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  1. AWG

    Saturday Event Day

    Due to support for weekly events i'll be hosting an event every week at Saturday 7:00 PM EST every week. We'll be switching between fun events and story events every week. For this first one we'll be doing one of each, then after that we will chose.
  2. AWG

    RU Discord

    This is just an announcement to make sure everyone join the official RU discord. Thanks to Richard for making it.
  3. Update 8/20/19 -Added a quick training guideline -DI Strikes will apply to main branch now
  4. Update 8/20/19 -Finally fixed the ranks -CPT+ are now required to train recruits -Some small rule changes
  5. AWG

    War Dog Change

    +/- Support While I agree that War Dogs should be able to pick up props to do events, they shouldn't be given any more of the powers you listed. If even they should have some powers taken away. War Dogs powers are already broken atm. being able to pick up and bring HOS, maybe Managers too. In addition War Dogs are not meant to be a high rank, they are to make events and that's it. War Dogs can still spawn weapons, npc's, etc. In order to get more powers they need to be trusted enough to earn it. Apart from being able to pick up props, the only powers I would change would be removing the ones that should only be used by staff, minge, slay, etc. Since War Dogs are not staff members they should not be given the same powers that staff have.
  6. AWG

    Aircraft Rework

    What you want to see? - Rework the aircraft so that transport is encouraged, and armed aircraft aren't overpowered. The main idea would be to make all the transport aircraft LFS, and all the armed aircraft WAC. How I would change it: US/RU Air Force: Basic Helicopter Pilot: Remove wac_hc_littlebird_mh6 (Little Bird MH-6),Add merydianlfs_uh1h (UH-1H, HP: 1950). To begin switching the transport aircraft to LFS we should give the Basic Helicopter Pilots the LFS UH-1H. It is the smallest of the unarmed LFS, and would be the closest thing to the little bird. USAF AFSOC/RUAF ADF: Transport Pilot: Remove wac_hc_ch47_chinook (CH-47 Chinook), wac_hc_ch46_seaknight (CH-46 Seaknight), Add lunasflightschool_rebelheli (Rebel Helicopter, HP: 3500). Continuing with switching transports to LFS we would have to get rid of the chinook and the seaknight. The Rebel Helicopter would be the next step up from the UH-1H as it can fit more passengers and has more hp. US/RU Air Force: Basic Fighter Pilot [T1]: Remove wac_pl_p51 (P-51D Mustang), Add lunasflightschool_spitfire (Spitfire, HP: 800). While I did plan on switching all armed aircraft to WAC, I thought we should keep with LFS for the T1 pilot. The problem with the WAC Community planes is that all of the war birds do very little damage. The Spitfire would at least do enough so that infantry can be killed, but it would not be good enough that it could easily destroy ground vehicles. Balanced enough for the T1 job. US/RU Air Force MAJCOM/ADF: Transport Pilot [T3]: Remove wac_hc_ah1w (AH-1W Super Cobra), wac_hc_ec655 (Eurocopter EC-655), wac_hc_mv22 (MV-22 Osprey), Add merydianlfs_mh53 (MH-53 Sea Stallion HP: 7500), wac_hc_ah1z_viper (Viper AH-1Z), wac_hc_mi28_havoc (Havoc Mi-28). Even though the Super Cobra and Eurocopter were already a part of WAC, we would be able to get rid of the community pack by removing them. At the same time the Eurocopter was very uncontrollable for RU pilots when compared to the Super Cobra. The new Viper is similar enough to the Super Cobra that there would be very little of a difference, and the Havoc would be a more controllable alternative for the RU. US/RU Air Force: Fighter Pilot [T4]: Remove wac_pl_f4 (F-4 Phantom II), Add wac_pl_f15e (F-15E Strike Eagle solo). The F-4 Phantom is often not used because of how bad it is. While the jet does have bombs, they do very little damage and have a small blast radius. The jet is also uncontrollable, and has a difficult to use cannon. The Strike Eagle would be the closest alternative to the F-4. It has bombs as well as tracers to see where the cannon is shooting. US AFSOC/RUAF ADF: Fighter Pilot [T4]: Remove wac_hc_mm1_av8b (AV-8B Harrier II VTOL), Keep wac_hc_uh1d_gunship (UH-1D Gunship), Add wac_pl_hawx_fa22 (F-22A Raptor). While we would be keeping the WAC Unofficial pack that the Harrier is in, the Harrier would be removed. Although we could have the option of using it normally, we are currently using the VTOL version, which acts just like a helicopter. The problem is that the sensitivity is much higher for the Harrier and makes flying more difficult for newer pilots. By switching to a real jet, the F-22, new pilots would be able to more easily take out other aircraft instead of relying on just the UH-1D. Why should we add it? - Many players have complained about the removal of LFS, at the same time while we had LFS players would complain about being killed too easily. Changing the aircraft around would solve this issue. What are the advantages of having this? - Newer players would have an easier time flying transport, armed aircraft would not be able to kill infantry as easily, and the content pack would be decreased by 378.765mb worth of addons. Who is it mainly for? - US/RU Links to any content - To be removed: Wac Community 1: Wac Community 2: Wac Community 3: Wac Community 5: Wac Community 6: WAC Bell Boeing MV-22B Osprey (Not even being used): LFS MV-22B Osprey (The Osprey in particular has difficult controls, counter-intuitive to having easy to control transports): LFS AH-6 Little Bird: LFS BF4 Attack Helicopters (Not even being used): LFS BF3 Fighter Jets: LFS BF3-4 Attack Jets: To be added: MH-53:
  7. What you want to see? - Rework which jobs get different armed vehicles, and add/remove some others. How the armed vehicles for jobs should be: RU Spetsnaz KGB Crewmen/ US Marine FORECON Crewmen: Remove sim_fphys_tfre_lav300_3 (LAV-300 (Turret M2), HP: 5500), Keep sim_fphys_conscriptapc_armed (HL2 APC, HP: 4500). The M2 turret of the LAV is too overpowered to be on a free class, let alone any at all. With having such high hp, high DPS, and being able to look up high, the M2 version of the LAV can decimate any aircraft or infantry unit, while also being able to contend with regular tanks. Thus the LAV-300 (Turret M2) should be removed. The APC is balanced and does not need to be removed. RU: Armed Transport [T1]/ US: Armed Transport [T1]: Remove sim_fphys_crysis_bulldog (Bulldog 50 cal, HP:3000), Add avx_hmmwv_ins2 (INS2 Humvee, HP: 2400). The Bulldog is very underpowered, even for a tier 1 vehicle. It should be replaced with the INS2 Humvee. The Humvee has good mobility, good damage with its machine gun (but not overpowered because it requires reloading). By having low hp the Humvee should not be too overpowered to use against infantry, but will still be able to kill soldiers better than a rifle. RU: Tank Crewman [T2]/ US: Tank Crewman [T2]: Remove sim_fphys_tfre_lav300_1 (LAV-300 (Turret 1), HP: 5500), sim_fphys_tfre_lav300_2 (LAV-300 (Turret 2),HP: 5500), Keep sim_fphys_tank4 (T-90MS, HP: 8200)/ sim_fphys_tank3 (Leopard 2A7, HP: 8200). The LAV's have less hp and do less damage than the default tanks. It would be more useful to be able to get rid of the LAV pack to speed up downloads than to keep vehicles around that have better options on the same job. The default tanks we use are already balanced, and do not need to be changed. RU: Armed Troop Transport [T3]/ US: Armed Troop Transport [T3]: Remove sim_fphys_crysis_cargotruckv1 (M1078 LMTV Truck, HP: 9000), Add avx_m42_duster (M42 Duster, HP: 2500), Rename to: RU/US: SPAA Crewman [T3]. The M1078 truck along with the other crysis vehicles have very underpowered weapons. Although the truck has 9000hp, ground transport is rarely used on its own. Instead the job should be changed to an anti-air role. The current anti-air vehicle being the LAV-300 (Turret M2) can too easily destroy aircraft and has enough hp to tank many aircraft rounds. A more balanced vehicle would be the M42 Duster. The Duster has moderate hp, shots that need to be lead, and can only aim upwards. Since it cannot aim near the ground, infantry would not be able to be shot so easily and would be spared by it. At the same time aircraft would not be able to be sniped across the map, but would still be able to be destroyed if they're too close. RU: Heavy Armed Transport [T5]/ US Heavy Armed Transport [T5]: Remove sim_fphys_crysis_bulldogmini (Bulldog Minigun, HP: 1500), sim_fphys_tfre_lav300_3 (LAV-300 (Turret M2), HP: 5500), Add sim_fphys_tank_firtina (M109 Paladin, HP: 8200), Rename to: RU/US: SPG Crewman [T5]. The Bulldog Minigun along with the other Crysis vehicles should be removed alltogether, as they are underpowered and not often used. The LAV-300 (Turret M2) should also be removed because it is overpowered, as it can too easily destroy aircraft and infantry. But in order to keep the Tier 5 job with the best vehicle it should be given the M109 Paladin. A self propelled howitzer, the Paladin does 7500 damage, while the other tanks only do 3500. The stronger tank would be able to easily destroy other armed vehicles, but would still be balanced because it has a slow reload, cannot aim high upward, and has a large body. Why should we add it? - The current vehicle decisions are very unbalanced. Some vehicles being underpowered, while others are overpowered, a rework is needed. The jobs would also be more unique, as instead of having different types of apc's, we would now have different jobs that each have a specific purpose. At the same time if the Crysis vehicles, and LAV's were removed we would save 20.028mb of downloads. What are the advantages of having this? - To balance out the vehicles, introduce more uniqueness among vehicles, and reduce download time. Who is it mainly for? - US/RU Links to any content: To be removed: Crysis Vehicle Pack: Simfphys LAV Pack: LAV Models: To be added: Arctic's Vehicle Extension (Required for the INS2 Humvee, and M42 Duster to work): INS2 Humvee: M42 Duster: M109 Paladin:
  8. What you want to see? - Remove all of our unused/ unnecessary workshop addons. Why should we add it? - To decrease the download times for new players. What are the advantages of having this? - Possibly getting more people to join the server. Who is it mainly for? - Everyone Links to any content: CSGO Balkan Models (not used): All the WAC Community Packs (Most of the aircraft in these packs are unused, and the ones that are do not see frequent use. Some of the aircraft on the jobs will need to be switched around, such as using the base pack and the unofficial pack for everything. The only problem would be that some of the aircraft are on custom classes.): , , , , CSGO T Models (not used): US Army Military Playermodels (not used): SligWolf's Tank (not used anymore): Military General Mode (not used)l: Minibosses SNPC's (not used often enough to keep): DRadio Materials (not used): Modded WAC Base (not used): gSecurity Content (got removed): gSecurity hacking module (got removed): Helicopter NPC (not used often enough to keep): Alydus Base Systems (does not work): Day & Night System (may be small but still not used anymore): Simfphys 1075 (I don't think it's used on any customs but I haven't been able to check all of their vehicles): LFS Prototype helis (got removed): LFS AH-6 Littlebird (got removed): Binoculars (not used often enough to keep): LFS BF4 Attack Helis (not used): All of GB5 (not used often enough to keep): , , , , , , , , In total we would be removing 627.352mb worth of addons.
  9. AWG

    Weekly Events?

    How would yall feel about planned weekly events? They would not be the only events we do, but would be scheduled at a specific time to players will know ahead of time when to join. I'm thinking sometime on Saturday when more players are available, but what are yall's thoughts on the idea?
  10. The server seems to be on track for another death so I want to try and prevent it for a little longer. The problem is that almost nobody is joining the server in it's current state when nothing major has changed. We staff have tried have tried events, get togethers, and giving away money, but none of that seems to be working. If that is not what yall want then please let us know, we won't be able to fix what we don't know about. Us staff will try to do our best to keep the server alive, but we can't do it without yall's help. Comment below for what reason you are not joining the server, and if you know of any way to help.
  11. I don't think I new you that well last year when the server was running strong, but after it started to decline I got to know you better by trying to help it out. I'm glad i've had the opportunity to work with you through MilitaryRP and 1944. Thanks for always being so chill and doing a great job with US. Good luck in your schooling and i'll miss you.
  12. Sorry to see you go, but will this include your RU rank as well?
  13. While it says in the War Dog handbook that War Dogs are not required to be staff, it is meant that they are not required to enforce the rules. They still get many of the same, if not more powers than regular staff and as a result have to be trusted to the same level as a staff member. If you are staff restricted then that means you are not trusted with the powers that come with being a staff member. Since War Dogs get many of the same powers, the staff restriction would apply to them as well.
  14. While I think it's an okay map I don't believe its a fit for the server. First of all the map has no premade bases for either side, meaning we would have to almost completely build them from scratch using props. While this isn't as big of an issue for the US, the RU (if we were using the city as their base) would need everything built from walls to jails. Even then while the city is opposite to the proposed US base, it is not the optimal location. The city is arguably the most detailed part of the map (even though you can only go in some of the buildings), and would best serve as one of the capture points. But then in order to keep RU base far away from the US you would need to have them spawn in either the trailer park or the swamp. For those who did not download the map both the trailer park and swamp are in the two corners of the map opposite of each other, while US base and the city are in the other corners. Swamp would not be a good choice as it is very open and prone to being spawn camped, trailer park on the other hand is the only other option. While now TDM would be easy as there is a semi-enclosed neighborhood in between RU and US base, preventing players from wandering off. But at the same time the side closer to US is more open and they would likely be spawn camped. At the same time Domination becomes a problem as the neighborhood is too close to RU base for it to be fair, as RU will more easily be able to capture it. The other two points City and Swamp would be very far away from one of the bases, while one being closer to the other. Each side would likely hold the point near their base, and only be able to contest the middle. But there are no good buildings or cover besides a few trains for a balanced middle point. The only option then would be to make the middle point in the open, or to build cover out of props. Not to mention that flying would be difficult for beginners as the skybox is low. While our current map is far from perfect, there are not many other options that would work well for the state the server is in. Part of the reason we are not switching to another map at the moment is because our past maps have different issues. Ghazni being that there is very little cover making snipers and spawn camping even worse than csdesert. The problem with rp_highland is that the map is very large, while also being dense with trees, making finding combat while the server has little players difficult. rp_forest_strike is also large, has bad location placement, and lacks a center area for TDM. rp_desertfury while being an okay option, is littered with trees and rocks making vehicle travel difficult, a low skybox, and open mountain tops. Overall this would be a -Support from me for the reasons above. Also add a poll