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  1. +Support Warning staff member even thinks it's too harsh... not to mention the ethical issues of going to a sit, taking it over and provoking people so you can warn them for something that has been established in the past as not being player disrespect or warnable.
  2. You can post a video if it's evidence of offensive/inappropriate behaviour (If someone chooses to watch a video knowing that is specifically provided as evidence of mass racism and encouraging suicide, they should expect to see offensive behaviour and language)
  3. +Support I trust MiniEpic more than enough to believe him when he says his own warning is false
  4. All general stores work this way, going beyond a certain distance from the NPC causes the robbery to fail. I'm not sure this can be set for individual general stores, so fixing this would create an issue where robberies on smaller general stores wouldn't fail until you moved a huge distance away. (Which way it should be is ultimately a decision for SMT)
  5. Man, I remember you being one of the admins I would ask about stuff when I was a fresh Moderator. It's been great being a part of GL with you and you will be missed, as both a competent player and a great friend!
  6. +Support Before the warn was even, issued, the logs showed clear evidence of at least the ARDM being false. Here is what logs show: -ⓚFupaLord420Blaze initiates combat against Noah Lee at 08:33:46 PM (my time) -Noah Lee initiates combat against ⓚFupaLord420Blaze at 08:34:00 PM (my time, 14 seconds after being shot) -Noah Lee dies at 08:34:06 PM (again, my time) These are the ONLY combats involving Noah Lee as of over an hour after the incident, thus proving that Noah has not ARDMed anyone (as the only person he has damaged was the person actively firing on him). I believe confusion may have been caused by the fact that the first combat shows noah as [DEAD] even though his death was after he started firing back. The NLR is technically true, albeit with an obvious reason behind it, but there is obvious and conclusive proof that he did not ARDM. Proof of FupaLord initiating combat first: https://imgur.com/C0JezEC Proof of Noah Lee returning fire AFTER the combat is initiated: https://imgur.com/H1OoeNN Proof that Noah Lee died AFTER shooting FupaLord: https://imgur.com/bfMh0nD
  7. -Support It caused too many problems and needed a lot of changes that it doesn't support. VCMod's limitations meant that electric vehicles would take multiple hours to fuel, not to mention ALL cars needing you to sit there for 10-20 minutes fuelling. Government officials aren't allowed to be AFK meaning you had to spend 10+ minutes actively pressing keys while staring at your car not playing, and criminals had to stand guard the whole time or their cars would just be stolen. No roleplay or fun was added, it just made everything less fun, forcing you to micromanage fuel levels constantly rather than actually get to play the game. Not to mention VCMod is quite random on when it actually saves your fuel level, meaning sometimes you'll have to sit there and stare for 15 minutes just to start playing... or the fact that if your electric car was stolen and ran out of power you could only recharge it by having staff drag it to the charging station... The fuel system needs too many changes from the VCMod developers to be properly usable, and it being enabled was a problem that I'm glad we fixed.
  8. -Support -No format -No evidence -Checked the logs ingame anyway and from what I could see, it seemed you were killed by SL Scapune on a criminal job, who adverted assist and killed you as you were arresting a fellow member of SL.
  9. +Supporting because the ban was given in connection with a player report - the evidence in that player report actually proves that Joe Lee, not Ron Lee, wrote the erotic text screens in white. (At 0:06 in the clip, you can see on the left that the white text screens are owned by Joe Lee when looked at, and the red ones by Ron Lee, just as this appeal says.)
  10. -Support The convenience increase doesn't quite weigh up against the downside of giving minges power over life and death, especially since some of the people camera spam is hazardous to are staff members who would be the ones dealing with camera spammers.
  11. Pressing your jump key uses stamina similarly to sprinting - your stamina reduces immediately, and then repeatedly with a cooldown (so you can jump twice and only lose stamina once, but holding jump will cause you to not jump but drain stamina.) However, under the default controls, spacebar is both jump and handbrake. What I have discovered is that pressing your jump bind in a vehicle still drains stamina, meaning that you will rapidly lose stamina if you need to keep your handbrake held, unless you rebind your jump or handbrake to get around this. This could be problematic for situations on a hill which turn into needing to sprint somewhere on foot, for example.
  12. Your In-game: BruceyBoyo The player's name in-game: ChangeThisNowByoyo The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:1:207869351 What did the player do: Threaten to rape and kill another player Evidence (REQUIRED): What do you believe should happen to the player: Permanent ban (possibly blacklist if SMT feels it necessary) Any extra information: I already issued a 4 week ban. However as seen at https://gaminglight.com/bans/player/76561198376004431 this player has an extensive history of severe rulebreaking - with already having been banned 4 times for racism and once for homophobia, among other things. Due to the pattern of repeated and serious offences despite multiple chances, combined with the extreme nature of this threat, I feel that the server would be better off without this player's behaviour permanently.
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