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  1. Well that’s a rip. Good luck on SCPRP.
  2. -Support I would have no problem doing this for a week or even an event. But it would be very difficult to implement this into an entire militaryRP server because there are just too few addons regarding the revolutionary war. I've looked for muskets on the workshop and the only ones that are from that era either don't work or are no longer supported. I have also only seen 2 to 3 model packs in total for both sides, reducing the chances of having any differences in uniforms. Not to mention we would be removing much of what people enjoy about the server with our many vehicles and weaponry. If we were going to go into the past I would say we should do WWI at the earliest. There are a few addons out there for biplanes, landships, and artillery that are already part of the packs we currently use. Anything in between WWI and modern times will have plenty of coverage.
  3. I had a lot of fun playing with and against you, especially when you hoped on RU for a bit or used the Aug. I still think you’re a better pilot than me though.
  4. +Support -Active -Already an Admin -Already a part of the event team
  5. AWG

    Precision Tool

    Thanks for adding it's been working wonderfully.
  6. AWG

    Join RU Now!

    If you still don’t trust me I’ll give you 500k before you join and 500k after.
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    Join RU Now!

    I can promise no bamboozle. Depends if you’ll be active.
  8. Russia is accepting new members! Join now for $1 Million and a free PFC rank! Connect here> <Connect here First image by @Scoot
  9. AWG

    Precision Tool

    What you want to see? - Add the Precision Tool to the server. Why should we add it? - It would help war dogs and event team members build easily. What are the advantages of having this? - Events could be created quicker and of a higher quality. Who is it mainly for? - War Dogs, Event Team members, and staff. Links to any content -;searchtext=
  10. Since we haven't had a list of all the stats for weapons in each of the updates I've done it myself so people can see. I'll update this as time goes on and the weapons get changed.
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    Scoot's SA Application

    +Support -Mature -Active -Funny -He's Scoot
  12. Update 1/6/19 Updated to include : "Commanders must message either their branch gen or a 4 star general for any changes they make in their informational." Was intended for yesterday but I forgot to update the hand book
  13. AWG

    Sniper Scopes 2

    I've had this problem on single player as well. It could be an issue with one of the addons the server uses conflicting with the scopes, or just a gmod problem.