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  1. As much as I enjoyed MilRP I think it's had its time, and we're better off focusing on 1944RP. But at the same time I think we could use the Thursday event as a final send off, just to give people some closure.
  2. +Support Very active Great guy Been here awhile Was SA before on Mil
  3. LOA over, i'll be returning sooner than expected. I'll be available as of now, but may not be able to get in game until tomorrow.
  4. I know I haven’t been very active this week, and I maybe should have made an Loa sooner. In-Game Name: Generaloberst Awg SteamID: STEAM_1:0:79991457 Rank: Super Admin Length of LOA: Until 6/28/19 Reason for LOA (if private that is fine): Sudden events The reason i’m making an Loa instead of a resignation is because I will likely be able to return after the date listed. I’m sorry to put the Wehrmacht in this position, but hopefully i’ll be back after the date.
  5. Update 5/27/19 New promotion form for trained recruits has been added.
  6. AWG

    CW 2.0 ATOW Stats

    I've heard some complaints about balance among the weapons, so I decided to organize this list on the stats of the weapons we use on 1944RP. I'll be updating this sheet every time a weapon stat is changed.
  7. +/- Support +Active +Mature and Responsible +Been here a long time +Cool guy -Could use some work on the application
  8. Useful Links Roster: Promotion Form: Recruit Training Form: Meeting LOA Form: SOP: Promotion System Enlisted are to be promoted during debrief while officers and generals are promoted at officer meetings. Promotions are based on leadership, seriousness, cooperation, and skill. Having all these capabilities does not guarantee you a promotion. Officers Leutnant: Can promote to Obergefreiter | Can lead debrief | Required to attend officer meetings Oberleutnant: Can promote to Unterfeldwebel Hauptmann: Can promote to Feldwebel Major: Can promote to Stabsfeldwebel | Can strike to Leutnant | Roster access Oberstleutnant: Can promote to Oberleutnant | Can strike to Hauptmann Oberst: Can promote to Hauptmann | Cam strike to Major Non-Commissioned Officers Unteroffizier: Can train recruits | Can give permission for enlisted to leave base Unterfeldwebel: N/A Feldwebel: N/A Oberfeldwebel: N/A Stabsfeldwebel: N/A Further information on ranks will be provided in each branches informational. Staff Officers must message a general for any changes they make in their informational/SOP. Heer SOP: Luftwaffe SOP: Panzerwaffe SOP: Generals Generalmajor: Can promote to Major | Can strike to Oberst | Can skip enlisted cooldowns Generalleutnant: Can promote to Oberstleutnant General der infanterie: Can promote to Oberst | Can strike to Generalmajor Generaloberst: Can promote up to General der infanterie | Can strike to General der infanterie | Can skip Officer cooldowns | Assigned by Generalfeldmarschall Generalfeldmarschall: Can do anything Promotion Cooldowns Enlisted Enlisted are to be promoted during debrief. 1 promotions per day Non-Commissioned Officers are to be promoted once every two days. Officers Officers are to be promoted during weekly officer meetings. Promotion to Leutnant can be during debrief. Leutnant through Hauptmann: 1 week Major through Oberst: Generals discretion Enlisted (including NCO) cooldowns can be overruled by a Generalmajor+. Officer cooldowns can be overrules by a Generaloberst+. Transferring If anyone wants to transfer from one battalion to another they must have permission from a staff officer of each branch. All transfers receive a 1 rank demotion. Officers can only transfer others up to the rank they can promote. After transferring you must wait 1 week before transferring again. If someone transfers to or from the Allies they must have the permission of a General of each side. Anyone that transfers from the Allies or returns after a period of inactivity must be active for 1 week to cement their position in the Wehrmacht or will be removed. Resignations For those looking to resign, they may be able to receive an S rank depending on what they resigned from. Resign as Generalfeldmarschall: SGeneralfeldmarschall rank | Can come back at new Generalfeldmarschall's discretion Resign as Generaloberst: SGeneraloberst rank | Can come back as Generalmajor Resign as Generalmajor - General der infanterie: SHauptmann rank in branch of choosing | Can come back as Oberleutnant Anyone who resigns under Generalmajor does not receive an S rank unless given permission by an General der infanterie+. Anyone that transfers from the Allies or returns after a period of inactivity must be active for 1 week to cement their position in RU or will be removed. S-Ranks S Ranks can only be granted by General der infanterie+ S Ranks have the same power as someone with the normal rank. Can be given to second lives or on long LOA's so they do not take up space on the roster. Must be approved by General der infanterie+. Strikes Strikes can be handed out by Major+ in any branch, but only to those who are in their branch. Strikes can be received for missing meetings, breaking rules, or not doing your job. Strike 1 - A warning Strike 2 - Demotion Strike 3 - Removal from your battalion If you wish to return after 3 strikes you will have to become the lowest rank. LOA's When going on LOA someone must make a post in their designated section. Failure to do so will make the LOA invalid. If on LOA then you do not need to make a meeting LOA form. If an LOA is longer than 1 week it must be updated every week from the date of the beginning of the LOA. Failure to do so will get you striked. If you do not make an update after 2 weeks then you will be removed. Major+ must write your LOA beginning and ending date in the "notes" section of the roster. How to organize debrief People on Stage: All Generals Highest Ranking Heer Officer Highest Ranking Luftwaffe Officer Highest Ranking Panzerwaffe Officer These guidelines do not apply to SS. The Debrief leader does not fill any of these spots Wehrmacht Officer Meetings Meetings are to take place at 6:30 PM EST every Saturday in the field officer room in Teamspeak. If you do not know the password ask a Hauptmann+. All officers should attend the meeting. If you think you will miss a meeting you MUST fill out this form: Leutnant+ who miss the meeting without filling the form WILL be striked. This handbook is subject to change at any time. If you need clarification on anything you can ask any of the generals.
  9. With the Wehrmacht being in need of more NCO's to train new recruits we've decided to open up applications. Please fill out the form below if you are interested in becoming an NCO: You will be contacted if you were selected to be an NCO, if you do not receive a message then you were not chosen.
  10. AWG

    Know your planes!

    During WWI the British used to have the Union Jack on the tail, but at high speeds many soldiers though it looked like the Iron Cross. So they decided to paint an inverse French flag on the back so ground troops could easily spot friendlies. If you look on French planes then the flag is facing the opposite direction.
  11. AWG

    Know your planes!

    With many people complaining about the aircraft, or not understanding who is who, I thought I should make a guide to help. Things to know Due to the low tickrate speed is capped at around 180-190 km/h. Because of the speed cap the planes perform much different than they would in singleplayer. As a result some planes get an advantage (Me 262), and others suffer (Props). All planes but the Me 262 have skins. Tips & Tricks for the different aircraft P-47D -The biggest advantage the P-47D has is it’s 10 rockets. -With a large radius and doing 194 damage, anyone caught too close will be killed. -Has a large body, making it easier to hit. -The largest problem of the P-47D is it’s slow turning radius. More maneuverable aircraft will be able to out-turn it in a dog fight. If a more maneuverable aircraft is on your tail then the best option is to gain altitude. -When compared to the Bf-109 the P-47D has a much stronger engine, and as a result can climb higher without stalling. While you shouldn’t go straight up, your best option is to turn in a circle while going upward, while the Bf-109 will likely stall trying to chase you. -If facing the Me 262 then you can also gain altitude, but in a different way. You’ll need to go straight up this time in order to force the Me 262 to overshoot. Since the jet does not lose speed when going upward, it will have to turn away or be forced to overshoot, giving the defender a chance to escape. -Also note that the P-47D has a short gun convergence range, meaning you’ll need to get closer to targets than you would normally have to. P-51B -The B variant of the P-51 has only 4 guns, compared to the P-51Ds 6. -Both variants perform the same, in all regards except damage. -An advantage the P-51 has over all the other aircraft is it’s strong elevator, making hammerhead and other maneuvers easier. -Overall the P-51 is maneuverable, has a strong engine, and is easy to control. Because of the strong engine the P-51 losses much less speed when turning compared to other Allied fighters. -It is the best Allied air-to-air fighter due to its strength. -While the P-51 may face some troubles with the Me 262 if it climbs high, it should still be able to come out on top due to its higher maneuverability. -Against the Bf-109 the P-51 should win almost every time if flown well. Spitfire -The worst of all the aircraft, suffering from low damage and low speed. -When flying the Spitfire you should do your best to maintain speed while using its above average maneuverability to out turn slower fighters. -But even with it’s maneuverability, the Spitfire struggles when trying to climb or turn sharply. -When facing the Me 262 the Spitfire has practically no chance. -When facing the Bf-109 the Spitfire may be able to fight on an even level due to having similar maneuverability, but overtime will lose speed due to its weak engine. Bf-109 -The basic fighter of the Luftwaffe, performs similar to the Spitfire but slightly better. -Has both machine guns and cannons, increasing the DPS to 243 (Use both primary and secondary click to shoot both at the same time). -When fighting the P-47D the Bf-109 can easily out-turn it. -When fighting the P-51B the Bf-109 is at a disadvantage, but with good maneuvers can still win. -Against the Spitfire the Bf-109 does have an advantage as long as it plays safe. Me 262 -Undeniable best aircraft on the server. -Has jet engines, giving it the ability to climb without losing speed. -In addition to a smaller turn radius than the P-47D, and strong armament, the Me 262 outclasses all other aircraft. Conclusion -Sorry brits but the Spitfire is the worst aircraft, and also the only British lfs aircraft currently on the workshop. -While there is no Allied counterpart to the Me 262, the P-51B does have the best fighting chance against it. -One thing to note is that the Me 262 only performs so well when compared to other aircraft because of the slow tickrate. -The Me 262 can do whatever it wants without losing any speed, while other aircraft will suffer when turning or gaining altitude. -If the tickrate were to be increased, other aircraft would have the ability to use energy to their advantage, and the Me 262 would struggle to not overshoot everything it sees. -Overall the two sides are relatively balanced (excluding the British). The Allies have rockets, while the Germans have jets. -If you are still struggling when dogfighting I suggest going into singleplayer to practice on AI. You can spawn AI planes through the LFS AI spawner, and choose between various settings. Full list of LFS stats for anyone who’s curious: Thank you for taking the time to read this guide -Awg