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  1. attack on titan, shits crazy as hell and there aint no weird underage girl type shit
  2. In Game Name: trae Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:483960828 Discord name / Tag: trae#0485 How Many Warns do Have?: 5 Why do you want to join Alpha-1? What will you bring to the regiment? (150 word minimum): I would like to join Alpha 1 again because most of my fondest memories from the past year or so have been with people from this regiment, or from Gaminglights servers. I feel as if I am qualified for this position because of my vast previous experience on this server whether it be CI (former PFC), MTF E11 (former LT), or A1 (former LT). I understand the grind that being respected on this server is, and I will not stop until I have worked my way up through the ranks, or until I am satisfied. I have been in almost every branch there is to offer on this server and nothing has ever been close to being as rewarding as joining Alpha 1. Another reason I feel that I should be accepted into Alpha 1 is my professionalism. I always take pride in my stance in situations, and whatever I do in life. This is because I know whenever something is serious and should be dealt with, or when something is minor and can be handled swiftly without help. My previous limitations or reasons for resigning were most of the time just extremely unlucky coincidences or mishaps that happened. I appreciate the opportunity for applications, and for anyone who may have taken the 4 to 5 minutes out of their time to read my application. Imagine you are a supervisor in A1, you have a Private who is minging and disobeying all rules stated within the SOP. Briefly explain the actions you would take and who you would talk to about this situation?: If I was in this specific situation I would first try to gather my evidence on what this Private did, whether it be a recording or what the private may have typed out in logs. Secondly, I would explain what the Private did wrong, and consequently show the Private how, and why what they did was wrong. I would then recommend the most appropriate punishment for the Private specific to the situation, whether it be a strike, removal, or a blacklist. Have you ever received a strike from any department? If so, answer below when you received it and the reason for the strike. If not, please enter N/A: N/A What Departments are/ Have Been in?: E11 (LT), A1 (LT) Do you agree to be active and put forth dedication into the department?: Yes Did anyone refer you to Alpha-1? Put N/A if none.: N/A
  3. Trae

    TayK LOA

    Name: TayK Status on Roster: Inactive Reason For LOA(If Private then put as N/A): Recently basketball season has started, and I dont have as much time for my computer, I should be able to pick back up after this week. Duration of LOA: 12/4/2019 - 12/11/2019
  4. i meant to put a yes for the poll, i misclicked so the no is a yes lol
  5. -Support -Q15 is wrong -Q14 doesn't have enough words, try to follow the 150 character requirement
  6. Name: Trae Rank: PVT why do you think you should stay in A1: Because I can commit my time, heart and effort into making A1 the best it can be Status on the roster(Be truthful): Active If you are labeled as semi/inactive on the roster how will you improve(Dont answer if you are active or LOA):
  7. The *cough* E11 commander that we don't talk about
  8. highkey mad im not on this hoe, but finally, took you long enough
  9. both of yall boys bump melly, neither of you have room to talk hahahahaha
  10. My List Nirvana (not really rap but have a huge influence on the game) City Morgue Goldlink Denzel Curry Playboi Carti NLE Choppa Uzi DaBaby Quando Rondo Unotheactivist Wifisfuneral 03 Greedo IDK The Game and some mf'n Nas
  11. I only ever talked to you once, but it was an amazing conversation, have fun big fella.