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  1. +support +active +nice +mature Good Luck!!!
  2. Congratz to all those who got accepted
  3. Mega Support + active on staff +nice person to talk to +trustworthy person + very friendly +would be great support member Hope you pass dad and thankyou for your service in IRL +
  4. Name: Stumpy Rank: Senior Moderator Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:64763403 Server(s) you are apart of as staff: PoliceRP Date Joined (Go look for your app, and find the Date PLEASE- ??/??/???? (MM/DD/YYYY): 11/28/18 Why should I keep you as a Forum Diplomat? (25 + Words Minimum): The reason why you should keep me on forum diplomat is because I like to be able to monitor the forums and make sure that the forums is a safe place to be. I will make sure that they aren’t any inappropriate things on the forums. I would love to be able to help anyone in need of my help in any type of situation. I also see that there is some situations on the forums that I have a lot of knowledge in handling. I love seeing people happy that they got there situations fixed. That is why I would love to stay as a forum diplomat.
  5. wrong you dont apply here buddy
  6. Good luck hope the problem gets fixed
  7. OMG not another person come on had a good time when you were on CERT
  8. Stumpy

    CERT Rollcall

    In Game Name:Stumpy CERT Rank:SPC CERT Call sign: 1CT45
  9. Sad to see you go bronco I will forever remember you in me heart
  10. What is your in game name: Stumpy What is your rank: 1LT Any concerns?: No
  11. Stumpy

    Radio Etiquette

    Read and understood thankyou for making this post @Scoot