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  1. + Support. Joke or not. this is not a good way to represent yourself as a community administrative. You got to be an example. Period dawg. Professionalisms is key. Please note- If you’re under the influence don’t staff. shouldn’t be high on the job.
  2. i approve as the original janitorial head
  3. +Support: yeah this is pretty lit but where’s the microHID for the recruits? Anyways, this update is great!
  4. If only I was there. Igneous will never beat me.
  5. Skela

    Skela Birthday

    Ight so I’m tryna say. I’m the big 17 dawg. anyways I wanna thank all the people in this server. That had help brought memories. And being many fun times. But. I think it’s time... FOR ME TO GET BACK IN THE SERVER !!!! im coming back soon dawgs but mean time.I'm just chilling. Anyways I love y’all dawgs no homo only homiesexual
  6. I can see this as a custom class but -Support honestly no need for it.
  7. DENIED: Ight nah you ain’t leaving u jokin ok bro stop playing ight I love you bby, you minge
  8. clearance level: O5.
  9. ?? I will continue the legacy.
  10. Skela

    4358 Clearance is 3 Ight now stfu.