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  1. My favourite department is the one I count as high command in
  2. +Support -Trustworthy -Has been around quite a while and holds several trusted ranks within PoliceRP -Active and dedicated to the community Overall someone who is fully capable of being a forum diplomat!
  3. Ah the days of LT Jacky (you also got MAJ the same day I got CPT)
  4. +Support -Trustworthy and competent -Active -Positive attitude and dedicated to helping the community -Overall the kind of person we want as a forum diplomat
  5. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:6828556 Reason for Resignation: No longer able to be a member as I am now the Chief of Police Obviously due to the circumstances, I am immediately no longer a member of State Police and thus cannot be an active member for 48 hours @CammyThank you for being my higher up in some way pretty much my whole career up until now @Billy S Scottish LT Col, always cool to be around and very much deserving of the position! The rest of State: I know most of you, but haven't interacted too much on State since my activity was always second to PD and staff. However keep being a great department and I will of course still be around on government with you!
  6. Damn man, it's been a pleasure being around for your full run in this community, from you joining as OFC when I was Major, helping you out through ranks and watching you eventually become Chief of Police, as well as finally getting the chance in the past few months to serve as JMT with you (you of course being one of the two ORIGINAL lead admins!) Plus, of course, your many stories. You, your mum, your snake and its large weaners will be missed, Tes Tactical. Try not to get yourself arrested when you start driving again!
  7. +Support Both active and highly mature/competent, as his several highly trusted positions would suggest
  8. -Support Among the various isues, this would require almost a complete rehaul of the entire concept of departments, as people would effectively have to speedrun to get on their tac jobs as soon as enough PD were on in order to avoid being removed for inactivity.
  9. -Support Warn threshold bans are not appealable, you would need to successfully appeal one or more of your warnings as being false in order to get below 40 warnings.
  10. +Support Warning staff member even thinks it's too harsh... not to mention the ethical issues of going to a sit, taking it over and provoking people so you can warn them for something that has been established in the past as not being player disrespect or warnable.
  11. -- Moved to correct section --
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