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  1. Skela

    CI aplicatiom

    Denied: errors: Steam ID and lack of effort.
  2. the format kinda got messed up... fix it if you want
  3. Good morning Chaos Insurgency Today we’re doing a roll call for the Chaos Insurgency branch currently located at Site {Redacted.} This is to simply understand how active our servants are, and see if we need to loosen our members to get more resources. Alpha, Beta, Delta and Gamma command personals, are required to fill the roll call. Name: Rank & Callsign: Discord: Divisions: Activity: Suggestions: COMMAND ONLY: why you should retain your position? Failure to fill out roll call will be removal. rollcall ends 4/3/20 You have a week to complete it!
  4. Igneouscheatah just wanna win the day but yes sirrrkiii we gon get top ten. Mean while igneouscheatah... run up the call of duty
  5. Skela

    Sarkic Class

    Perfer to be individual! If people want it to be a goi. In my opinion it be weird.
  6. I just be knowing what the people want
  7. Skela

    Sarkic Class

    What you want to see? - Sarkic Class Why should we add it? - Adds a variety What are the advantages of having this? - Sarkic Class: Sarkic class is a class that will be mainly for kidnapping and sacrificing for their god. They’re located at the top of temple armed with knives, cuffs, and possibly an AK47. This is a level requirement class, and they’re goal is simply to kidnap and sacrifice. They can’t team with CI, MTF, No one but themselves. When they’re raiding, they’re in count for they own raid timer. But since they’re simply weaker, they don’t effect CI. Who is it mainly for? -anyone in the level range Links to any content - or any model in the server that look “Sarkic enough”
  8. +support +support to skela
  10. we about to use soundboards and say “who let the dogs out!”
  11. The slots will be 3 for each branch thoe
  12. Mingeee gooo boost that up thennnnn
  13. What you want to see? - K9 Dogs Why should we add it? - Increase RP, spice things up a bit. Adds a new aspect for combat and scouting in a way. A1 Can use this for trying to find documents and any intel {RP} whenever they’re raiding the CI base. And so can CI use it for raiding, when they need scouting. I believe this will also give something new and fresh for the server and a bit more light. What are the advantages of having this? - LanceCPL+ can access to this job and be trained for dogs and this can bring more people to be interested in branches. Something new and something so cool. In my opinion. slots: 3 per branch. Dogs HP: 125 Armor: 100 Speed: A little bit above regular soldiers. Who is it mainly for? - MTF, Gensec {???} and CI Links to any content - SOP