicant you may not give like or any other form of reputation to replies?: Yes
  9. There is no R2 D2 model for the astromech
  10. Yea I’m pretty sure it can be turned down and like all sound sweps don’t spam it can’t be any worse then the noot swep on PoliceRP
  11. Please make sure suggestions are pertinent and relevant! What do you want to see? - I would like to suggest the addition of R2 D2 the famous Astromech Droid belonging to Anakin Skywalker into CloneWarsRP. I belive R2D2 should be equiped with A jet pack of some sort to simulate the fact that he can fly with his thrusters and a taser to simulate his electric shock or anything else to go with the astromech kit. Why should we add it? - I believe we should add R2 D2 due to his loving nature and appearance in pretty much every movie ever made. He is very well known and can be useful in many RP settings. What are the advantages of having this? - I believe this would be advantages to the lore of the story revolving around Anakin and Ashoka and lighten up everyone's day when they see the cheery crass astromech rolling around base with his master. Who is it mainly for? - This would mainly be for Anakin Skywalker and the 501st as well as people like my self who like to RP as droids. I would personally like to become R2 D2 if that is an option but either way I believe it would be beneficial. Links to any content - R2D2 Player Model: R2D2 Sound Swep: Or Alternate R2D2 Sound Swep:
  12. 1.What Is your In-game Name: Rose 2.What Is your current rank?(1LT Is required) JLT 3.Who would like to see you as a Captain?(Two Officer's 2LT+) Awg and Jaxon 4.Why should we trust you with being a Captain?(This Is Trusted and respected rank In The RUAF): I am very active in The Russian Air Force and I know the rules of the branch the country and the server well. I am respectful and well mannered. I have multiple positions as I am an Air Traffic Controller, Military Police Soldier, and a Drill Instructor Officer. I know what I am doing and have done my job well this far. 5.Why do you want to be a Captain (80 Words Min): I would like to be a Russian Air Force Captain to improve the activity and the branch as a whole. We do not have many active officers and many times I see I am the only RUAF online. As a captain I would be able to better represent the department, give out promotions to active and skilled soldiers and overall improve the perception and actuality of the division. I would also like to improve my self in any way possible as-well as the branch and this is a step in that direction. I know the active members of air-force and who is good at what and have made plenty of good friends and comrades in the Russian army as a whole and would be honored to serve along side them as a captain. 6.What is your Timezone?: EST 7.How often can you be on?(How many days/hours a week): Everyday 8.How much time do you have on the server (must be 5 days+): Around a month 9.How many warns do you have?(Can be checked by !Warns no more then 10) 0 10.Do you have any Active strikes?(If you do, then you will be denied): Negative 11.Are you willing to follow any orders given to you by your higher ups even if it involves running into fire risking your life and your troops? Absolutely
  13. Ok Thank you I’ll check when I get home