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    48 Hour Notice

    Hey I am sad to say but I will be leaving S.W.A.T and playing on other departments and much more and the reason I am leaving is because I feel like S.W.A.T really can't do much stuff. Thank you freeze for training me Thank you Myan for being the BEST commander Thank you josh for being awesome
  2. Plus support no info.
  3. Same I have never seen you
  4. Im prodcode and I am sad to go but im leaving D.O.C bye
  5. I dont remeber but I trust pep
  6. I think we should do a rap battle event where you take 2 people at a time and you place them in a middle of like a fenced in box and you have the others standing on the outside of the fence then whoever wins will wait the other side of the box so like the left side is people who haven't gone and the right is the winners and you have it separated and then ounce all the other people went you take the winners and take 2 of them and do the same thing and the losers get put in a separate box away form it and the winner gets 5 mill and the losers get 5k I know its kinda dumb but maybe fun.