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  1. +Support. SMT please consider this as a need. Not a request. this can give a lot space for event team to do a lot more then what they’re doing now. this can give more chance of roleplay and make it seem, hey we have space, we can do this now. this can help make everything no so damn crowded. this can help a lot of things. yeah map changes do a lot damage, but fuck it. We still going to be #1 no matter what.
  2. This can apply to CI if we have sawbones. +/- but mainly on + side
  3. The Story Of Skela... Brother of Aleks... After the death of Aleks, Skela was later dispatched to replace Aleks. ████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ story will reveal later on. Based on events.
  4. .... dawg a loa is for 3+ day you minge. Anyways noted
  5. Skela


    What you want to see? - Objectives Operation. Why should we add it? - Massive increase RP/ Raw events / Plan events What are the advantages of having this? - {Operations} Command can give around operations to gain {RP} advantages, such as information gathering, raid{s} advantage, money gains, etc. What do you mean? In the command discord {Both the independent one, and the branch’s} they can set out planned operations to have something to do other then sitting around. example: <Raw RP> MTF Snipers can come to the surface, to start trying to gather info and steal paperwork’s. They as gathering info must /advert info is getting stolen. Giving CI a little heads up that an operation is in play. And CI have to find the person and Kill them before they reach 100%. <SemiRaw/May need event team> they can set up big defense vs offends things all by themselves {Note this will be hourly/Schedule} for an example {Skela is building a rocket to attempt to bomb the foundation top base} MTF may get word on that’s happening, and all prepare for a counter on that. or {MTF is getting new supplies, CI can prevent/Gain} This can just start bringing in fun ways to roleplay, bring out more life into the server. I can even believe Gensec and other branches can do something like this. if you understand what I’m saying thank u Who is it mainly for? - everyone! Links to any content - Nah b
  6. I’m down to making a backstory. +support
  7. Did you forget to read “Now works for CI”
  8. +support i prefer for you to sign up for captain though.
  9. You’re still a young command. But I’m interested in your work! +support
  10. Skela’s General Application. Ingame Name: RND JBM SKELA What rank are you applying for: Commander.  Why should we allow you to have this position? (At least 300 words): Fourth Generation Summary. At the beginning, for my whole entire CI life. I’ve been going through and experiencing the growth of what we’re right now. In the beginning, I was striked, hard pked, demoted. All that. And not once have I ever give up to achieving my goal. However I’m not satisfied yet. I want to continue the growth of CI, expand our vision to be one the most loyal, and dependable branch in the server. My command experience had been quite a rollercoaster. Learning about how to lead, and make others leaders, is my favorite part throughout. I have the capability to talk and state my mind, and try to push out the leadership in people. I’ve been giving people PT’s to help improve communication, tactics, and build relationships and teamwork within people. I Only wish to continue what I am doing, and have us succeed. I focused on Research And Development for the most part. But had also wanted to part in helping Military in many ways. Remembering the beginning, when we was in the dirt, only having Orange, Tony, Corner, Catsro and I. The times we shared and brainstorm ideas, to help further our branch, the time dedicated to build up a strong command structure. The time we all take, just to see where were today. Is all I’ve experience, and I wanna continue our legacy. I have pretty good relationship with our members in the server. For which I care and viewed they’re vision as of we’re all a family. Even though we’re enemies in the game. We’re still friends outside. And I hope to be able to give out a good role model to be a guy that wanna build relationships with everyone in the server. I can prevent fights. And prevent any conflicts that may occur. And just all around be in need anytime. How would you lead the branch? (At least 100 words) (High command apps only): I Skela, have a lot ways to lead the branch. Firstly continue how the recent high command did. By giving discipline, and being straight forward. Also following the most important word. Respect. Showing respect and dedication, brings a long way to being a leader, and I believe I can fill in that role. Seeing the people happy with decisions I make, and listening to what they say, to also what other branches have to say will also be needed. Cause I want to bring fairness to the server. Secondly, I want to build up the next set of command, to all follow a mindset that I stated above. Respect and dedication. You can’t be HighCommand without a successful low command helping and doing things you would do. Let all the hard and long work for us, while low deals with the problems and fix it. Thirdly. I want to see the new faces come in with a smile, and be acknowledged that in this branch, we’re all welcomed. How active would you be? (Longer the better): I’ve been always active.