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  1. I remember you back in ghanzi as a USMC SSGT medic and I as a SGT on the army you were a great guy, sad to see you go.
  2. This is for staff, i recommend you to post this loa on your branch section on the forums.
  3. -Support -No Effort -On the Army we not longer use SSGT as the format for Staff Sergeant we use SSG instead of SSGT also we do-not use numbers anymore and you're not even on the army roster, i recommend you to speak with a Captain+ for the army so you can get your rank (PFC) due to you coming back to the server without an LOA. -Application look's really rush -New to the forums -Just came back to the server, i'm pretty sure nobody knows you atm -I have never seen you on our Team-Speak -#14 Please put more effort in it, make it step by step for example start with you bringing him to a location and then continue basically explain to us how are you doing to do the admin sit, this means that you did not take your time on doing this application and you just wanted to rush it. -No Poll
  4. I will still be active on TS and on the Forums, and i will still be helping Hudson and Wolf when they get everything organized and when they no longer need my assistance.
  5. Senior's Resignation Hello, i'm Major General Senior this will be my resignation note i have being thinking about this since a week later that i haven't make any progress on fixing my pc so i believe this will be the conclusion of my ride here on GamingLight Military-RP, i will be resigning from my position as the Major General of the Army Core, Drill Instructor and Mil-RP as a whole until i get everything together i haven't make any progress on fixing my computer since the day i break it probably i will need a new one due to the fact that this is the 2 or 3 time it broke and it will take a huge amount of time probably 2 to 3 months and i don't really want to hold this higher rank position for that long on LOA it was a really fun experience i have being on GL for the pass 9 to 11 months as part of the Staff Team and part of the Army Core without leaving it or transferring out i would like to appreciate all the people that helped me grow as a Leader and for supporting me every time that got on TS or on the server it was really a fun ride i just would like to say Thank You for everything that you guys did for me and i hope that the Army Core continue to grow, i have all my faith that Commander Hudson and Vice Commander Woldietrich will continue the path or even make the Army Core better than ever, until everything is organize i will be still be talking and helping Commander Hudson and Vice Commander Wolfdietrich until they don't need anymore of my assistance same with the Drill Instructors i will be trying to help Drill Instructor Commander Bobby if he need's any type of assistance in anything once again Thank You everybody that helped my succed on this great Server and the US as a whole, Now i will be saying thanks to the following people: Syth: Yes, Mr.Navy guy you we're a great Commander of the Army Core thank you for everything that you have done for me and for trusting as whole without you i wouldn't even be here right now. Injoker: Thank you for all the quotes that you have given me i will try my best to remember every single one of your quotes, but anyways when Syth was on that huge LOA you did a amazing job on commanding the army core on his absent same with the MP back in ghanzi when MP was really inactive you make the MP back to his activity only as a Lieutenant also without you i wouldn't make any progress on the Military Police you're a great person, i hope you get SM on PRP or achieve something huge on PRP or come back to Mil-rp any-time! Johnathen: You tried your best to hold 2 huge position in both server but in my opinion you did a good job as a VCMDR. Hudson: Great High Command without you as a High Command on the Army i would have being really stress out, i want you to continue what you're doing and i hope you achieve a higher rank. Scheffer: Great General and Great Staff Member i hope you continue nukin- i mean helping the server and i would like to say thanks for everything that you have done, and trusting me on Commanding the Army Core as their Branch General. Tumz: Another amazing general, keep what you're doing you will be rewarded soon enough Reborn: Great Head Admin, and General on the RU side, you we're always trusting me as a staff member and i would like you to reach HOS and thank you for starting the "Benior" meme Androntel: You're a good MP leader i want you to continue what you're doing and i hope you reach a highier staff rank Danny: I remember you and me doing those great drones fight really late at night, you're a Great Lieutenant General and i hope you continue what you're doing Pilgrim: You we're a Mod for 3-4 months but you have done it! you got SM and you're a great Commander of the Marine Corps so continue to improve the marines and continue doing your anime stuff Brandon: Continue what you're doing with the USAF Ace: Continue what you're doing with your twitch i guess Closeman: You start it all this Memes and the "HappyBirthday" meme i hope you come back to mil-rp when ever i come back. Woldietrich: New to the Army Core HC i hope you continue the path with Commander Hudson and make the Army Core better. Bobby: Australian i hope you're a good Commander for DI if you need anything you may contact me on the forums i will be cheking the forums Tempest: You we're one of the best MP Commander you we're always dedicated to the branch. Sam: Currently a great Chief of the MP and Vice Commander just keep what you're doing. i have more people but it will be just a huge long list, but anyways i be on TS on time to time and on the forums checking it. What i have Achieve on my run on the Server: Army Core: PVT to Major General Military Police: RCT to Chief for 1 day but i went down to AChief due to Tempest return Drill Instrcutor: Major General I do understand that reservers rank is not longer a thing on the US anymore but it will be much appreciated if i could get any reserve rank on the Army Core.
  6. Rule is no longer in use unless a VCMDR+ put's it back in place.
  7. Can you please update us on your LOA.
  8. Huge announcement tomorrow people everybody attend.
  9. +Support on this days the server is going to a serious rp change, in my opinion if we do put the stamina bar people would be more tactical on pushing and advancing instead of just jumping to avoid getting shoot by the enemy team if the stamina bar get's added the server would take another step going serious and in my opinion it will be a great thing so people is able to to push together and being more careful instead of one guy taking down 3 - 4 people jumping avoiding getting shoot (no realistic at all)
  10. In my opinion the G36 or the M16A1 is a great weapon than the aug but people mostly prefer the aug due to the 0 recoil that it has.
  11. What about me? may i please participate on this? you forgot about me...
  12. Make sure you share this Roll-Call with the other drill instructor so they can reply to it.
  13. Was going to write 2 paragraphs but I guess nvm this topic is closed due to the fact that hes not longer transferring to US.
  14. +Support +Good Guy +Friendly +Active On TS +Active on The Forums +Active in-game +Knows how to deal with a-lot of situations without any help +Mature +Is on a different time-zone meaning that he will be able to get on in the morning or really late at night.