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  1. bruh why this junk poppin off after i retire smh my damn head
  2. + Support - Good guy - Knows rules well - Mature when needed - Good person to be around - Q16 was good
  3. Trae

    Trae's Resignation

    im terry shhhh secret
  4. Trae

    Trae's Resignation

    im not lmao
  5. Trae

    Trae's Resignation

    Dear Server, Wussup V-Sauce Trae here. Now in all seriousness my time on this server and especially A1 has been VERY enjoyable. I’ve loved all the times that I’ve had to protect the min- I mean wonderful O5’s and my favorite Beardy man Blackboy. I’m honestly sad to see it all go, but I will carry on. I have loved EVERYONE I have met on this wonderful server, and will enjoy EVERY last memory of it. Now for the mentions (dis junk finna be long af) Daedran - You taught me to be a better person, and respect ALL of peoples opinions. You are the father figure to Alpha-1, and I can't wait to hear about how much you made it great in the future. Arium - My brotha, my man (no homo). You’ve taught me A LOT of valuable life lessons and how to just be myself. You letting me minge around and do stupid shit on the server may have been too lenient, but I appreciate it. I will never forget when (insert Arabic song here). Emoonk - Emoooonc, I’m always gonna remember you for being the swolest of bodies. And for our arguments on what sport is the most Alpha. I will always say that football is, but you can keep butt touch as your opinion. Catsro - You are my (2nd) favorite minge on the server. You never fail to make the people around you feel better about themselves. You were always the source of fun whenever you were around. Ily tide pod Krug - Krug moment (take care of ITM, its all yours now) Blackbeard - /me crip walks. Hmu if you need another person for TF2 dodgeball, I may be trash but I’ll still ram… I mean kick your ass. TwoSix - My dying wish is for you do take my spot, HEAR THAT COMMAND Mickey - I’m ass at R6, but I’ll beat your ass in a game of checkers, see me in MedBay Rang - Your dogs might be louder than you at the GenSec meetings, but I’m pullin for ya Canned Bread - I know you left the server, but if you ever see this, I just want you to know that you started it all for me, on April 18th, 2019, you trained me as an SO, and I’m FOREVER grateful for what you did for me Infected - You humgry yees you humgry Little note, I am not leaving the server quite yet, I will still be a staff member, I just won't have the time to play A1. You still may see me around, just not as the steak sauce. Don't remember me for being in E11 or A1, remember me for spamming soundboards while running through the hallways while containing/escorting. I WILL stay active for my 48 hours.
  6. Spire is not allowed to talk while his dogs are barking in the background
  7. this was when i was jl0
  8. Trae

    Creeper? aw man

    delete this post immediately
  9. Trae

    Creeper? aw man

    So we back in the mine