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  1. All members of Research have 10 days to respond to this post with their name and rank. Thank you! -HOR Ouroboros
  2. Ye I was I’ll be there unless our flight back is delayed
  3. +Support Cool Dude Active Understands Lore I like the event
  4. +Support The event description looks well done Good dude Active Knowledged in lore
  5. +Support Active Cool Dude Knows decent amounts of Lore.
  6. Name: James Ouroboros What is your ULX Rank?: User How would you rate your knowledge of the SCP world? (1-10): 10 Do you have any experience as a GM or event planner in the past (If so, explain l): Yes. Outbreak: GameMaker Revival Servers SCP/TRP: GameMaker/Senior Infinity: Junior GM [Dont remember]: Head GM x2 How Active are you?: I can be active weekly, 5-9 hours daily, and less on Thursday. Why should we allow you to be an Event Team Member (150+ Words)?: I have been a SCPRP player since the GameMode came out. I have been on a multitude of servers, and I have built up both my knowledge of Lore, and ability to do events if I ever became a Game Master for said server. I am extremely knowledges in lore, and I am always glad to do things like events if ever possible. I can be both active and productive, and I will always keep my events within the lines of Lore. I do my events on a single player normally, and create a dupe so that I can move it here, without needing to prep on the server. With my events, I can also educate other players in lore and bring something they can always enjoy. Describe an event you could create (The more specific the better): SCP-049 isn’t just an SCP, he’s a sibling of 9 others. Known as the Brothers of the Barrow, they are the creations of the Brothers Death, who are also the brothers of Life. As known, it is all of their goals to “cure” humanity of its, not human mortality, but ignorance and blindness towards their Lives and the lives of others. They each hold the “title” of Plauge doctors, as that was the name bestowed to them by the Brothers Death. In any circumstance, The Brothers of the Barrow could appear and attempt to liberate SCP-049, but with a chance at getting caught too. Not an army, but maybe one or two. What is your favorite SCP? Why? SCP-049 (Original) SCP-049 has a cloudy past, but it is also an extremely detailed and interesting one. He was the first SCP I was introduced too, and I found him fascinating. I used to only play as SCP-049 on a few servers, and then started playing others. The way he acts, and his wording, they create a sort of story that, while it isn’t told, you can determine and imagine.
  7. Word count fixed, thanks for pointing that out.
  8. Title: "James Ouroboros’ O5 App Ingame Name: James Ouroboros From a scale of 1-10 how is your knowledge of lore? (Explain): 10  Why should we allow you to have the position? (At least 300 words): I have been an SCPRP player since the first server began. I have been a member of the SCP Universe since after its first 6 months. I have been in positions such as HOR, CI Commander x2, CI Intel Director x3, CI Intel Supervisor x4, SOR, Site Director, Ethics President, and others on many servers. I am extremely knowledgeable in lore and I could do this job without problem. I RARELY take LOAs, maybe one a year, and I always stay active no matter what. I have obviously had experience in multiple fields, and I have my Activity usually at the highest it can be. I am willing to remove and add anything needed for the better of the server, and I have done so successfully on many servers. I may not be a old or well known member here, but I was good enough to be escorted around, recontaining SCPs, by muliple people as a D Class. I can design documents and structures well-in fact, well enough that Revival Servers put me in charge of designing one whole server-and I can keep an eye on multiple things at a time. While I may be new, the best of things are started from the start, and I want to see this go well. I am not much for seeing something go downhill, so I will be sure to not fail. When it comes down to deconstructing or ruin, I will always take the most productive and necessary path and keep on moving. I also believe that fairness is a huge aspect any leader should have. That being said, I can, and will, make sure that any user, HC, or Division is treated how they treat themselves, and how they feel themselves too be. I may end up repeating things, but I don’t repeat mistakes, that of which you can be sure. How would you lead the branches and the foundation? (At least 150 words): I would act as a inside member. I will treat all factions with the respect they earn, and ensure others comply under that view. I will be strict and fun with the branches, giving them tasks and opposition to build up their knowledge and “strength”. With my experience in this GMod Genre, I will be able to keep them balanced and active with a fare amount of ease. I will keep the leaders updated and their members, all while watching every single one. I can enforce lore and logic, while also keeping their imaginations running wild. I will set up a controlled environment so that they may hopefully work in peace. I can keep the divisions on track and in their fields of practice, so no one begins to feel out of place or that their job has been taken. To keep something in-line is to ensure it’s victory, and the server will have its victory. How active would you say you could be be? (Longer the better): I can be on almost every day for around 5-9 hours. Thursday’s I may be lacking however...