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    All CW 2.0 Weapon Stats

    Ownership has been transferred to Emoo, he is now responsible for keeping the stats up to date.
  2. In-Game Name: General of Army Awg SteamID: STEAM_0:0:79991457 Rank: Super Admin Reason for leaving: Cannot continue to be active Do you agree to stay active for 48 hours after this post? Yes Do you agree to contact your manager once your 48 hour notice is up? Yes
  3. While for some of you this may seem sudden, It is finally my day to leave. With my fall semester starting I won't have enough time to dedicate to the server. I would have never expected to stay this long on a Garry's Mod server, but thanks to the friendly people who make up this community it has been possible. We've been through many tough times together, but like all of them MilRP keeps coming back up. Best of luck to everyone still here, I hope you all the best in achieving your goals. Richard: From inactive colonel to head of staff. We've come a long way together on RU, and even further on the staff team. I've had some great memories working with you and I hope you don't get shot in the army. By far the cutest Finnish person i've seen. Matricies: You were a big role model for me when I first joined the server back in 2018. You have always been a great leader and good person, you are probably the most mature person I've meet in this community. Scoot: I remember mass promoting you in RUAF because you seemed promising, and i'm glad I did so. I've had a good time working with you and I wish you the best in your work. If you wan't the server to reach a higher level I believe you have the power to do so. Emoo: Quite the minge, a little Asian too. You have the potential to reach Head Admin if you really wan't it, so good luck. Shadow: While you've had some ups and downs, you have come a long way and still show potential. Although you have a few things to learn I believe you could make a good Super Admin. Scheffer: Nuke man. You were manager during my peak time here at Gaminglight, you gave me many opportunities and I thank you for it. Timm: As with Shadow, you show good potential. I believe you can rank up if you get your act together. Tagooooon: Probably the biggest minge I've seen, you have a good cc model. North: A great Super Admin to work with, i'm not sure what you're doing now but good luck in it. Snookie: Rook: I remember ranking up side by side as officers in RU. A big minge, but an even bigger furry. Krimson: Still a better pilot than you. Senior: Best person at taking sits. Win: More like lose. Fisheyes: Best support member. Rac: Coon man Androntel: Can be a pain sometimes, but not that bad of a guy. And a special thanks to: Willy, Rad3c, Reborn, Arnold, Ace, John, Danny, and Tumz. I'm sure there's a lot of names I forgot to put on here, but that doesn't mean I don't remember you. Some old stuff I came across:
  4. -Support The mosin was used to replace the Winchester since FAS was removed. Scope was removed and damage was nerfed so that the mosin could be used in close range instead of as a sniper.
  5. AWG

    Community Meeting.

    +Support We haven't had one in awhile
  6. AWG

    My Dear Friend...

    -Support "it's just one of those nights"
  7. Neutral While this map is an improvement on the old rp_csdesert_edit we do not need a map change so soon from our previous one. While the hills between the bases and extra props around the map do provide more cover than before, we would likely still need to add our own props to prevent sniping from becoming a bigger issue. In addition our current map can be changed to accommodate more players, such as moving RU spawn to the Taliban's current location. About content size, in January this year Gmod made a significant update to the workshop that would no longer compress file sizes. Any addons uploaded or updated after January 2020 will appear about 4x larger than before, but will really just be uncompressed (they will also take up less space on your HDD/SSD). RP_Highland for example had a compressed size of 190.44 MB (including content), and an uncompressed size of 439.5 MB. So overall this map is relatively smaller than many of our other maps. The vault was a very popular point when it was used and provided some unique gameplay. I think this will be an improvement from what we have now.
  8. AWG

    VEGA elite group - Denied

    -Support Simpler is always better when it comes to new players, adding in another special forces would add to what players have to learn and could confuse them. Making this special forces different from the current ones would also be difficult since we already use almost every weapon available. War heros and veterans already fill the role of free jobs for experienced players, meaning we don't need to give them even more jobs.
  9. US and RU spawns are supposed to be the same when it comes to stuff like this, i'll fix next time i'm in game.
  10. -/+ Support Currently if an aircraft leaves it's airspace or shoots while in it's own airspace that aircraft is kos, even if it returns to base. Enemy aircraft should not be going past the spawnline, but there are some cases such as when dogfighting in jets that you have to go past spawnline for a second or two because of the small map. I would be ok with helicopters not being allowed past spawnline, but jets only allowed past if they exit immediately.
  11. +Support While the heli isn't that strong being able to spam it is not a good idea, especially since it can easily destroy ground vehicles.
  12. -/+ Support For models I agree with using the FSIN models that we already have on the server, they look good and aren't used on any jobs yet. The problem with a lot of these weapon buffs is that they would make SZ weapons better than any other branch. The weapons should be balanced to be equal to other branches, but still feel different to give them some uniqueness. PP-Bizon: Tons of ammo and very little recoil, no buff needed. AK-Alpha: Spread is a little high, I agree in reducing it, but only the spread per shot to +6% Fabarm STF 12 Compact: Arguably the best shotgun on the server, does not need a buff in any way. AK-47 (Skins Icon): The highest damage of any starting weapon with decent firerate and low spread. The spread does increase +5% per shot, but the max spread is only 5%, i'll fix the stat sheet later today. The recoil on the AK is the only thing keeping it from being too strong so it shouldn't be buffed. MP-443 'Grach': The damage between the Grach and Five-Seven is 1. The Grach even has a higher firerate and dps with the Five-Seven having better damage fall off. This fall off is balanced through through a longer reload time. If we were to give the P226 to 104th then we would have to give it to every single special forces job. Spetsnaz is not better than the other special forces so it doesn't need to be given better weapons. Overall the only changes that should be made are new models and a slight buff to the AK-Alpha, other than that SZ is already very balanced with other branches and does not need special treatment.
  13. -Support We removed the RU model to reduce content size, just join squad and you won't get teamkilled.
  14. +/- Support I didn't see you one much when you first applied but activity has been great since Seems mature Good app, it has been edited so idk what it was before Event ideas could use some work