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    What do you want to see? - Universal Trainer Class Why should we add it? - So we don’t have to call for staff every time. What are the advantages of having this? - so we don’t have to wait for staff to get on Who is it mainly for? - everyone Links to any content -
  2. +Support I believe the server is ready to have self breaching back. The list of breach able scp all seems fair. It actually gives reasons to do certain things, make role-play stands out & also make the timing for each breach seems fair.
  3. Head of Research And Development & StormTrooper Vice Commander Skela Origin. “This ring… it brings odd vibes to me..” Skela says, before putting it on. This ring was discovered after a meteor had hit the {Redacted} base. And he was quick to investigate. It was sealed in a box. Labeled “If only you was here. Imperial Rising.” Interested, with no Alpha Operative near him. He put it on. Everything went black. And he appeared in a ship. Wearing The Vice Commander’s attire. He now discovered.. that He is in space. He took the ring off. And back where he was. Back at base. He continues to use this sort of power, to study space. But also assist in command of the StormTroopers. Go Imperial. ——— Personality: He often a chill person. But once you step out of line. He will be quick to fire at you. Weakness: Being captured dawg.. Strengths: Capable to making good decisions. Plan them out accordingly. Able to get out of really sticky situation. This is a draft. I will release a full document later.
  4. You not suppose to give yourself whitelist regardless. You must wait till you’re a mod to get your stuff.
  5. +Support. -evidence is clear. - Not even trained for CI. @Noahno08
  6. That face you make when you capture skela. And somehow you see him walking by after killing everyone.
  7. +Support. Great Application! Great passion to lead!
  8. I’ll rework it. Sorry I’ve wrote this on my phone and was busy with other things. It will be updated momentarily.
  9. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : I go by Aleks. People call me Skela Or Kales. If you know. You know. 2. What Regiment are you applying for? Seeking to be the commander of StormTrooper. 3. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? Being a Commander, is at most one of the most important roles to be in any division. Typically since Stormtroopers are the beginning branch everyone starts off in. It shows that, you’re giving the lower ranks a learning experience, before they branch off to a new division, or continue to stay in the branch. I have experience with rising up a branch, and completely reviving it. And or starting it up. 1944 Armor Infantry Captain: Help create the SOP, create training guides and help lead the infantry to battle. SCP Research And Development: Help pick up the mess and recreate it to the best. By giving them a quota, enforcing activity, and also creating and reviving an old addition, back into the branch. SCP Head Of Janitors: Shows to be an awkward branch. I made the SOP, Help assist the discord. And create “Containment Cleaners” and help lead the branch, as it strive greatly. I believe. I’m a great teacher, and great with the community. Which is why I want to help build with the StormTrooper division. It’s a new start, and every new start, comes with new experience. 4. How much game time do you have on the server? Currectly None. Only play on SCP and police rp. 5. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? Being a leader. And a great teacher. Without a great commander, your structure will fail. The Commander’s job is to oversee the branch, and strike action. Typically, as the starting stage of the branch begins. I will focus my time and figuring out the SOP. And going off from that, creating NCO’s, and getting some Low command to assist me. You must be able to connect with your branch, and love them. You must show that you care, and stand by them. Must show you also can command and not let anyone rule over you. With being a commander, you must understand patience. 6. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : In the server i mainly play on. SCP, I’m Currently an Admin under mentorship (Got promoted today.) I’m also apart of LowCommand For Chaos Insurgency. {Rank} Research And Development Head. Equivalent towards a LTCOL & COL. Head Of Janitors {HighCommand} Leading the Containment Cleaner and created the SOP. 1944 Captain of the armored infantry: Manage to make the SOP. And training. Hence I’m also very active, and kind to other players. I have a lot of respect for everyone. Working hard to see the vision I see things. I also, fight for what is right. If something I don’t disagree with, and is also wrong towards my eyes, I’ll step in, and talk about what is wrong. 7. How often can you be Online? : Everyday. As long I go to have school work. 8. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : 6.. all warns contain from minging and RDM. All back in February. Additional Infomation: I’ve remade my application. But I do a lot of training and make sure people who is in my branch is learning how to be a leader. The way I see in a branch, they must learn how to be a leader, how to strive. And also make sure to follow rules. I don’t tolerate with minges and etc. Please note: I’ve remade this application. But for whatever reason. Can’t color the words. If you have any questions. Message me on my discord im skela#5633.
  10. Skela

    Skela Revival

    Bruh Skela didn’t die, he manage to escape the facility by simply /me escape. With that being said, Skela still got access to Aleks files gang gang. oh yeah you guys won’t be able to pk me or kidnap me anytime soon. On my mama doe.
  11. - Support. For one. It’s not fair for people who spend money on the class. but also for two. Not to diss Gensec, but y’all just need to learn to keep distance, communicate and learn to do more strategy. Literally you guys have a big advantage of space and numbers. Most them don’t even have guns!
  12. Supporting the other - supports. reason: From my first interaction with you, I thought of you as a new commander, and someone that seem fairly well in command, due to me never hearing anything about you, but people saying you’re great at what you do. This is where I find that is wrong. The one time I went to your men, to try to talk to you and your men about your “checkpoint fortress “ in game, while it was DEFCON 4. You simply ignore everything I said, and even let your E11 squadron proceed to insult not only me, but the rest of my members in CI. For I believe you’re simply gonna be only one sided to your branch at all time. the screenshot Boozle sent. Shows how you careless for CI, which is completely unfair, due to not only one. We’re the same players. And two, you seem to have a hatred of us, or something among the line. I as a delta command member, reach out to you, to talk to you’re men about respect, stop insulting and etc. and from what I know, you’ve done nothing. But for the staffing side. i have seen and heard the uses of spawning things off duty, and you using the “Cassie” and other varieties to help assist only who you think seem fit. I suggest also, you wait to be promoted, cause in my eyes I don’t think you’re ready. If you can change your act, and change how you run things with command & with Staff. My opinion will change. while I must admit. Your experience with multiple servers can show a lot potential In you. I believe you need to work on how you do things. That’s the only support I can give. -Support
  13. Skela

    Good Morning post.

    If you think I’m a minge. You’re wrong. also rIp Aleks & Skela -Kales
  14. -Support. even tho I get targeted for PKs. I think having more punishments in pk is actually needed. like honestly tho, so no one be dumb, and keep getting captured.