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  1. -support but we do need more fto tho o.o who tryna be a global fto
  2. As talking to you for a bit on Teamspeak. I notice how much you've change and quite impressed Accepted+ Please join the Discord and request a FTO!
  3. Please refer to my comment above. If you wish to talk furthermore about the topic you may DM me. Refer to my comment for the discord. -quick summary, activity have nothing to do with this. Actually. Back then, CI was outnumbered a lot. We was the weakest and the most inactive branch, back in my day. But not once we complained. Once we figured out the people who’re great leaders, and put them into positions they’re fitted at. The activity and the viewing of CI drastically changed. So what I’m trying to say is, if you show dedication, leadership and work ethic, you can bring up your branch to its peak and keep it there.
  4. 1. Branch updates are used to also add new ways to play on the branch. We haven’t had a branch update in 2-3 months, so we’re outdated. 2. We took off a class and replaced it with another. The only reason we have an extra now, is cause RND is now consider high command. With the addition to CI General. 3. The “you already have numbers on your side” argument is an excuse to itself. It’s not our fault that the branches aren’t showing up to fight. That’s the branches. Granted CI maybe able to pop off with 30 people. That’s 30 you have to kill, which they cannot come back into the facility during a raid. Theoretically, MTF have the biggest number cause for one, they’re a 3 branch team. With plenty of members within them. And all can respawn and get back into the fight in a mere 3 minutes. That’s enough for CI to go lightcontainment, get a bunch of D-class, cover up the booboos at armory and go to heavycontainment, where a swarm of MTF May meet us to our end. Now my job is to supervise the whole branch, while also working with MTF to fix up any relations and issues. If you have an issue with the Branch update, or if you want to talk about what I said, my discord skelainhell#0420 and I’ll be glad to talk! Not a bad guy honestly
  5. If you have any disagreements with this update. Please PM me on discord.
  6. +Support. Job Name: CI R&D Field Researcher Job Description Field Researchers have been specially trained by military forces to be a perfect combatant and a great researcher, combined to complete onsite tests inside the foundation with its own self protection. One my favorites honestly. Thinking about Researchers coming in and assisting in getting the SCP will provide a new way for researchers to assist in raids, and be expertise in combat. Everything else is a good change! Helps CI be up to date against 4 Branches and put up a good fight -Professional 2nd Day Chaos Insurgency General Kales GZ00 Stimga Command
  7. Skela

    Rise up hamsters!

    *holds my pet*
  8. I believe power gaming is refer to if it’s literally outrageous type. Realistically all of us would have to have AP bullets anyways. I mean think about it, you really think a SCP can die to regular rounds? Also it’s more realistic then power gaming. Power gaming is like this... /me pulls out a gun from a hidden compartment /me punches through the shield /me grabs your riot shield and yank it out your hand ^okay that might be realistic, and can be used with a roll to see if you can beat them. But still. I don’t think you should be immune if you have a shield, and I already said what I think about explosives
  9. -Support /me Pulls out mag filled with AP bullets Or /me repeatably gun butts the shield/Overwhelm the personals simply cause a 20 pound shield that may deflects bullets, won't stop an onslaught of big bodies Also in the MOTD rules: You can't do any type of suicidal-Bombing. So that rule will be thrown out the window cause we will in reality know he can't suicide bomb.
  10. Nice... -President Of RND
  11. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooigotyousomecokecolaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooI'llMissYouManooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo