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  1. +Support As much as this was a punishable break of the rules, it's not a case that caused or would cause severe harm or problems to the server or any player, plus after being banned for a year and 4 months I think the message "stop when you're told to stop" has probably been delivered more than clearly enough, so the chances of it happening again should be pretty low, as well as the good attitude shown in the appeal. Between the low re-offending chance and the relatively low level of harm initially, I think that unbanning in this case is pretty safe and fair - not to mention the question of whether the punishment fits the crime. NCWS stands for "Not Complying With Staff", so in this case Mass NCWS would likely be the repeated failure to comply with staff orders to stop using a voice changer.
  2. Well, it's been a great run. From 22nd October 2020 when I was trained and became a PROB PC, all the way up to September 11th 2021 when I became Chief Constable, SCO19 has always been a wonderful department to be a part of. It's been a privilege to run this department for 3 months but, with my promotion to Assistant Chief of Police, sadly I must retire from SCO19. I'll miss running this department, but at least it ends on a happy note! @OFC Mar My last DCC, congratulations and good luck as Chief Constable! (And make sure not to hit the wrong soundboard!) @Herrman My first DCC, joined within a week of me. It was great working up through SCO19 with you, and running the department together. A shame you had to resign, but good luck in life! @Carrots Can't go without mentioning you, my OG Chief Constable who accepted me and ultimately left the same way I did. Thanks for your leadership back in the day! @Cammy My recruiter, my alternating DCC/Chief Constable for a huge chunk of my time and the one who left me the Chief Constable position; congratulations on getting back into State HC and best of luck there! @Vice Another HC member who left the same way I am, and now back in SCO19 HC. I hope you have another long and successful SCO19 career! @Tayson Terry Promoting you was certainly a fun experience (say hello to Arnold for me!) and best of luck in your long, and continued, SCO19 career! Pittman: Thanks for your work as the longest-serving LC member, hope to see you go far. Nathan: You've worked hard to get where you are and it's a well-deserved position, thanks for your service so far and I hope to see you keep moving up. All SCO19 Supervisors & Enlisted: I can't exactly mention the WHOLE department, but thanks to each and every one of you for the work you do making our department the best it can be. A department needs members to run - keep making me proud and upholding SCO19's well-known top-level standards! To anyone I didn't mention, my apologies; but I haven't mentioned everyone as I'm not leaving the server, and I look forward to continuing to work alongside you all! Good luck SCO19, stay professional! S19 signing off!
  3. SCO19 Accepted Applications 18/12/21 The Following People Have Been Accepted into Special Command Operations GAMEKNIGHT Guapo Prox White Please get in contact with a SCO19 FTO ASAP to get trained, and welcome to the team! The Following people have been Denied BRAY DO NOT REPLY TO THIS POST Thanks, SCO19 Chief Constable BruceyBoyo S19
  4. Damn RIP, I've served under you in HRT twice now and you've always been a chill guy. Good luck with your future adventures!
  5. This makes me kinda glad I wasn't around back then
  6. Noted. Thank you for your service to SCO19!
  7. +Support This is what we in the trade call an "oopsie"
  8. Noted. Thank you for your service to SCO19!
  9. On top of that, when did swiss cheese become two separate meats both of which are separate from cheese?
  10. I was expecting an SCP foundation joke but this works too
  11. This post's taking a much longer time to write, because damn. My experiences with Gaminglight literally started with getting on the server, getting on Cadet, getting trained by you and getting a ride-alone with you as a fresh OFC. Then as well as leveling up under you with you as a LT, I joined ARU around the same time as you leading to us eventually leading the renamed SCO19 together, ended up working together as Colonels, worked together in FBI and staff for a bit each and of course generally being friends, hanging out and playing a variety of things. You've gone far in this community, achieved so many things and I'm glad to have been mentored by you and been your friend through it. I'll be keeping in contact, and thanks for all the work you've done in all the departments I've been in. You'll be missed!
  12. How's the comma count looking for this update? All good?
  13. Damn man you got Director at my first FBI meeting I think, the one where I got SA. It's been great being in FBI and HRT and thanks for the time you gave me in FBI Command. I look forward to working with you in staff and I'm here as a person even if you're not the FBI director any longer!