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  1. Thank you everyone I’ve already hit 50 and climbing. You all are a huge help. I wouldn’t have gotten so many if it wasn’t for this amazing community. (Because I have no other friends XD) I don’t want to ask for more for you’ll but if you have any extra free time on your hands, please help out my friend he also need 50, and just like me has no other friends or social media. XD.
  2. Hello, Im not sure if allowed to do this but, for a school project I need 50 people to respond/answer a survey. If you can quickly answer my 9 question survey that would be awesome. Please answer it truthfully. My Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf6dk5jykn9YMSgMeM2j4vrEGOSKyfnPQd_-sHfyceVn06XzQ/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1 Friends link: https://docs.google.com/forms/u/3/d/e/1FAIpQLSfr6egV5-hKtj7OGeZLL-RCime2tP6MJhpuRcUiWy1bgjtg4Q/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1&usp=mail_form_link
  3. Dave

    Map Suggestion

    -Support only Ganzi XD I have a potato computer
  4. I only want one thing... I wanna be tracer
  5. Dave

    Well guys

    Dam I’ll miss spawning props in your face/feet
  6. *Fun has left the lobby*
  7. What is your in game name: Hit Or Miss What is your rank: Tracer Any concerns?: I’m already Tracer
  8. Sorry I’m going to have to agree with TUMZ here, adding a extra comment doesn’t make much sense. The only reason a quote should need a comment is if your reacting or responding. If your +/- Supporting saying: I Agree ^^^... would be usless when that’s what quoting represents that your saying the same as the other person. Becuase of this, it’s a -Support from me
  9. + Support -Good Player -Ready for 104th Still needs poll.
  10. Unless this has changed, you don’t have to apply for 2LT, just promoted.
  11. Welp I knew this was going to have to happen eventually and its finally here, My resignation. If you don't know who am, my name is Dave, I started playing at the start of summer this year. My goal was to rank up and have a good time while making friends. I know many people hated me and I know people liked me around, but I still had a good time playing on this server. I will still be on from time to time, just not for a rank. I hope Mil RP will pick back up this summer. I will never forget the fun times I had on this server. With all this said I need to thank some people for the good times: John: You were a awesome Manager, keep going with the updates (PS: Please put me back as champion) Reborn: You were one of the first players I looked up to. I always enjoyed playing with you. (BTW I touched you catus) Scheffer: Keep nuking Krimson: No more Granades Please Hunter/UwU: Sorry No more Juggles Jessssy: You want a hambuger? or a Hotdog? Rook: Dirty Furry Awg: I like your voice... Richard: Hope you and Awg leads Russa to greatness Shadow: I liked the gun room... Make another Spencer: I had a ton of fun playing with you, One of the best players L00L: Man I had fun playing with you, Especially the Tali days Ace: Keep plugging your stream and Ill make you a twitch account. Also the best gun fighter in my opinion North: Only Navy beside Andronial XD, Funkey: I also looked up to you, dont ask why XD Scoot: Scoot Scoot Danny: Best drone Pilot Tumz: Runs people over too much Bobby: I love your yelling and accent Senior: One of my favorite staff, Sad your gone Rac: You were inactive when I first joined, but im glad your back. Andy: I still remeber you, I liked the music tho (He was banned for hacks) Johnson: -Support XD Arnold: Didn't know you too well but I touched your ducks Danny: Good Luck with Anime RP Stalin: Baby Duck XD Androntel: The Interrogations were fun Special Thanks: Repa: You might have not notice, but we join only 2 days apart, and my only goal when I was starting was to try to keep up with you. Everytime I got on the server I always saw you doing the right thing. I always felt closer to you than another player, Don't ask why XD. Matricies: I don't know if you knew this or not but your were one of my favorite players. You are one of the smartest and most deticated people i've ever seen I my life time. You always were one of the best gun fighters ive seen on the server. My favorite thing that I will never forget about you is the, Hello... and yea I know its dumb but he always would say hello before everything and thats how I got to know him. Tagoon and Poppee: I don't know what to say. Without you two I wouldn't be making this. Without you two I would have left the server in a week after. Without you two I wouldn't have had all the fun experiences. I loved being Custom Class Bros/Siss, I'm sad you both gone. If you ever what to do anything hit me up. My discord is: Noble#3449 ( Don't ask why XD) Sorry If you didn't make the list or the special list I will remeber everyone tho.