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  1. The *cough* E11 commander that we don't talk about
  2. highkey mad im not on this hoe, but finally, took you long enough
  3. Make SCP's fun again #MSFA
  4. both of yall boys bump melly, neither of you have room to talk hahahahaha
  5. I can't legally drive rn but my grandparents have me a Widebody 2015 BMW M4
  6. My List Nirvana (not really rap but have a huge influence on the game) City Morgue Goldlink Denzel Curry Playboi Carti NLE Choppa Uzi DaBaby Quando Rondo Unotheactivist Wifisfuneral 03 Greedo IDK The Game and some mf'n Nas
  7. Trae


    litty titty
  8. I only ever talked to you once, but it was an amazing conversation, have fun big fella.
  9. Trae


    From my knowledge, there is already an Ethics Committee CC
  10. Trae

    Change da world

    i never leave, i am eternal ?
  11. Trae

    Hearts for all

    dem tutlez finna get hit wit da stikk no kap this is my 101st post
  12. how do you even get the signature, im dumb as hell nvm i figured it out lmao
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    Change da world

    change da world, my final message, goodb ye