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  1. -Support, Your forum account was created 15 hours ago, you're not active on the forums not sure if you have another steam account but it just look like you just lie about you joining the forums, by the look of it you just came back to the server due to your rank in-game so I recommend to wait a little longer so you know more of our staff members and community members and they know you because by the looks of you're kind of rushing on getting a staff rank.
  2. You were able to edit it on the time being when your app was up, but dosen't matter anymore cause your app was already accepted.
  3. That count also during war time right?
  4. I recommend you to use the proper format so you don't get staff restricted, but anyways thank you for your service on the GamingLight Staff Team.
  5. If you were giving a strike you need to speak with the person that gave to you If you want info on why you got it, so that means it will be androntel if you think its false you need to follow CoC (Chain of Command) so like androntel is a MG (Major General) you need to speak with a LTG+ (Lieutenant General+)
  6. Thank you for your service and your entire dedication on gaminglight, you're a great member i hope seeing you soon.
  7. -Support I don't think is the best idea, it won't make sense if a marksman has a SMG and a Sniper at the same time, it would be more realistic if they stay with the pistol and also more than the server is moving to a more serious rp style, best thing to do as a sniper is to get a good sniper position and when you get spotted by the enemy sniper or enemy infantry you just go to a different spot, marksmans are not met to be a Close Quarter Class also the pistol is pretty good the FN in my opinion.
  8. -/+ Support I believe you should put more effort on the entire app, you just look like you just wanted to be done with it, I recommend you to put more time on it, meaning add more on question #4 and #5
  9. +Support +Great Person +Active In-Game and on TS +Friendly and Mature +Good Application
  10. Sad to see you go, you we're a great person thank you for your service on the Army Core.
  11. Noooooo, my brother you we're truly a dedicated member in GL really sad to see you go, sadly i still don't have any quotes of you because you haven't done anything bad but anyways, i hope you get better and i hope to talk to you soon, thank you for your service on gaming-light as a whole.